Macy's Store Closures List of Stores Closing in 2020, Clearance Sales to

Macy's as closing down dozens of stores

and clearance sales are expected to take

place this month the store closings have

been reported by local media and

according to USA Today the locations

below are the stores set to close

clearance sales will begin at the

closing Macy's stores this month and

will run for eight to twelve weeks

however Macy's officials have yet to

confirm the number or locations of

stores due to closed

Macy's told USA Today we regularly

review our store portfolio and will

provide an update at our Investor Day on

February 5th a Macy's spokesperson told

Business Insider that employees at the

closing stores who cannot find a job at

nearby Macy's locations will be eligible

for severance find out below if you're

local Macy's store is set to closed in

2020 Connecticut Florida Georgia Idaho

Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky

Maryland Massachusetts Montana North

Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Tennessee

Washington in August 2016 Macy's

announced that it would close 100 stores

due to a decline in sales and since then

Macy's has been closing down certain

stores when their leases expire Macy's

has not confirmed whether the latest

closures are part of the 2016

announcement or if they are additional

closures you can find your nearest store

on the Macy's store locator if your

local Macy's isn't on this list check

with them to find out if they are

planning to close alternatively if your

local Macy's is closing check with the

store to find out when it's clearance

sale will begin other retailers closing

multiple stores include Kmart and Sears

who in November 2019 announced that they

will close at least 96 stores by

February 20 20 more recently Pier one

Imports announced that it would be

closing nearly half its 942 stores with

450 closures Robert Reaves Beck pr1 CEO

and chief financial officer said in a


although decisions that impact our

associates are never easy reducing the

number of our brick-and-mortar locations

as a necessary business decision