First Graveyard shift at The Chicken Ranch over

this is how we celebrate one day is over

first down

ducks what do you want I got nothing

look at these dogs then I said that one

light strawberry that goes good with


I learned something different right

watch look at their like New York

pigeons really really know that actually

like Asians very passive and they just

stand there wait the patient did you

know that water fell on their patient

this Internet

patient little more Rafael the one's got

like a rash or some excuse

oh let me show you this one turn turn


Oh same luck it looks like a little

heart shape a little hard oh Nature is

sending me laughs nature nature is

sending all of my old partners sons of

crabbers love Oh what what is it what's

off in the distance a blackbird is that

what it is see that's a different kind

of duck whoo oh yeah by the way I'm back

here at Lakeside well man the price is

one way up summer rates are gone and

Passport America once a month let's see

what I can do with that hey foot relax

moon day is over

ah me you feeling okay

relaxed because Monday's over

that's one graveyard down one to go

today I double back alrighty

see you later I've got to get myself

tired so I can get in happen girl worth

tonight yeah baby that looked cute today

what happened to help cute so this is

what happens when you get into your rig

and you start doing some work get uncute

I was cute

some right guess what's coming up

remember when I did the maybe I didn't

mention it what's coming up is at the

winery the film winery down down south

down yonder what's coming up is the

annual wine stomp so kids if you want to

get out here and do this October first

down at the winery it really it's like

you know the old Lucy and Ethel episode

where they were stomping on the grapes

that's what it is

I wonder if my people who are coming

here in October will be here then you

should do that you should do that we'll

do it together

finish this and relax and enjoy this I'm

gonna go read the petal goodsoon docks

what let me save it you show these ducks

okay it's like literally like four feet

from me

what's up books I don't have anything

and anywhere we're like forbidden from

feeding you okay you are the forbidden


I can't feed you I'll get kicked out for

real okay but you're beautiful animals

you can stay and hang out come on you

know what's good about you Ducks I could

say your things and you don't tell

anybody else I could do things that you

won't tell anybody else I'm gonna move

because now the Sun is coming good


I'm getting Sun on me okay my feet my

feet just want to relax bring that oh

look my foot is dirty

we won't be seeing every dirty feet

dirty repeat should be should not be

give them an inch they take a foot I

have done nothing but something has

caused these birds to spread out and

migrate towards me I'm getting a little

bit nervous because there's a whole

bunch of them and just one of me and you

know what that's the kind of mindset we

have we should have we should have when

it comes to 1% chef's stay here so

shifting move them they moved away and

don't turn your backs on me cookies what

duckies duck duck like surrounding the

wagon train bring a circle around the

covered wagons they're protecting me

maybe just my imagination once again

what do you got on your lips yo what's

up duck

oh you should have seen them toddle off

shifty lets them get just so close and

then he eats giri's out from underneath

my chair and chases them away they get

like this close to me I don't know why

uh how many food maybe I'm gonna pick up

the hair on my legs or something they

picked in little water