How to BUILD a $500 HOME GYM on AMAZON

hello my friends this is coop from

garage and reviews I'm here in my

beautiful garage gym as you can see and

today I want to give you a little bit of

a different video than normal this has

much less editing it's much less pretty

but the goal is basically to answer the

question that I'm getting a ton of that

is coop can you give us advice on how to

build a home gym on a super budget like

under 500 bucks so what I'm gonna do is

I'm gonna go on Amazon I'm basically

going to detail my recommendations for

somebody building a home gym for under

500 bucks shipped to your door very

basic but hopefully it's helpful let's

do it


we wait one more thing if you like this

sort of thing I plan to do it for

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500 maybe a thousand fifteen hundred two

thousand maybe all is way up to ten

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you've got five hundred bucks burning a

hole in your pocket let's build a home

gym for most of this or pretty much all

of it I'm gonna go to Amazon here's what

I'm going to do I want to give you some

ideas on things you can do build on for

under five hundred bucks okay I'm gonna

give you some basically my suggestions

and then when I throw some extras in

there so first is a squat rack I think

most of you are gonna center around a

squat rack so there's a couple options

here the ones that I would go for or two

that I've used and one is the fitness

reality 810 XLT sparkage great name

right so this is one that I think for a

lot of people this is a good option

again these are for under 500 bucks for

the entire gym so you've got to be

looking how do I want to spend my money

well this is a good option one reason I

think it's good option is because it's

got a 800 pound weight capacity I think

good hold more than that I believe it's

12-gauge steel it's got a multi grip

pull up bar that comes standard it's got

a lat pull down attachment that's

available it's got spotter pins that

come with it and it's also got Jacobs

and the spotter pins had J cups on it

too now other words you have a nice

barbell this is not gonna protect your

barbell it's gonna be a little bit shaky

to the ground but overall for the price

is gonna be hard to beat so 250 bucks 22

cents you know that's not the lowest

that I've seen on this but that's when I

would look at the next one I would look

at one I'm gonna add to my cart just so

you can add some extra stuff it's gonna

be the cat bar bill Oh before I talk

about that one the other one as far as

like a power cage or yeah would be this

one right here this is 250 bucks the cat

barbell full cage power rack honestly I

probably wouldn't get that one as much

as the finality due to like no

attachments and fewer holes also no

multi granted cause pretty much the same

but that's your other option in my

opinion for this price range however

this one right here the cap bar bill

this is their basic squat stand it's 12

gauge steel

you know it can hold they say five

hundred pounds I think you're gonna hold

more than that the Jacob super

heavy-duty but I think you'd be fine the

uprights are two pieces so it comes in

one box that's why shipping so low it's

got a standard pull-up bar it's you know

it's the stability is not gonna be great

but it's gonna work and get the job done

and it's a hundred and twenty weeks so I

think for most people this is a fine

option so I add that to my cart and then

in addition to that what I want to do

why would I need a protection plan squat

rack oh my goodness okay but I would

also suggest in spotter arms the reason

is and this is for safety purposes I

hate the people bench alone without

spotter arms I know people who have

friends or I actually have a friend who

has a cousin who died because he was

benching alone by himself

the bar went down rolled back on his on

his neck his mom found him horrible

story but just listen to me don't bench

alone okay so you got your squat rack

next thing I would look for as a barbell

now barbells you can spend a lot of

money on barbells but for this purpose I

know which one I got in mind but I'll

talk about a couple these synergy bars

which I've got the games ones in my

house difference between these is that

ones just got sarah code decently priced

another company look for is this go plus

another one is X mark this body solid

one here for a hundred bucks it's seven

feet but it's got really low weight

capacity so honestly I would probably

suggest avoiding that one and the one I

would go for is the cap boost bar okay I

have this one in my garage I've had it

for a long time one reason I like I just

works for the price it's gonna use like

basically spring steel it's not

incredible 610 K tensile strength for

most people it's not gonna deform over

time as you use it 55 bucks

it just works okay this is just a bar

that you know if you want to deep spell

this is the one I would suggest they've

got this X mark voodoo that's not bad

but you're looking at a higher price I

think for this price range the bar that

I would most look at bad boy right here

it just works it's not the greatest but

it works next is you're gonna want to

bench okay well there's lots of bench

options but

I think in for if you're looking to

spend under 500 bucks most people should

probably buy a flat bench okay and the

flat bench I would look for different

ones that are available but you know a

lot of these are actually going out of

stock for most people I would buy the

amazonbasics bench

however the bench does appear to be out

of stock I'm gonna type this in to see I

looked at this yesterday and it was in

stock so I would get not there it is but

it let's see

yep it is okay put it in they've got

some min so this is the one I would

suggest for most people it's fifty four

bucks that it's usually cheaper I've

tested this thing you know like we

dragged it behind a car made like a

funny video with it and it just works

it's not the greatest but it works okay

it's gonna they say it's got basically a

600 pound limit I think it could do more

after feeling it it's probably got I

would guess this is 12-gauge steel but

again for this price range that's a good

option now you can get okay and there's

a few that I would look at if you want

an incline bench that are like somewhat

decently priced one of them is from rep

fit and the rep Fitness incline bench is

a good bench you're gonna spend a little

bit more on it it's the you know a be

3000 I want to say but another option is

this cap one here this cap deluxe

utility weight bench it's very similar

to Titan it's not great but it it is

good for the price hundred thirty five

bucks this one under from steel body

it's a little bit more expensive that

one's not bad this Bowflex one is super

popular 230 bucks it's one of the most

popular ones I would suggest staying

away from these 80 bucks in below and I

honestly for most people in this price

range I would just feel a pinch but if

you want to Incline this Bowflex one out

of these options at this price point

it's a good option or the rep a B I

believe it's 3000 or 3100 but I'll put

it up put all the links in the Bible

hello so you can check all these out

okay so you got your you got your squat

rack you've got your bar now what you

need is you need some plates so this

one's gonna be really hard right now

because of the environment that we're in

but I'm basically gonna give you the

ones that I think I would suggest at any

time and if they're out of stock they're

out of stock and I'll put some updates

the link you can find ones that work but

the ones that I would most suggest for

people that are looking for cheap plates

side of Craigslist and Facebook

marketplace because that's what I would

suggest going to Craigslist or Facebook

marketplace first do you want to buy new

though you could go with these right

here these are the cap to inch Olympic

grip plate I've got a bunch of these

really the thing that I don't like is

the outside diameter of them is a little

bit smaller than a standard outer plate

so something worth looking at but for

the price you're gonna get much cheaper

than that if you really want to go cheap

even cheaper than those you can go with

I don't love these plates you often see

these that like you know sporting goods

you know play it again they're just not

great plates for right now though these

are gonna be ones that are in stock so

I'm gonna add a couple to the cart just

because right now you need some plates

and there's not going to be a lot that

are available now I do want to point out

if your look lights the bumper plates

that I would suggest off of Amazon if

you're just like I said and sheepish

bumper plates that are available the

cheapest ones that I've seen are made by

Hulk fish they're also under the name

everyday essentials on Walmart man I

know I know this

like I know too much about this stuff

but these hope fits they they work okay

they're pretty popular in our community

on this site under Hulk fit I don't know

they have some agreement with Walmart or

what but they put them under a different

color codings 45-pound did not be red it

should be blue but for the price it's

hard to complain by the way they've

upped the price right now just because

there's so many that are out but you can

look at these at Walmart under everyday

essentials as well and they'll be a

little bit cheaper and I believe the

color coding is accurate so if you want

some of those okay so you've got your

bar you've got your bench

you've got your plates you got back

really the main thing that I would

suggest getting next is gonna be some

callers okay and callers Olympic callers

are great you don't need to spend a ton

of money on callers you know I like

having like you know the oh so the rogue

type callers or lock jaws but if you

just want something cheap I've got a ton

of these Klout Fitness ones in the

garage that not to review and they're

actually much better than the price

would give and they also have a lifetime

warranty they say it's cheaper if they

break if they just give you a new one so

they don't even repair them or anything

they just give you a new one so I would

suggest most people buy these I do not

like those green ten green ones over

there those ones are not nice not a big

fan of those but well if you got the

money you can buy lock jobs or things

like that but you know we're we're on a

bye bro so if we're not budget we need

to keep it under a budget so I've got

five items in my cart let's kind of see

the damage here so I've got a rack

with spider arms I've got a bar okay

barbell I've got a bench beautiful okay

I've got plates and others okay I need

to add one more of these bad boys here

they're gonna up the price a little bit

so we're gonna be around 470 okay 472 so

that gives you enough so you might

deadlift bench overhead press yeah it's

not a lot of weight but you know I would

do eight new I would suggest you know

just just going with you know something

you have on Craigslist or Facebook

marketplace but that's a great option

there and you can do a lot a five pound

plate obviously you can add to the bar

but you can also do you know ancillary

lifts like snatches and swings and

carries cuz it's got handles and you can

use it for ab work things like that so

for four hundred seventy bucks you've

got a pretty good set up there

this isn't set up like I'd suggest this

being like a starter set up and you're

gonna want to upgrade pretty close but

for somebody that's just one I got 500

bucks coop

I need help what do you suggest for

outfitting an entire gym that's what I

would suggest outside of looking on

Craigslist or Facebook murder place now

I do want to give you some extra options

for things that maybe are out of the

ordinary and one is adjustable dumbbells

I really like adjustable dumbbells and

there's actually quite a few cheap

option I'm thinking of our Bowflex

SelectTech 552 z-- they're these right

here they're also often and often had

four like oh I think 250 bucks or that

is a great option and they go up to 52


not bad I like best but they are quite a

bit more expensive in most cases but you

can get this 5 to 50 pounds for 296

bucks right now this 24 pound pack of 2

here you get it for 147 and then there's

this yes for all set they may be sold

out yeah they are sold out but they look

like these the dial plate and they're

very cheap and they're pretty popular

you know amongst people that hold

dumbbells so that's one option and then

another option I want to point out is


so sandbags are another piece of

equipment that you know it's like high

affect they're very effective but

they're also cheap so one type didn't

work out so we can get it on the line

here okay so you're gonna see a lot of

different options say like brute force

sandbags they don't sell money Amazon

Road makes good sandbag

that good sandbags but if you're looking

for something cheap these garage fit

ones are probably gonna be your best bet

on Amazon these some of these cheaper

ones I don't love oh it's on here I

would definitely suggest the rep ones

the rep ones are great they're gonna be

very similar

I fit I wouldn't be surprised if they're

from the same place but they appear to

be a little bit cheaper and I all prefer

dealing with a company like RIP because

they're a lot bigger and they're gonna

be more likely to service and things

like that so I love these you can do 25

to 75 pounds

I think sandbags are super underrated

you can do a lot with them and they just

work so then

kind of give you guys is kettlebells

so kettlebells again effectiveness you

know low amount of space low expense

they just kind of work I'd avoid some of

these like adjustable kettlebells kind

of gimmicky I would just go for like a

fifty three pound kettlebell something

like that this whole grip we're gonna do

a review on that in the future I've got

a couple of them they work great if you

have some dumbbells you could turn them

into like a kettlebell for carries and

swings it doesn't work great some

cleaning jerks that sort of thing but it

works for 35 bucks super cheap and then

beyond that you know you have all these

basic options the one that I would

choose for you no option would probably

be this amazonbasics one because they're

gonna any of the other companies because

Amazon is the biggest company so these

aren't red they're not gravity cast

these are kind of welded handles on but

for a lot of people are gonna work and

I'd suggest around a fifty three pound

kettlebell and you can get that right

you found about fifty nine bucks

it just works so there's some options

for you another thing I do want to give

you one other thing and that is

resistance bands there's a lot of

resistance bands that there I know

resistance bands are really popular for

people to train with that don't have a

lot of space I love resistance bands I

am de lot of movements not just barbell

movements but just minced yeah you see

all these like popular like you know

basically hip circles booty gains like I

get it but I'm not looking for that what

I'm looking for are these type of bands

right here these pull-up assist bands

they call them oftentimes these X bands

that sort of thing that's what I would

suggest there's quite a few companies

that are making these and all the ones

they're giving me are basically just

made for Instagram influencers who wants

to show their butts off so looking for

Rubberbandits they they probably are

making some of the best ones on Amazon

a lot of these you got to watch out for

because they're using really cheap

rubber and latex

they're not

natural latex using dipped and their

iron bowls are gonna be okay but for the

price I'd look to Iron Bowl or probably

most likely Rubberbandits okay so

basically I've shown you how you can

options I'll put a link to a lot of

these the ones that I suggest in the bio

below but these are your options and to

build a home gym you can get something

for around 500 bucks a lot of this stuff

may be out I'm watching I can update the

links for you guys but this is great

option build home gym okay 500 bucks out

the door gym equiptment coming in gains

to you okay that wasn't most

comprehensive obviously video that we've

done but based upon what's out there

right now

on Amazon a lot of people building home

gyms that's what I would suggest thanks

for watching so please subscribe see you

next time peace