Roblox’s disturbing grocery store hired me...

right here we go I was invited here by a

guy named 74 J some of you new viewers

might not know who that is

but it is part of a group called grocery

gang oh great you're here hey man it's

called Philco oh it automatically put

this mask on me I wasn't wearing that


those are people well he asked if you're

here for applying say yes all right okay

yeah I got you no he won't be interested

you don't want to why are we here so I'm

him and I lips haven't touched yet but

we are friends he doesn't really care

about other people unless they make

money for you okay understood

worker work faster you're so fat

oh my god me fat - I guess this is the

boss hey Philco speaking of fat oh hey

hello I see your big belly man yes he

worked oh yes

what's that oh god that's gross ah

perfect what is that over there we now

have many workers here due to the yep

rova rules

yep you know I think that's going around

I guess that's why we need the masks

yeah the field of view is all oh god I

didn't I did not see that back there I'm

gonna turn back around

it has quarantine ah yes Korn Tina a hot

babe so I need you to guard you can yes

you like looks at me waiting for the


great this place is a piece of trash

let's show you around

okay come come good luck bro why is that

there my character walks so weird the

camera is all weird and zoomed into oh

look a cardboard cutout /

murk available that represent come /

flamingo idiots here is the handsome

worker say hi hi yes great

let's keep on move oh yeah what do we

got here here's the milk aisle we sell

milk you know is this all milk you only

sell milk a lot no expire no once try

sure man the whole look at expired date


give me one how you like January 1st

1970 is the expiration date uh is

currently 2020 it is not from 17s come


well there's a dude up there oh that's a

girl just playing with a fidgeter here

his stalker place he stock things old

his eyes people hoard all stuff Ben we

need stalkers son here he is his

disgusting he's cute yes I agree

what are you killed Wow I think he was

meant to have the chicken face but it's

all just like melted just looks like is

it so much pain oh I see the light stop

following us you're disgusting enter

okay well on though my screen why'd he

smile my screen went black

oh there's the handsome worker this is

storage Lim Hwee storage no filth not at

all I see ah

the handsome worker oh uh this is all

guy who didn't know you spoke shut I

don't know what that means now sorry he


that's Icelandic he said fat guard call

they're calling me fat all different


I forget about Tim say hi hello alright

so he's saying uh the Icelandic

translation is food he's screaming for

food he likes milk belly man thanks dude

want some milk his first words yeah have

some milk man bye bye leave now okay

sorry go hey I'm somewhere else now he's

coming who the dude go go go I need some

milk to kill myself

through this he's mad hey we're outside

now the cars look like something I

would've drawn when I was like three

years old

run fatty I'm trying it oh great this

guy get suspicious man whew we get in

what's out there please someone just buy

something I need to get paid anyway whoo

I see you like computer oh yeah yeah

that's my computer how much so much

great fidget spinner we are going to

control room now please buy it shut you

are up please stop Oh God come fire


oh I did not mean to do that

hello this is a control room whoa is

this anybody allowed in here what's this

button do oh whoops sorry

I made a noise no I'm sorry don't it's

okay is that where the workers sleep


here control doer ah green control open

red is closed filth coal wholesale doors

do not press or I fire got I wonder if

there's like some secret room where you

had to like click some of these and then

some weird thing that wall opens I don't

know yes sir tear box press for box Hey

boxes this is just like from a Mizuki

you learn em Mizuki box

wait no I clora what Shh oh wait are you

not supposed to have them as hoop boxes

come come by or give me the fire alarm

actually made a noise why Preston I'm so

mad about that oh there's a door that I

think we opened do I press it

Picasso wait what if you don't know like

their main enemy is over there trying to

figure out what Picasso is it's a long


clip explain here what Picasso is this

is a really good way to put it Picasso

is the name of an unknown entity that

everyone in the community is trying to

help search for Picasso is I don't know

if it's a person a thing an energy and

aura but grocery getting really really

needs to find it I don't know they talk

about the artist Picasso

who made things like it dates all the

way back to like like November 26 also

fine Picasso he's waiting for you and

others vending machines in all of

grocery gangs games and all hiding

something about the whereabouts of

Picasso pretty much I think all the

vending machines have been found

maybe there's a vending machine hiding

in filth Co because vending herb Philco

is a new game react Picasso so weird

unknown thing that we have to find for

Garcia gang people have been searching

hours and hours hours the whereabouts of

this thing or person or piece of

information that grocery gang needs it's

very confusing than me so don't worry if

it's confusing to you it's just a

mystery basically nobody knows what it

is yet this is where you operate clicked

or OOP there we go now yes well done why

do you say Picasso you are not dumb here

is computer flash warning hey Syd Wow

God poop oh can I copy and paste this

this definitely translates into letters

read security guard note yeah that code

that the zero zero one code if you type

that into this it'll translate into

these so if you just put the zero and

ones into that it will translate into

letters if you want to do that in case

of power outage all plans to run on

backup sitter however we cannot afford

more backup generators and handle lights

cameras will be useless leave as

accurate room secure the perimeter check

place out

but Boop F to exit camera but it's like

five nights at freddy's except there's

this giant thing in front away oh hey

wait I can see that guy running around

hey I can see them

slipping on the wet floor okay I wonder

what else ok nothing there I feel like

someone's gonna pop up alright nothing


well I want to open those doors front

for you ok how'd you get in here I was

watching the cameras know it me hey man

wait I have key cards now it says steal

milk I must for self

hey wait he's dealing do you have seen

missing investigator fatty he steal come

we have to get them Batman get bricky


hey hey no stealing me cry hey get back


Oh gotcha now idiot call him dangerously

oversized human person okay there's

gonna be nice we put in cage now me

orphan I don't care meetings still for

food die orphan haha here in jail no

hahahahaha they go sorry you have eye on

him yes

have no fear you're in jail forever now

you stole milk have I unmanned you're so

cute he he's not I hope that thing dies

though I gotta go to computer room Ricky

did you tell about Picasso no I didn't

have chance wait what let me close this

nobody's allowed in here but me

alright let me just keep an eye on the

control room Picasso will help us all

I know Picasso he died in car crash who

my mom what are they talking about you

wanted me to watch this another room I

had to look at missing died trying to

find Picasso

I saw him crash his car outside my house

oh no I love Harry you can still of

course see that me when I'm working at

Philco wow what is that wait that thing

hey wait stop wait what was it I saw the

thing wait that's think it actually

moved wait where'd it go I just like a

cut like the last glimpse of that thing

who think I got mad at us I didn't think

it could actually move I thought he was

kidding around if I use just trying to

get me to hurry up where'd it go were

you in Cairo bird mania break free help


something wrong so one missing who all

friend help me are you gonna help him

out Oh Oh God hi dude odd hey your bank

let me just hey what weird over there

all right of course

what do you mean silly I hate everything

you're so silly

stop lie no lie I hate all these people

right now store will close soon just let

no no staying overnight all right man

you get ya get it I understand oh hey

there man

Thank You didi I heard it I swear I just

heard it again all right everyone's just

doing their thing I'm sure that stupid

doodad or whatever his name is will come

back am i safe oh hey there man hi but I

I don't know where to go

Oh buddy go check up on Steeler I can

run away I'm run away I hate this what's


nothing I guess absolutely nothing life

is too meaningless Thank You Phil's


shut your up are you sure that dude dad

was here yes that's so wrong but he's

not here he was did he say something no

nothing at all

okay go see brick he he know about do

dad feel like I have been staring at

that wall for as long as I can remember

they really have a you know like good

mental health programs in Philco look at

this guy we got a happy is he just gets

a stare at that thing what come over I'm

not gonna buy anything buy something oh

my god go back to staring at the wall

hey thief you know about new dan yes

tell we see lots of creatures out in the

countryside but do dad well he oh oh oh

I just saw yeah okay I look like it I

see anything I don't remember where I am

wait where am i this exit help first let

me out I dig it can't tell where I am

now if I keep follow these four these

tiles I'm still outside

how do I get out here don't corrupt me

for these I swear I was literally inside

and now I'm out takes money from

register oh stop okay well ease I can

see a little bit with your light oh my

god there I don't know where I am okay

that's where I am okay I'm trying to

save this dude I can't tell if that's a

building that's the building hey there

he is we need to go through that very

dangerous where I am can corrupt people

mind mind I need to find you oh god yeah

let's uh let's get

go Albert can we use what else call this

oh god where am I

I can't know I reach the end or not I'm

lagging my thing's frozen I think my

game crashed my Pig crashed my game do

dan say oh let me know what you guys

think that I just kind of everything

just kind of shut down it's really weird

to see grocery gang doing things again

because it's been like a couple months

like I said earlier like the description

is a merch link description is Phil

SCO's game go see what you could find if

somebody someone who has like way too

much time on their hands which is all of

us right now because of quarantine go

figure out what that binary code said

and then comment it below whoever does

it first just like their comment don't

don't copy and paste what they say

you thieving lazy idiot who would do

that but as opposed this right now like

five days left on the merch and then

it'll probably be never again gone never

sold again