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Camelot three three one here and what do

we have here another company has jumped

into the ring to battle it out for worst

damn company ever during a crisis like

we have going on now in that company his

office Dam Depot

what the hell Office Depot oh my gosh

essential employees we should probably

say what they really mean

and that's expendable employees so

Office Depot considers himself extremely

extremely essential and you can argue

whether they are or whether they're not

but in my opinion is not 1984 so you

don't need office supplies for working

at home because email but still you can

argue that point but nearly every office

Depot remains open with some doing

curbside that are basically forced to by

the government and they are absolutely

refusing to close that's nothing new we

hear this all the time but what else is

going on they are not taking care of

their associates in any way shape or

form and I'm gonna show you a bunch of

messages that say just that from their

associates and plus a lot lot more

weight to the last message whoo oh my

god they don't give a damn so before we

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you haven't so first message I work at

Office Depot have you heard anything

from there lately well now we have they

say so our manager has told us to not

worry about cleaning mainly because

we're all out of supplies no hand

sanitizer no cleaning wipes no soap or

anything we are being told we're

essential because we sell water shocking

Wow they are not offered hazard pay or

anything if we choose to stay home it

goes directly against our record I was

made to sign a waiver saying that I

understand that I'm essential I guess so

we can't sue for chosen to come in

planning on quitting soon minimum wage

is it worth this I have elderly parents

and a lot of companies are doing this

they're not offering any pay and they

expect you just be okay risking your

life while they sit in their mansion and

then stay quarantine everybody ain't

any corporate office ever is not working

right now but the people on the front

lines that make almost nothing are

something strange about that and I know

what you're thinking that message was

just from one associate are there more

what is the morale like at Office Depot

right now while they completely ignore

the safety of all their associates for a

little bit of profit how do they feel

let's look on the associate reddit for

Office Depot and see just how they feel

you could probably imagine how they feel

check this out

to upper management in corporate we're

risking our health life and sanity for

your bonus I'm sure you're tired of

hearing us complain about working in the

front lines here in the store but what

you're not considering is we are not

only risking getting and spreading the

virus we're dealing with the mass

hysteria that comes with a pandemic

people lining up at the front 30 minutes

before open peeking in and watching the

stock the shelves and ready the store

that brings back the PTSD for me when I

saw somebody outside I just wanted to go

in the back and in at all when they're

just waiting on you to open there's

nothing more noxious than that if you

wanted a zombie apocalypse well just

work it off depot it's basically the

same thing banging on the lock doors

until someone comes to tell them no we

are out of sanitizers or paper towels

and Lysol and toilet paper customers

getting upset at us asking for them to

respect our personal space cursing at us

for the lines and tables you told us to

put up I have had many older people

coming in to simply browse and then

denied the existence of the virus

completely so I know they aren't taking

precautions to prevent the spread

associates scared of coming to work

because we don't have the resources to

sanitize our store we deserve more than

what you're providing for dealing with

this for you you being the corporate

office and the executives at Office

Depot we deserve something more than our

low hourly wage retail is keeping you

and your family safe at the cost of our

health mental and physical reward us for

that the media is watching and that's

very important the media is watching

does Office Depot care hey don't know

they don't give a damn they've done

absolutely damn nothing to help their

associates at all

and you'll see it more in-depth than

that message that I'm gonna read you

here at the end check this out managers

hopefully you finally seen how corporate

really feels about store level

associates stop drinking the kool-aid

and look around damn it I know kool-aid

is delicious especially the cherry con

but it is not good to drink the

corporate kool-aid other retailers left

and right are shutting their doors the

DMS are VP's the VPS and especially Gary

which is the CEO don't give a damn about

they are home right now hunkering down

you you're still in stores and barking

at associates who can't meet in the sign

up and square trade quotas now having to

deal with sick people and putting your

families at risk I had only one manager

during my tenure openly say corporate

doesn't give a damn about you now he

only says this once around so sheets he

can't rush but I wish more managers

we're as open as this I don't know how

the DC's are operating but this just

seals the final nail in the coffin the

employees are pissed and it's because of

Gary the CEO not willing to sacrifice

some of that money there's some

corporations out there where the CEO is

sacrificing his entire salary or cutting

it to pay associates well this guy do it

he'll know he'll he doesn't give a damn

he doesn't care about his associates

even a little bit why because money's

apparently delicious you could just eat

the hell out I don't damn know man I

don't know if you pronounce his name

Gary or Jerry I don't care he's not

worth me damn looking it up look at this

one you've done it Office Depot I feel

absolutely completely worthless and

expendable think about that for a second

you're trying to buy these associates

loyalty that's what you want in a

company you want to buy your associates

loyalty treat them right make them want

to work for you not because they're told

to do so but because they want to that's

how a business should operate and that's

how it will be profitable but they feel

completely worthless and expendable and

to be honest the CEO probably feels the

same about his associates look at this


crazy thanks Gary / Jerry I hope you

know I can prove I've practiced social

distancing 24/7 when not at work and if

I get tested positive I can

prove I contracted it from the store I'd

love to make your pugazh hurt if I even

live through this check this one out

see Office Depot buy after some internal

debating I've decided effort I'm out I

texted one a manager finishing up my

last shift and told the second manager

the one not taking a vacation and told

them I'm going into isolation and will

not be coming in for my shift on Monday

the one on vacay still hasn't answered

my texts and I doubt he will the other

one looked a bit disappointed it may be

a little worried about next week but I

had to do it sucks too because I

actually enjoy that manager I expect to

get a phone call Monday followed by

another one the week after by the second

week I'm almost a thousand percent sure

they'll be sending me a letter saying I

no call and no showed for two longer

they're canning me piss me off but hey

maybe you should actually take

precautions to keep your workers safe if

you're gonna be paying them $8 an hour I

take being broke over getting my family

sick any day and that's the big thing

here that's the big thing you have to

think about people's families but does

does the executives think about it this

does Gary slash Jerry think about it

he'll know he doesn't care of course

they don't care about your family all

they're doing is making this situation

worse and they will do it gladly at the

expense of thousands of people that they

probably do affect negatively with this

over making a couple million dollars in

profit that's how that works

I don't give a damn look at this one

right here sorry I'm a GM all I can say

is I am sorry I came to this company

five years ago after working for a truly

horrible company I fell in love with

Office Depot but now I see what this

company really is my store is in a huge

retail Plaza and we are the only store

that hasn't closed or reduced ours

closed or reduced hours at all they're

not doing anything it's crazy to me they

should be doing curbside nationwide at

the very very least curbside only like

Best Buy is doing right now

curbside only that's it and that's even

if they were considered essential which

they're not we are open later than

grocery stores Walmart and Target I

don't get it well that's insane we have

daily conference calls about how good

sales are and to put signs everywhere

outside and in

Street saying we're open please come in

please give us money please we want to

benefit from this nightmare that

everybody else is dealing with meanwhile

my associates asked me why does

corporate not care about us as they work

from home you best didn't believe

corporates not doing anything right now

I don't have an answer because I refuse

to tell them the truth

profit / Associates profit over people

every damn time and these fake letters

they send us telling us how much they

appreciate us oh and to add insult to

injury while all these people are

putting their lives on the line this guy

which is the CEO is sitting here in his

five o'clock shadow at home in his Nike

shirt in his mansion sending the

associates of video saying how good

they're doing thank you guys so much for

risking your life so I can live in my

damn mansion and Quarantine myself away

from the world and stay safe and keep my

family safe but you guys could go [ __ ]

yourself that's basically what's

happening here look at this letter this

last guy just talked about a letter they

received look at this very simply I'd

like to say thank you thank you to all

our associates across the entire

organization who are pushing hard every

day and navigating uncharted territory

to keep our Office Depot operational

during these addresses that it thank you

guys while I'm at home the path forward

will continue be challenging we will

become tired we will get stressed and we

will have obstacles to overcome but

we've already demonstrated that's

possible when we work together and I

have no doubt we'll continue to deliver

haha I have no doubt meaning they ain't

closed any time soon right here continue

to eat care of yourself your family and

your colleagues and thank you again for

your continued dedication best regards

Oh Gary the CEO what an absolute slap in

the face thank you make sure you take

care of your family and everybody else

oh yeah you can't because you're here

right now being essential gotta sell the

copy paper and the pens and stuff here's

something I want to point out right away

really really fast right away look at

this right here this is a county health

officer in an effort to slow the spread

of this thing dr. Thomas Harris Floyd

the county health officer does here my

order a mandate for all non-essential

retail services to close walk in service

to the public this includes

automobile dealers furniture stores

electronic and appliance stores Lowe's

gamestop cosmetic stores personal care

stores salons barbershops tattoo parlors

clothing and shoe stores jewelry stores

sporting goods stores music shops book

stores hobby and craft stores florists

office supply stationery gift stores

libraries fitness centers cardi schools

and auctions right there office supply

stationery gift stores that's all I want

to point out real quick on what is

actually considered essential now let's

move on so here's the spicy message that

details every damn thing that's going on

we got to spread this make sure make

sure you share the hell out of this

video maybe we can save these associates

and get them out of these damn stores if

it gets enough negative PR so here's

this message right here it says hey cam

I'll work it off as deep ho and it is

burning down they do not even care a

little about us

I want the stress that we're not allowed

to wear face masks there's no hazard

page stores are having a hard time

restocking essential cleaning product

and employees aren't allowed to take

pre-emptive self quarantine without

accounting against our attendants our

store was super busy until the state

went on full lockdown meeting my

co-workers had to face an increased

volume of customers also meaning they

had a higher chance of coming into

contact with somebody with this but the

one thing that I want to push more than

anything is our stores are still open to

walk-in customers at this stage we

should be online orders only so we can

offer items shipped from the store or a

curb stop like I said but there is no

reason to continue putting our

associates and the public in danger by

allowing our doors to stay open the only

reason I could think of that they should

be open it's so Gary / damn Gary combine

another damn mansion and you best and

believe he does want another mansion

yeah that lived less you have to at

least two now that we're in state

lockdown of non-essential business the

only customers that seem to be coming in

are coming in to browse more than

they're actually to get essential of

supplies and our sales have suddenly

tanked since the lockdown went into

effect we're also not a full-size post

office or FedEx location we ship third

party through these carriers they want

us to stay open because we

I would say curbside drop-off a packages

with pre-printed labels only would

suffice or we need to make a special

case for shipping customers that they're

allowed in the store but only to ship

and no purchases allowed a co-worker of

mine literally came in and said her

mother has this thing and that she was

supposed to be a home in quarantine then

she just shrugged many of my co-workers

were around her all day

Office Depot will in fact be at the

result of some deaths they are helping

spread this thing most companies are

having to close down the police are

coming in and forcing them to close down

at Office Depot if they show up they're

just giving a number to call and then

they just fight them on it of course but

the public health doesn't consider them

essential and really in my opinion

they're not either listen listen I'm

looking at you Gary

/ damn Gary look at me in my eyeballs I

hope you're watching right now closure

stores protect your associates stop

thinking about your damn mansion you

already got one be happy with you

mansion maybe just settle for a Ferrari

or something I don't know

holy hell so that's all I have make sure

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