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hello everyone this is Chris with Cricut

users dot-com and today we're going to

look at the things you can do online at


this video be useful if you've just

picked up a Cricut account or if you've

had a Cricut account and you've never

logged on to see your details online or

pay a bill online so first thing you

want to do is go to my Cricut com go

ahead and select my account that will

lead you to this page and on the left

side you can see sign up right here so

if you just signed up for Cricut within

48 hours you should be able to log on to

your account if it seats 48 hours then

give Cricut a call and see they can

resolve that problem but let's say you

haven't made a login yet what you're

going to want to do is enter your my

cricut phone number right there and

they'll send a text message to you with

your password and then you can log in

with your phone number and that password

right there as you can see you can view

bills and payments by ringback tones

change your plan and pay online right

here alright since I've been with Cricut

since about last September I already

have a login I've been paying my bills

online and doing some other account

management online you'll see all your

information here you can actually edit

your billing address right here on the

left side you can really view your bill

on the right side of this portion and

pay it you can also do a bridge pay

request I'm going to try to explain

bridge pay real quick to the best of my

abilities basically if you can't pay

your whole bill they're gonna cut it off

pretty quick because it is a prepaid

carrier you can do a bridge pay I

believe that'll give you some more time

and you pay a portion of your bill but

at the end of that time you must pay the

the rest of the bill completely or they

go show your account off again you can't

just keep on making bridge pay after

bridge pay anyways

Melissa her minds on the account you can

add a line wireless or broadband for

here you can see additional details

right down here what plan you're on you

might be able to change your plan based

on what planned change ur trying to do

if the system will allow it you can also

change our add features here you can add

fun so you can buy ringback tones you

can buy ringtones you can do some

roaming and other things that require

additional funds it should be listening

your current phone model right here and

on the right side you'll see the

navigation bar where you can do a few

things at this moment you cannot upgrade

your phone online you'll have to go into

a store if you want to buy a new phone

usually I'll let you add a line and pick

out a new phone but just not upgrade it

see if we go here we can choose phones

that fit these certain plans anyways

we'll go more into different plans and

such in a later video let's go back to

the account summary you can click here

if you want to pay your bill

this is actually my bill for next month

which will be due on the first so by the

end of the first so the second will

probably cut my account off if I don't

pay this bill it'll save something rear

payment information in the bottom you'll

just have to enter your credit card

number and security code again if you've

already done this it will use the

information on your account to fill out

the rest you can change your password

here see what my communication is

you can change the email address on file

right here and you can end text

communication from cricket right here

you're probably going to want to enable

the text messages to pay your bill if

you're not good at remembering your due


there's yes allow other customers to

send me text messages from my cricket

comm that's their little online send

text thing that's up here you can enable

or disable that if you want to stop the

notifications of Adaline and other

promotions that are having when pretty

good sends you that text you can

actually reply with stop and that should

and those down here's a little

notification that you'll be contacted by

text message when you're a ID that's our

authentication ID has been changed and

will be contacted by email when your

billing responsible party has changed

what your a ID allows you to do is make

changes when you go to a cricket's or

authorized dealer or you call online

they're gonna want to know your

authentication ID this is a PIN number

and I'll give you a little authenticate

you really quick and allow them to make

changes it's six to eight digits if you

haven't said it yet go to my billing

information and right here you'll see

the authentication ID they'll give you

some information surrounding that four

to six numerical characters so don't try

to enter any words you'll enter it right

here and then be authenticated in the

next box and go ahead and submit that if

you're trying to do that change if

you're on the Android plan and you need

to track the amount of data use or if

you're a broadband user go to data

service here usage history go ahead and

click that and you'll get a little

summary of how much data you've used

so you want to keep aware of this number

if you go over it chances are you'll be

throttled so if you're having problems

with your data you might want to check

this first and then there are additional

services like checking your rebate

status and entertainment apps data

backup move music management I don't

have to move music plans so I really

shouldn't have anything in here be able

to do anything in this area so if you

have another line they'll usually be a

drop down box somewhere in this area so

you can check the status of that so this

is only our kind of introduction video

to some simple things you can do with

cricket this entire week we're going to

try to be putting out videos that will

answer some of the frequently asked

questions on our website so for more

information about cricket wireless

flashing the cricket anything cricket

related please visit WWE used comm like

our facebook page at

forward slash cricket users and

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