#14 Michigan vs #13 Alabama Highlights | 2020 Citrus Bowl Highlights | College Football

the end of the season but a new decade

of college football about to kick off


all of us booting @t and Jackson


and it still did pretty well got past a



and wives who might be the fastest day

in the country was able to track and

counted midfield he still returned at 51

yards for the season bird team all-big

ten quarterback his path to

goes off the mark otherwise Collins

might still be running his team to play

very well today

and play with a lot of intensity and

Matt Jones gone

the first way to Jeannie

Jerry judy 85-yard touchdown



for Michigan on its 15-yard line and

it's Chardonnay through priests at the

20-yard line and it's the first gallon

but the true freshman running back and

Michigan gonna run the ball here

Chardonnay close to a first down dragged

down by Christian Harris so CL throwing

linebackers Charbonnet runs right at the

linebackers and midfield but good news

for uh here's a direct snap they pitch

it back on a flea-flicker to Patterson

and Patterson has it open we say that


people's Jones all the way down inside

the 20

they take the jet sweep and hand it off

to Haskins inside the 20 breaking attack

oh and drag down inside the 10 the

numbers shots occasionally and again no

McKinney for this play Patterson


insuk caliber programs but it's not like

that every year fly snap most shoes gels

pass caught by Geordi and look at 20

reverse field and still have the speed

to get back near midfield man is he

talented jerry judy to go then went to

the falcons to be their offensive

coordinator for a couple years

follow that screen pass

pressure off the edge it's picked up and

it's through the hands of waddling

complete held by Vincent Gray no penalty

flag obviously Alabama in perfect


Devante Smith inside the one yard lines

and breathing room here correct second

down in three and turns on the Jets

great patience that time you Patterson

on second down and eight his pass is

close to a first down a sailor still to

the 30-yard line really difficult to win

those games consistently big haul

straight ahead and Chardonnay has

another first down after the 40-yard

line run game play fake here for

Patterson and he throws it out at it

and Jackson knocked out of bounds inside

the 20

and they got Eubanks right here lined up

the number three person going execute so

Nordine is on now for a 36-yard field

goal try and it's good so out a

Wolverine fans that want more they want

Championships this Chardonnay picks a

hole gets the first down Michigan hasn't

won the Big Ten since oh four and twelve

ends built to succeed for a while

patterson chased out of the pocket on

third down and four able to pick up the

first down

she was tracking him but patterson

showed his speed and picked up seven

yards and regardless and patterson going

to keep it here and gets the first down

the target Adair is going deep

play-action and a quick throw on a slot

first down catch by Bell


well with forty-fourth touches during

the regular season let Michigan in that


Alabama bringing pressure they rush for

Patterson leaving the pocket

and for 8 to 10 to the 15 yard line a

flag down Ronny bell did he go out of


Alabama changed up their defensive look

when you see that right foot clearly out

of bounds there for Ronnie Belt it's a

great job by the officials on from 36

yards in the first quarter

and has no problem with this 150 so got

to continue it here's Judy out in space

getting a block from Devante Smith and

close to a first down as we just in this

movie that I needed to prepare for

there's pressure off the edge Jones gets

into an annuity and look out Judy was

able to blow by that defender had be

really fast and really explosive play

fake here John steps up throws a deep


Judy beat his guy


Judy ran past him and he'll did

everything he could to make sure that

Judy didn't come back and catch the

balls her down in ten and Jones from the

pocket senses pressure and throws it

away as he is about to get smoked by

Aidan Hutchinson and a flag is down as

Jones got hit hard by Hutchinson

what do you think

it's a really physical head and it is


push your file


that size living rugs in to help lock in

the on


touchdown their chance to take the lead

a great effort by naxi campus is done

vertical so many times this year most of

the time he clears the defender that

remaining for the Wolverines Jay

Patterson gonna throw it here and try to

make the catches Nikko Collins and a lot

of time run it again here and able to

get the first down with good push

thus on Haskins and he had a touchdown

if you pick up the first down obviously

which part it's healthy dinner didn't


tapped off at the 35-yard line Anthony

Jennings the first man to greet him in

the hall


it's gonna be a first down now you need

to play with tempo the beams along the

Cirrus 49 Batterson in trouble and set

Michigan's going to

Anthony Jennings

doesn't have enough

to us

go from 57 to get Michigan the load-in

hat talk

stop and ii put in the second half here

they did off schedule with that- play

and then jones in trouble Wow somehow

rugs caught it past the 45 yard line but

they go back to the ground and harris

with a crease off he was able to break

away from glasgow he probably scores try

dial up a shot play there is play-action

and he's looking deep Jones taking a

shot for the bunt a Smith


pressure coming off the edge and


Xavier McKinney just way too fast off

the edge the first team all-sec it's on

the hip and whether or not he'll be

available from April huge hopeful

Robinson got the first down and more in

the Michigan territory pinball's forward

all the way to the 45 yard line

nika's nage but really good North and

South Robinson in trouble here gonna

lose yardage to his Daxton Hill true

freshman safety they really are high on

who was there for Michigan front of the

stick Joan's on third down in 20 dumps

it off underneath to Forrestal and he

has brought down they did get a good

chunk of it back on third down and three

Patterson dumps it off

Haskins past the 25 not near the 30 yard

I'm they've been really good on third

down six and twelve Patterson on first

down waiting and takes off as he sees

some grain in front of him and then he

skipped ons McKinney

with your rules knowledge Patterson

looking everybody covered and now he

completes it to fel what a play by

Patterson hanging in there and then

threw it in the traffic Warren Michigan

in the game running back to help block

Patterson fires complete fares down into

Alabama territory at the 40-yard line



Patterson back to three everybody

covered in Patterson's going to get

sacked the fellows out and Charbonnet

with a heads-up play to pounce on it but

this is 1323 can they get enough to give

the field goal kicker chance they dumped

it off to Jackson gets to the 40's by

the dividend accrue Jones brought his

hands own throws for Judy it's

to affairs down jamón Waldo motioning

into the backfield as Jones was a deep

and Judy caught it on the run

in the Michigan territory inside the 30

and they finally get him down around the

20-yard line

Jones play-action there's to his right

now looking back this way

touchdown Alabama there is the iron bull

second and six from Michigan

Patterson off play action throws

complete and Niko Collins is out near

midfield hard away by Jim Harbaugh

Patterson's going to take a shot here on

third and long and again it's overthrown

tonic programs packaged into this

version to [ __ ] the top 15 teams as

Patterson throws another deep bad it's

his guy Shaheen Carter is there for

Alabama for the easy interception at the

tide 25-yard line Jones to pass and it's

popped by Forrestal it is a first down

there and which should be a great



they get a first down Ron Nagi Harris


finally they get him to the ground at

the 39 yard line and attributer coming

out of the backfield in the passing game

davenport again excuse me Harris in a

great the tackle again Wow

the first outfit and Tahlia the backup

quarterback for this game will be a true

soft milk Paris inside the five the very

bright future

Alabama gonna hand it off here and

Harris will score with 27 seconds to go

so they reward Nagi Harris for just an

incredible Drive