Dumpster Diving At BASS PRO SHOPS (Crazy!)


another Binger you already know how it

is guys today I'm gonna be doing

something absolutely insane I'm gonna be

going dumpster diving at Bass Pro Shops

that's right guys you heard I'm legit

gonna go to Bass Pro Shops if you guys

don't know a Bass Pro Shop and you're

sleeping on yourself cuz got a Bass Pro

Shop has to be one of the best doors

ever made guys literally like a hunting

slash fishing slash camping slash

outdoor store in general so I'm gonna be

going there and hopefully we actually

find some stuff guys I'm super super

excited for this video because I've been

dumpster diving everywhere possible but

I've never ever been to Bass Pro Shops

but today we're gonna be doing it guys

gonna be crazy so before we get started

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so without further ado guys I'm gonna go

ahead to the Bass Pro Shop near me and

we're about to go dumpster diving in

their dumpster alright guys so we are

literally pulling up to the Bass Pro

Shop behind the Bass Pro Shop the guys

you see that's the Bass Pro Shop guys

it's super super big I don't see any

dumpsters like there's no dumpster there

their thing they're supposed to be

dumpster here the only thing I see this

green bin over here but I'm pretty sure

that's not a dumpster okay there's a car

behind us watch out okay let me just

park right here guys and we're gonna get

out of the car and try to look for some

dumpsters alright here we go

I literally don't see any dumpsters

looks the only thing I see is that thing

right there

so way to go check it out alright guys

so about to go to it I'm honestly super

super nervous like what is gonna be

anything mister the thing is it seems

super high look at

time your this is kind of creepy guys I

got never dumpster gold I had a Bass Pro

Shops let's go inside nothing oh my god

what about this side side guys maybe

maybe we should climb it should I climb



heart think it's doing please drive away


alright guys but look at this only my

god Justin Brad's do you what's this

hold on guys look in Lewis's Cabela's

Cabela's is owned by bass pro shops

let's see a bunch of empty lure boxes

fishing string fishing lures yo yo yo yo

you see what I see

bro tackle boxes string what what the

fishing rods will get done but I think

they're broken yeah look at this one is

broken tip oh my god all right guys

we're gonna take this to the car right

now and then we're gonna review the rest

of it this is actually insane fine look

at this this is crazy all right guys

it's about to be an epic video so meet

you back when I'm not home all right

guys so we're back home and we got

everything right here guys this is

actually insane oh my god like look guys

I'm literally wearing Bass Pro Shops

like look at this vast Pro Shops like

guys I always go to Bass Pro Shops but

I've never ever been inside their

dumpster entity look what we found

oh my god just like a baitcaster look

it's got some nice line on it oh my god

is like brand-new I don't know if the

reel is brand-new or not but I mean it

does look good it's called a quantum

five bearing it looks a little beat up

but I think it's actually pretty cool

guys like I don't know in the rod the

rod is the tip there yeah guys it's not

even broken oh my god guys this is like

straight up like a maybe a 150 dollar

rod right here and it's in perfect

condition so guys we're definitely

catching out let's see what else we have

in here all right so this one we saw

that was actually broken so this is kind

of pointless so let's just break it some


all right guys okay it's not wanting to

break I guess not okay anyways they'll

see this other rod oh let's go blue line

that is so cool this is a price on it

$44.99 what is this

quantum and it still got the tags on it

look at the

the tags are literally on it quantum oh

my god is it broken guys not even broken

this is actually perfect I'm pretty sure

it's only $44.99 for the ride cuz the

real is black max it's not even quantum

it's a abu garcia real oh my god I'm

pretty sure this might be an expensive

real guys alright let's see what else we

have in here so we got an empty tackle

box does it work yeah it works on empty

tackle box so I opened this earlier and

this was just absolute garbage and look

at this guy did little you have lures in

here it's like all melted soft plastics

Oh lips women he has a hook your name

why would you throw this out

that's so weird alright all this stuff

is gross to touch guy so look they let

me have soft plastics we got a bunch of

what is this hooks Oh

$12.99 Kay that's empty this is empty

this was a pack of hooks tournament I

don't know what that is all right guys

look you could tell it's Minh Bass Pro

Shops cuz look at that thing it says

right there Bass Pro Shops all right

this is emptied alright let's just grab

some of this garbage and put it back in

here look at this this is die wah

another Z man one another Z man one

another oh this was actually good

condition why did they throw this oh it

actually looks pretty good alright let's

see oh look at this this is literally

all lures Bass Pro Shops Bass Pro Shops

on the back a bunch of like I think

there's like card lures in here Bass Pro

Shops and other Bass Pro Shops

another Bass Pro Shops got this little

all Bass Pro Shop stuff in here oh my


alright I'm just trying to clear some of

this out what is this power Pro yellow

line oh that's so cool alright let's see

what else we have in a bunch of more

garbage this is I think they have

weights in here I don't know I think

wait I'm not sure I do go fishing but

I'm not too sure this was definitely a

lure Bass Pro Shop pill Oh lunker hot

proper frog oh my god that's actually so

cool all right let's see what else okay

I just talked about okay this is just

like a bunch of garbage all right let's

see the good stuff all right guys let's

see what this bag is right on right here

okay and oh I see some packs in huh ah a

bunch of empty 349 I saw this wacky

books oh my god another spin shot okay

oh another soft plastic right here this

honestly looks good I don't know why

they threw this so maybe it's out of its

pack I have no clue all right let's see

what else we got in here okay what is

this wow what tool to help you fish the

wacky way okay that's empty

eggs own drop-shot empty empty all this

is empty what is this just a bunch of

garbage hook boxes empty guys basket

boat shop doesn't seem like a jackpot so

far like it's kind of expensive prices

but these are empty I don't know why 999

holy moly let's see okay okay this is a

little old garbage look at that if you

see the inside it's just like a bunch of

hook boxes that are super expensive like

guys we saw the other ones labeled like

these Hope boxes were literally like

five dollars to each and they're all

just totally empty weight boxes empty

hook boxes empty empty empty empty all

right now let's see what else we got in

this box let's see this other bag first

okay let's see okay they're just empty

says Bass Pro Shops right here as you

see okay

all right some other can auto us empty

to order all right enough with the empty

stuff let's see what else we got in here

a water bottle actually this is mine

guys I put it in there I dropped it in


okay let's see plan Oh oh my god a bunch

of looks look at that that's so cool and

we gonna wait right here we've got an

ice-fishing way but we got a bunch of

these which is pretty cool if you ask me

to be honest all right let's just close

this that's that's a good fine so far

guys we're actually getting the jackpot

alright let's see what else we got into

you what is this thing oh my god these

are fishing lures look at that $4.99 we

got some young money crawe oh my god

it's all in the pack - what else is this

another Power Bay ripple side we got

zoom flew super fluke

Junior oh my god another zoom one trick

more oh my god that looks so cool guys

oh my god guys that's so much and it's

so big alright let's see what else we

got in here

alright guys okay an empty line box

thing okay another empty thing right

here and we got Bass Pro Shop tough

tourney tourney tug which I think

tourney means tournament so it's brand

new Bass Pro Shop line which is pretty

cool if you ask me 14 pound 275 yards

which is pretty cool alright let's see

what else we got in here another one of

these a bunch of lures more cinco's

right here $5.99 oh we got some fishing

barbers okay that's pretty cool brand

new oh look at that oh my god guys my

guys literally ten dollars for each one

of these and we got 10 20 30 40 50 60 70

80 90 100 110 120 130 140 160 170 180

190 this is literally like a $200 bucks

right here and I'm pretty sure these are

all top water so they float on the water

we got like a rat one I think it's a rat

or a mice we got a duck a duck like you

see that duck

we liddie got a dog we got a couple of

these a couple of these like guys these

are pretty cool

all right I think this is the best

jackpot so far guys like I'm literally

gonna go a fishing trip after this one

guys like I don't know if you go fishing

or not like guys if you go fishing let

me know down below like this is actually

epic because if you actually go fishing

you know how much this stuff is worth

all right let's see what else we got in


what is this I have no clue what this is

what is this flies guys I think this is

flies for fly-fishing I don't know if

you guys ever go for trout or undo a

small fish but I'm pretty sure that's

what this is for for tiny fish

and I'm pretty sure this is worth

something it's like water seal which is

pretty cool all right let's see what

else we got in here another empty tackle

box plain old oh here we go

Bass Pro Shop here Bass Pro Shop brand

this is actually cool aren't if you guys

see that you see that Bass Pro Shops

we got a Bass Pro Shop tackle box we got

a bunch of miscellaneous line ok this is

gross ok let's see what else oh we got

some super Etsy spinner 20 pound

fluorocarbon it cost $30 all right let's

see what else so guys it says Cabela's

but Cabela's is owned by bass pro shops

we got some Cabela's aka Bass Pro Shop

lures we got more hooks in here Oh brand

new alright let's see what else

Oh some more flies oh my god that's

actually pretty cool if you ask me

alright more flies why not

ok we got more 15-pound line and this

cost ok doesn't say we got more this was

just $34.99 oh my god guys this stuff is


alright of course we got some I'm pretty

sure this is bug spray yeah bucks

because guys you know the place Bass Pro

Shop is written outdoor place and if

you're an outdoor you need some bug

spray you know what I mean you know what

I mean all right let's see what else we

got in here

garbage garbage Oh red wolf oh my God

look at this stuff this is actually

crazy osmose gross guys but this is

pretty cool it's like one of those kids

and look double-sided forgot all

different type of colors this is

actually pretty crazy all right let's

see what else we got in here oh I feel

XD see it Lily says the price right here

$229 229 you guys see that hold up

oh it's not in here oh my god I saw the

fishing reel would actually be in here

but I did find something what is this

hold up let me see that what is this

it's like one of those bottle I don't

know what this is me it's like lubricant

for the wheel but guys I'm pretty sure

that's like an expensive real loser says

two hundred and two hundred and seventy

nine dollars oh my god if I can hundred

dollar real alright so we got more

Boulder's right here brand new in the

package Oh another one quantum let's see

and it's oh it's empty alright it's

empty empty empty that's not a good find

but you know we're gonna keep looking

guys let's go let's see what oh this

looks old and used and rusty let's see


oh that looks gross oh gosh so many

hooks look at that Jake is here more

Jake heads here some big big hooks here

holy moly some more weights more hooks

more hooks more hooks well these are

pretty cool alright guys this is like

get fine now got enough on my bike if

you ask me put this to the side and keep

looking alright let's keep looking

what is this Bass Pro Shops

oh my glide wow you do that

huuu look at this look at the size of

this I'm pretty sure that's like four

big big like Muskies oh my god these

stuff are expensive but guys mark my

word I'm pretty sure each one of this is

like $40 because it's like for the big

fish like trust me it's really $40 and

above like I know doesn't look that

expensive but guys the bigger the lure

the more expensive it is we got some of

these we got some more like look at that

oh my god let's look at this stuff all

the hooks are shark

oh let's try like look at the size of

this thing these catch humongous fish

alright guys it's a pretty cool taco box

not gonna lie this has to be the best

one so far like this has to be worth

like $500 plus all right let's keep

looking all right we got another tackle

box here this has got two lures this


this looks used rusty oh it's dirty

alright alright alright

Oh another kit I'm pretty sure this like

for smaller fish we got some weights and

we got some oh my god guys trust me like

these are literally worth $10 apiece 10

20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120

hundred 1,300 1,400 1,500 1,600 1,700

1,800 ninety two hundred guys this has

to be like two hundred dollars like

legit $250 and it's a Bass Pro Shops

right here as you see all right guys

we're gonna see what else is down here

so this is power Pro oh we got a hook

pack and we got some swivels right here

let's see some treble hooks some more oh

these hooks are oh my god that's

dangerous oh my god guys please do not

attempt this all right guys let's please

do not go dumpster diving guys like I do

not want any of you to get hurt because

as you saw like these hooks per hour

just don't go dumpster diving in general

like all the videos are doing my channel

guys I'm a trained professional just

make sure you don't do what I do all

right let's keep looking

Oh a small taco box okay this is cool I

guess I don't know what type of fish

that's gonna see this yeah I literally

don't have a clue what this stuff is for

maybe like tiny fish yeah I don't know

all right we ought to be done guys so a

bunch of garbage here a bunch of hooks

more hooks okay like guys it can never

go wrong with hooks and oh my god what

is this we got some like lipless

crankbaits and some jerk baits like look

at these I'm pretty sure these are box

Bashaw brand okay that's cool some jerk

aids not bad not bad some more jerk

baits we got a draw right here that's

actually cool I've never seen this

before all right

on look we've got another young pack

right here which is definitely wears

something all right what is this Oh a

flashlight oh wow that's bright more

garbage in here let just take out the

garbage real quick all right so you

already saw this stuff let's see what

this is I'm guessing this another

fly-fish oh wow I guess they're right oh

my god these are amazing that's so


guys I've always wanted to go

fly-fishing in my life maybe this is a

chance all I need is a rod not because I

got the tools already let's see the last

things in here and another pack of hooks

and then another Bass Pro Shops oh my

god these are a bunch of jigs and

chatter baits Jake Jake Jake Jake Jake

these are like chatter baits these

things like vibrate underwater I'm

pretty sure that's like a swim bait I

don't know that's what it's one of the

two that's pretty cool all right let's

see oh we saw this one let's see this

one Oh

all right guys last item right here Bass

Pro Shops and all a bunch of spinner B

look how many spinner beeps that is Wow

like look at this we've got one two

three four four five six seven eight oh

my god buddy got like waddle on that is

so many I don't think you ever need this

many in your life but I mean if you got

it for free we got some of these spinny

things we got some spoons that's pretty

cool all right guys I think it's gonna

be a wrap for the video let's look at

all this stuff we got here look at all

this stuff in the box look at all this

stuff on the side this is all trash so

there was a bunch of trash in here but I

mean it is worth it guys this was an

epic video if you enjoyed this video

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