the end of Brandy Melville

let me just we're gonna start off by

saying a brand that has an Instagram

feed filled with no people of color will

not be addressing black lives matter if

they do they better change the image of

their entire brand to reflect what they

claim to believe improve that change is

sincere otherwise it's called damage

control some of you may have seen this

video in which I didn't directly address

race really I was scared of making

assumptions and of being wrong and that

I apologize for because avoiding talking

about racism for the fear of getting it

wrong isn't constructive also the

evidence is more than clear and this

video is long overdue we can argue about

the size of the clothing all we want but

at the end of the day brandy melville

literally chose a race as a part of an

aesthetic to brand their basic ass one

size clothing and market this image to

millions of teenage girls I want to give

an e D warning right now because topics

later discussed in this video may be

triggering the fact that I have to even

preface talking about a clothing brand

with an eating disorder warning some

might justify Brandis discrimination by

saying they are an Italian brand but

keep in mind that brandy has gone

international with stores all over the

world and customers all over the world

the fact that your Instagram feed looks

like this means you are going out of

your way not to represent people of

color just in my opinion you know it's

very easy to represent people of

different skin tones unless you are

racist you really just have to be going

out of your way here but don't worry

guys the two white men that run brandy

melville literally have no moves left if

they speak out they look like hypocrites

and people will hate them if they don't

speak out which they won't they also get

cancelled if they speak out and try to

prove how much they've changed just like

how don't changed suddenly after its

scandal it's

still gonna look like damage control

which it is the only way brandy can

survive is if you know we all just

ignore the whole racism thing and keep

buying same variation of their tank tops

so yeah you know what it's not my place

to tell you where it is shop but also

read the room brandy melville is not a

petite clothing brand real petite

clothing brands have a range of sizes

just like plus-sized clothing brands do

brandy melville is one size fits all

having the occasional large t-shirt or

sweatshirt which is literally meant to

fit oversized does not make brandy size

inclusive having an occasional size

medium in jeans also does not make

brandy size inclusive it would be fine

if they didn't use size as a tactic to

generate hype and create insecurities to

profit off many companies create

insecurities and profit off of them I

continuously get these advertisements on

Instagram or YouTube of these body shape

likings I couldn't find the exact

commercial but this one is identical and

it scares me here the girl has her

stomach fat showing she is clearly

distressed and unhappy about it this is

telling your brain subconsciously that

having this fat is ugly it creates an

insecurity that you shouldn't have this

fat then the girl pulls up her leggings

and she is now smiling and happy this is

telling you if you purchase the product

you'll fix your insecurities of having

this fat you'll fix the insecurities

that this advertisement literally

created so that you would buy this

product when you buy a product you are

buying the person the product promises

to make you skinny is already a beauty

standard the media already idealizes

female celebrities that are white tall

and thin it's almost become normal to

face tuned Photoshop your insta photos

and honestly it's justified because of

how unattainable Beauty is

these days we're all just trying to

catch up to it as a girl you are told

your physical appearance means the world

and you should focus on that instead of

anything else and so we do and when we

do everyone gets mad at us for having

plastic surgery for face tuning for

being materialistic because all these

products we buy promise Beauty brandy

exploits and in turn perpetuates the

standard by creating exclusivity through

hiring based off physical appearance as

well as how they brand themselves this

implies that we should all strive to be

white tall and thin and since we are all

different colors shapes and sizes the

majority of us which do not fit that

standard will feel the added pressure of

needing to I'm not saying brandy

melville is the cause of eating

disorders but they certainly are not

against the media subjecting

impressionable girls to unattainable

standards of beauty instead they take

advantage of the existing negative

self-image and perpetuate it for profit

not fitting a beauty standard does not

mean you are less than fitting a beauty

standard does not mean you are more than

I do not want to see body shaming in the

comments I do not want to see a divide

of who fits and who doesn't this is

exactly what they want if we continue to

fight each other we are not paying

attention to the two white men knowingly

responsible for feeding insecurities to

girls to the point where eating

disorders are associated with their

brand perpetuating one image of beauty

stealing vintage designs going out of

their way to exclude people of color

being complicit in situations of

injustice and profiting off all of this

next color I'm definitely not a saint I

know it's like shocking I have shopped

at Brandi I have shopped at other

definitely horrible places but I've

realized I think we're all definitely

privileged enough to choose not to

contribute to fast fashion in general

the choice is there it's not that hard

to do and I have no excuse to not try at

least a lot of you guys a lot of you

guys want more brandi videos from me and

I know that's what you signed up for but

I think I've said all I need to say but

that's okay because I have other party

tricks up my sleeve and I know I suck I

don't make videos often I take a lot of

breaks it's okay if you don't like that

but if you want to suggest other things

let me know in the comments I love you

guys so much and I'll see you in five