How to find your Amazon gift card number.

now this has happened to me before and I

don't remember ever figuring it out in

the past but I must have because Amazon

giftcards have been around for a while

and this particular style is very

popular so you went I went to the

Amazons site and it told me to type in

some numbers to get my claim so I could

get my $25 and there's numbers here

numbers here and that doesn't look like

any numbers that I'm aware of there's

numbers in here I was totally at a loss

at what to do with this gift card at

that point you get really angry what's

this what to do with this if I deface

the card it might be worthless I've

actually had gift cards before and when

I turned them in at the store they would

say there's no money on this

thanks a lot somebody didn't put money

on it when it was purchased I was not

able to find any help on the internet on

how to find my gift card number so I had

to figure it out for myself

looking me I had two gift cards so I

tore this one open with a knife and

somehow I found the gift card inside of

here there is a gift card in here dah


I don't know why on the whole internet

nobody would show you how to open up a

gift card

there is a plastic gift card in here

just tear it open do whatever you need

to and you got your gift card peel this

off which is what I did and there's your

number under there type that on Amazon

redeem another gift card enter the claim


check to be sure it's right

applied in my balance I currently got 25

now I've got $50

nothing to it a piece of cake thanks for

watching the video