Buying a Christmas Tree in NYC

wakey-wakey wakey-wakey

get up hurry up dude we got our to

do today good morning

I was I didn't sleep at all I don't want

to say what time I went to sleep because

then people get angry I didn't reply to

their text did you stop getting haircuts

it's terrible we have a watch to do

today I have a meeting and we have to go

pick up off light air forces and I'm

Hwang sending me upstate to get him a

Christmas tree so lots to do very little

time let's go


probably the world's largest marshmallow

it's big but it's just it's like it's

perfect like it's cubed it looks like

it's made with love I don't even know if

I like fork it but this is Jordyn by the

way I'll put his channel in the

description I don't really know what

we're what we're talking about but for

me it's got a meeting I'm gonna go with

the finger approach and we're gonna see

how this works so far I'm the brother

grossest thing you've ever seen but whoa

smells like stupid fluffy stories

letting you use a booster board I've

never done this before so how hard is it

it's not too bad like I think I think

you can do it you're definitely gonna

move you can stand on it so you got this

okay which way to go like what's the

front okay so this is the front here

okay that's the back so you're gonna put

it bigger engages it and


he's killing it he hasn't fought off yet

thank you that was awesome there you go

have fun that work just thinks back to

the day job


okay so once again our abusive the slow

motion feature on the a 7-3 came back to

bite us

we accidentally film this whole thing in

slow motion which unfortunately means

there's no sound

basically I'm reviewing the off-white

shoes and then I make a joke about how

the shoes actually are really small I

mean it was funny but I guess we weren't

supposed to see it today we're here with

Zach we're not doing food interviews

today we're at three six eight we're

doing some type of like gaming thing I

suck at video games that should be

pretty fun should I just drop out of

school and stream like who would who

would watch her me exact people watch it

pizza so I'm sure they'll watch you

please check it out they have a Red Bull

cooler this is my first time I've been

playing video games like professional

set up I played and he plays fifa and he

breaks a lot of controllers so hopefully

he doesn't break bears and it was a

beautiful goal when it wasn't recording

so I can I have stopped playing video

games to do what we always do that has

this pizza it's Joe's I guess they knew

we were coming


Duane Reade has to have one you're

probably wondering what we're looking

for and that would be Christmas hats

these are good right yeah we're good

gift wrap buildings gift wrapping the

Empire State Building

how much Rob the paper didn't good need

for that that's a question for a science

guy anyone knows the guys from Vsauce

send them my way you know put your dukes

lagging right now what bad sound guy

this is a small row too small I got a

big head that's where you keep all those

ideas all right let's go

I said at the beginning of this video

that I was going to go upstate to get a

Christmas tree I think we're just going

to get a Christmas tree in the city I've

never done that before I would assume it

would be pretty hard we can't really

take an uber because there's a $250 fee

if you mess up an uber and the pine

needles would get everyone can't take a

taxi our local Christmas tree shop is

sold out and it's pouring rain which

means we have to bring it through the

subway thank you up our car is two

minutes we're using via today they gave

me 50% off I'm just gonna continue

promoting them until it over decides to

sponsor me imagine if we climb to the

top of that Tower

no way

getting in 20 armed guards to bottom


you can never met someone that owns a

tower crane

cool we're walking into time school

we're literally going the wrong way but

we met a guy that owns a tower crane

it's literally so warm outside that I

can I don't even have to wear a coat I

think we found our tree you think we can

fit that in the subway wanted to go ice

skating but uh we came first women Steph

a few moments later just found some

Christmas trees how big do we want it

are these all 50 with the red bow look

at that this thing is already on it

which one do you want I think probably

this one all right we got a tree


it's a pretty cool trade I don't know

how we're gonna do it

my man Jeff and Amazon Christmas tree

delivery black midnight bro when we

gonna decorate the tree hold on forget


what's diary just start from the tree

you're not my mom