The Family Dollar Stores Are Closing 370 Locations and Cutting Jobs

the Family Dollar stores are in need of

a major turnaround they're in the midst

of declining sales and profits and a

tough market on Thursday the company

said they will cut jobs the discount

retailer which caters to lower-income

shoppers many of whom live paycheck to

paycheck reported a 35 percent decline

in profit from the previous quarter

along with a sales decrease of almost

four percent in the end price really is

what matters so to remedy these issues

they're planning to close 370

underperforming stores they'll also cut

prices on 1,000 basic items along with

slowing down their expansion plans for

new stores at last check the stock was

trading just under $60 and down more

than three percent looking on the bright

side Family Dollar had a strong showing

in the sales of frozen food and tobacco

products items that could probably last

to the next paycheck for the street I'm

Corey Hale in New York