hi everyone I hope you guys are well and

welcome back to my channel so recently I

went to the best reviewed makeup salon

and got my makeup done that was so much

fun so today I'm gonna be going to the

best reviewed nail salon because look at

my nails right now guys it's got pretty

uneven and janky right now so I'm like

I'm just gonna go and why not just

record it and I'm very picky about

places I go and I always look at the

reviews so today I found this place

which has over 600 reviews guys four and

a half stars and it's kind of hard to

find a nail salon with that good of a

review I don't know why a lot of nail

salons have really bad reviews like

three and a half stars or below so I'm

really excited to go I'm gonna probably

get some like neon tip nail let me read

some reviews of this place for you guys

it says best nail salon in the Dada

girls are so nice efficient the prices

are fair and the work is amazing 10 on

10 recommended this one says they have

every color that you could possibly want

that is a huge plus because I'm really

picky with my colors the other one says

everyone is super nice a great team

speedy work right price cleanliness and

it does get a little busy so I'm

expecting a lot of people there

yeah so there is a lot of good reviews

guys and I am really excited to get my

nails looking all pretty my friend is

also coming and she is Vietnamese she

knows her nails her aunts and everybody

does nails so I felt it was right to

take her so she's gonna be coming soon

and we're gonna head over there okay I

think we're like four minutes away from

the place and I'm gonna be doing Jill x

nails which is my first time doing it I

heard it's kind of rare for salons to do

that so I'm really curious to see how

that's gonna go

guys we're pulling in right now I'm a

little late but not too late so

hopefully it's okay okay here's me

walking into the restaurant thinking it

was the nail salon but it was actually

next door so here I am the first thing

that I noticed was all of the nail

polish colors on the wall and there was

a guy in the front desk he asked me if I

had an appointment and then he kind of

escorted me in the back of the salon so

as you guys can see it's a little

compact it's not like a high-end luxury

salon but it was very nice and clean as

I was waiting he also provided me these

display books of nail polish colors nail

arts and stuff but I already knew what I

was doing in my mind so I just was

looking at this for fun and then the

nail technician she came over in like

three or four minutes

so when she came she asked me what I

wanted I told her I wanted the neon tips

I even showed her a photo just in case

and then she just went right to work

guys not wasting any time she started

cutting all of my nails and then I think

this is buffing she's buffing it to

smooth out the nail beds

by the way guys I don't get my nails

done that often in the nail salon I

don't know why maybe because I already

get a lot of like nail polishes in my PR

and I just like doing it myself but this

is a real treat so next I believe she's

taking the gel the gel tips and then

just kind of gluing it on top of my

nails I also told her that I wanted the

coffin shape so yeah that's the shape

that she's gonna do

everything is looking really quick in

the video but I've been there for over

an hour now right now she's just

measuring making sure all of the tips

are even I told her I didn't want super

long nails and I don't know how people

function in it guys how do people wipe

themselves with those really long nails

oh and I'm so glad she hasn't cut my

cuticles because a lot of the other nail

salons they'll still cut it even though

it's not necessary so I really like that

I think she is ready to paint my nails

now guys so I'm gonna show her the nail

design this picture that I found on

Pinterest just to make sure that she

knows where she's going

this is just like makeup guys so to make

the neon green pop she's going in with a

white nail polish first but yeah she's

really focused and she also had some

friends come over other nail technicians

and they were kind of learning from her

so it was pretty cool now she's going in

with the green nail polish while I was

there guys I was just chatting away with

my friend which you guys don't see in

the video and I just realized a lot of

the times our nail technicians really

here all of our junk and our stories

it's finally coming together guys she is

finishing up my left hand and my butt is

getting sore from sitting for two hours

I also told her to add some rhinestones

just to elevate that nail design a

little bit more

I went ahead and paid I wanted to use

the restroom I was so surprised by how

nice and clean this restroom was I feel

like a lot of the times the restrooms

are really tiny and it's super cluttered

even in like hair salons and this was

really nice so I had to take a little

bit of selfies and then I am off to home

I found a better spot than the car to

show you guys the nails so here is what

they look like guys okay so first thing

it looks exactly like the photo that I

wanted even better and my fingers look

so long and slender the gems the

rhinestones are really intact I think

she did a really good job guys look at

my hands I can't stop staring at them

okay guys I am home and now let's talk

about this all

so in conclusion guys I can definitely

see why this place was rated the best in

my area as soon as I walked in I believe

this is the owner he was in the front

desk he was very friendly and he called

in the nail technician that was assigned

the first thing that I noticed how clean

the place was they had like light music

playing a good AC cuz it's pretty hot

right now and then a ton of like nail

polish options like from the front the

nail technician she was very pleasant

she didn't talk too much just what was

needed as she paid attention to every

little detail

she was very meticulous and yeah overall

I'm very impressed with her work and if

I go back I'm definitely gonna look for

her again also the total came out to be

$80 with the tip because these are the

gel X nails my first time getting them

and I do feel like there's so much

lighter and more flexible than acrylic

nails I can't stop like moving my hands

around my face thank you guys for

watching or coming along with me and let

me know what you guys think would you

get your nails done in this salon in the

comment section below I love you guys

and I'll see you guys soon bye