Meteor Impact Site | National Geographic


when you look from above you can see

that our sonorities scattered across

Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula you know

everywhere you go around here find these

holes the cold say notice there's

thousands of them and most of them

haven't even been explored Wow when I

get there size of that

this is magnificent that's beautiful

so lower the gear please there's

actually much more to this amazing

cavern than first meets the eye

but to understand the scale of what

happened here you have to go deeper

still underwater descending into the

depths of the sonority is like entering

a new world fewer people are visited

some of these drone caverns and the

surface of the Moon as divers have

explored further they've discovered the

cenotes are actually part of a huge

complex of tunnels and caves


and when they're mapped it becomes clear

that they follow a distinctive circular

course through the jungle they mark out

the rim of a giant crater scientific

instruments show the structure of the

underlying rock has been deformed

revealing the boundaries of a colossal

meteorite impact crater the meteorite

was likely over nine miles across enough

to cause utter devastation across the

whole planet it exploded with the force

of 100 million million tons of TNT

the blast said the giant plume of

vaporized rock out into space a crater

was punched half a mile into the Earth's

crust it was above this realm of

weakened rock that this cenote is formed


the blasts would have been ferocious

the blast plume that shot into space

fell back to earth

many believe that billions of molten

particles superheated the air to

hundreds of degrees fire swept the

planet choking the atmosphere with soot

and dust the dinosaurs and most other

creatures were doomed


but fortunately underground there were

some survivors

it took a few million years but

eventually conditions are not returned

to normal by wiping out the dinosaurs

the impact cleared the way for the rise

of a new type of animal the mammals and

ultimately for humans so from our point

of view this global disaster turned out

to be no bad thing