10 Things Not To Do at BURGER KING..

hello hello open the Burger King you

might be able to have it your way okay


what do you want can I just give one Big

Mac please

Hey hmm I'm listen to this guy what do

you want sir yeah I said can I please

have one Big Mac what are you imbeciles

laughing about listen to him mr. king

can I please have one Big Mac don't

order like a peasant sir sir

oh-ho you peasant even bless a nipple of

your food would be quite for my


just one nipple of your food even your

don't be a queen hello Paul I would like

to turn in my application to be the

queen sorry

no positions for a queen here do you

mean there's no Queen you wanna see my

application here's my application

look Queen C sign by me Lita Mary grace

you realize it's not even a real

application right you know I have 632

Facebook followers how many does your

King have oh my god eight million four

hundred and thirty nine thousand five

hundred and seventy followers mark my

words I will be back all right sir have

a good day

don't speak unclearly through the

drive-through welcome to Burger King

drive-through what do you want hello

I can't understand you sir can you say

that again

this thing working do not disrespect the

kingdom welcome to Burger King where you

can have it your way but don't get crazy

McDonald's is better yes Daddy

I got you wait I meant that but not hey



don't forget to sanitize your cache okay

yeah can't you read the sign old-timer

no cache

okay let me clean it can't you read the

sign we're only accepting credit cards

okay do you take American American

Express American Express listen pal read

the sign

we don't take American Express hello

Apple pay Apple pay can't you read the

sign that's fine how about for you right

here wait a minute you thought you could

trick me didn't you

read the sign old guy know boomers

allowed oh that's not fair now take your

Walker and get out well I have this

world forsaken me don't let your kids

order for themselves hello family yes

what can I get for you today

please tell this good man what you like

to order what do you want pipsqueak

hey yo can I get a happy meal on the

side with price

huh famille how happy you know my


Leslie Leslie don't park too far from

the drive-thru window I still can't hear


hello you're gonna order or all right

listen just bring five dollars to the

first window okay don't cause a

commotion excuse me I was wondering who

made this burger I don't know maybe that

guy I don't work here I just want you to

know this is the best burger I have ever

eaten in my life

why would eat what are you doing

is that how you made my burger it's

still the best burger I've had in my

life don't ask for extra sauce hey

excuse me I would like to uh can I get

purchased the AH get a sauce it's gonna

be $75 please $75


don't upset the king

excuse me bah can I give a refund for

this also I'm at $900 now ma'am it's

just a wrapper you already ate the whole


ah God me back let me speak to your

manager ah yeah I don't know if you're

gonna want to do that listen to me

my husband she works for the government

you want to lose your job

ha I guess I'll just grab my manager for

you if it's that big of a deal

move mr. King can I please have a refund

of course not

I'm going to ask you this question one

last time can I please have everybody my

goodness I cannot believe that work I

got all the money's in the world now one

step closer to taking over Burger King's

shut up drain can't believe she did that

you're you're the king you are the king

you are king don't order it from the

secret menu hello ma'am how can I help


hello sir may I get the BK loving

actually no hello sir may I get the BK

loving Sam I'm so sorry I didn't realize

you a part of the Masters crew please

have mercy on me follow me right this


through this dark and scary door you

will find your BK lovin please you and

your little dog to take care of my

daughter follow me this way

no pets allowed go inside

mr. I promise it's giving your time

where's mum sounds like someone got the

BK love and they asked for he came up

and get some every time I don't become

the queen hello you again how can I help

you ma'am is the burger man here today

actually the king is gone

oh it's yun vacation no he's dead

oh he's dead so does that mean you have

no king isn't that what that means do

you still have my application you mean

this one well from this day on you will

now refer me to Burger Queens Oh burger

Queen that is right my peasant

all hail the burger Queen hello boss I

have some news I see what needs to be