2020 Chevy Equinox: FULL REVIEW | 2020 Updates Put Safety at the Forefront!

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Now everyone knows that the Silverado is the best-selling chevy model

but what a lot of people forget about is this equinox is also a great selling vehicle as

A matter of fact this year sales increase has it nipping at the heels of the rogue and CRV

That's why today we're taking a look at the latest 2020 version at Sutherland Chevrolet in Nicholasville, Kentucky

Of course if you're in the market for any new Chevy be sure to stop by their showroom or visit them via their website

which we provided a link to in the video description, so

With that all said, let's see if Chevy has made any changes in this year

So kicking things off with the exterior styling

There is one update right off the bat and that's this new midnight blue metallic paint color

Which as you can see is a very dark shade of blue

Other than that the front design does carry over unchanged this year

So for the premiere you have this fully chrome finished grille and on the other trims you have black bars with just the crumbs around

The other important premiere difference are these full LED headlights as

Opposed to the HIDs on the LT and the halogens on all the rest

In a separate housing down below you have the turn signal and for the premiere only the halogen fog lights


Far as the rest of the styling it continues with the same look for 2020 with the signature elements like the wraparound rear window

These tail lights also have the same design across all of the trims except for the LED elements that are premiered exclusive


Then finally at the bottom you have a single hidden exhaust outlet unless you go for the more powerful 2-liter turbo model

So all in all the equinox has a conservative design that looks handsome and will continue to age very gracefully

Now while the main part of the design has not changed there are some wheel updates for 2020

the biggest change is the fact that these

18-inch wheels on the premier now do without the black contrast inserts from last year, which does now give them a more subdued look

There are also some optional 19-inch wheels on this 1.5 liter model or standard on the 2-liter model

But otherwise you're going to be looking at 17 inch alloys as standard across the other three trips

Moving on up to the mirrors they come in three different finishes

Black body colored or chrome reserved for the premiere along with auto dimming abilities and standard blind spot monitoring

All models however, do get heating

And now that brings us to probably the most important change for

2020 and that's that most of the advanced safety systems are now standard across the entire

Equinox line up instead of just being optional on the premier

That means that even the base LS comes with forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection

Lane Keeping Assist and Auto high beam headlights and

Then the premiere also has the option of adding adaptive cruise control

This is definitely a great addition to the lineup especially since the base price has not changed

Well it pretty much finishes up everything to look at on the exterior, so now let's go ahead and check out the cabin

So unlike a lot of the rivals the equinox does actually give you Chevy's smart entry system standard across the board

And if you ought for the premiere you go get remote start on the file, or as an option on the LT

Now to get inside the vehicle itself there is not a sensor behind the handle so you just press the little button

All right

So checking out the cabin of the 2020 equinox

As you can probably tell there have not been any significant changes to the interior this year

That doesn't mean you'll continue to be presented with these same color options and materials as last year

So for your L and LS that's gonna be a cloth seat in medium

Ash gray only there if you go for the LT it does come shared with the same cloth

But you can option on leather and you can also get the additional color. Um jet black

Now when you go for this premiere

This is where you have standard real leather and jet black this ash gray combination or a special brandy color

Now turning over here to your door trim, it is very nicely finished

So you have this nice piece of leather that goes all through here and up to the top

Your driver's window is OneTouch auto up and down all the others are just Auto down

Towards your memory seats these two-person memory seats do come standard on the premier only

Now heading down to the see here the LT and the premiere do come standard with this 10-way power adjusting seat

And then the other models come with a six-way manual seat instead

And like I was saying here on the premiere we have the real leather seats

They feel very nice and they also look very good. I like the color contrast

So you basically have the jet black accents around the side and then the gray in the middle

So as far as the materials of the cabin they do carry over this year

So across the upper dash this will always be hard touch plastic across all the trim levels

but when you go for a higher-end model like this premiere we have this really nice piece of leather at

Two different types, so you've got the plain and then also the perforated and the real stitching to connect them

Your lower areas are hard touch, but everything does fit together very nicely

Standard across every Equinox is push button start

When you press it, you'll see one of two different displays fire up

On this premiere. We have the 8 inch display and on all the other trims. You will come standard with a 7 inch display instead

I'm checking out the gauges here. This is the premium arrangement with the larger multifunction display now starting last year

Chevy did bring this down to the LT. So it's on both the LT and the premier

And basically it just has the larger 4.2 inch multi-function display and you can scroll through all the different types of information

Including through different things like safety systems if you do have them equipped

Now coming back to the steering wheel

It is electric power assisted and the steering wheel is wrapped in leather if you go for the premiere

Or as an option on the LT

Now you do have your buttons for your cruise controls where some of your safety systems

And we also have the optional heating here on this premiere on this side

You get your phone voice and then your buttons for your multi-function display

As far as the steering wheel itself, it does manually tilt and telescope

Now moving on to interior storage this is one area where the equinox really thrives compared to the rivals

So starting out here with your center console

This is honestly bigger than just about anything in the class

I don't know if the camera can fully see this but this goes down like a foot and a half

Time does have a nice little pad down at the bottom. But this is like I said definitely bigger than most of the competition

You've also got two USB ports in there

Then we close that off. We got another storage cubby right here our two cupholders and

Then a really large console up here. You can stick your phone

This pad here does serve as a wireless phone charger if you go for the premier

And then back there you can see a regular USB port a USB type-c and aux track and a 12-volt outlet

Now Chevy has been able to give you that much space without going to the electronic shifter like its sibling the GMC Terrain has

So this just has a regular shifter you just pull back for drive. You can't shift manually with these little toggles here

But you will not find paddle shifters on any of the bottles

Now when we head into reverse, you'll see one of the other standout features of the equinox and that's this

360-degree camera system that's optional in the premiere through the convenience package -

This is one of the best systems in the industry, it's General Motors latest high-resolution camera system

Like in the Silverado. So basically you've got default in your 360 view and your traditional back view

But you have tons and tons of other views

So as you can see, we can cycle through all these different things including a trailer view this kind of three-dimensional look side. We use

And you can turn on and off your lines as well

Basically, like I said overall it's one of the best

360-degree camera systems in the industry right now and it is available here on equinox

And then back behind the shifter you do have an electronic parking brake

I'm moving on up to the climate controls. This is the dual zone automatic setup that comes standard on the premier only

However, you can option that this onto the LT through the confidence and convenience package

but of course as you can see

This is very simple to use you. Just have these two easy knobs to adjust the temperature

And then all your other buttons are laid out physically here for you to press though

They do pop-out redundantly up here on the display to you know, show you what you've selected

As far as the seat climate controls

three-stage heated seats come standard on the premier and

then the three stage ventilation ventilated seats that we have they come in the convenience and confidence package -

That's a premier only option

All right

And now that brings us up here to our audio system

Now every single model does come standard with a six speaker system throughout the entire lineup

However on the premiere you can option on the bow system when you choose navigation, and that's what we have

So let's go ahead and take a sample

Style quality of this system is excellent. Definitely one of the best systems I've heard in this class

All right, so now that brings us up here to our Chevy infotainment 3 system this was updated last year to the latest software

So we'll just go ahead and take a real quick look through the system. So what you're looking at here is the home screen you

Have these little tiles that you can click on that can take you as a shortcut button there

you also have the little shortcut buttons along the bottom that you can real quickly toggle between

Now I just hit the highlights here. One of them is going to be our models navigation system. This is optional on the premier

And like I already mentioned it does come with the Bose audio system as well. So

This is General Motors newest map display as you can see it is a very nice graphics

it's also very responsive to pinch-to-zoom and other types of motions and you can even do

Interesting things like change the tilt with three fingers kind of like Google Maps

now the other main thing I want to mention is that

Even if you choose the base models that come with the lower-end system and the smaller display

Those also come with apple carplay and android auto just like this one

So rest assured even if you do not get integrated navigation, which the majority of models will not have integrated navigation

You will still be able to access Google Maps or Apple maps through apple carplay or Android auto

But anyways, that's a real quick discussion of some of the main features of this system

However, we do have a dedicated tech tech help video available

For those of you who want to learn more a link to that video is in the description

I'm moving on up

We do have an auto-dimming mirror on the premier or option on the LT and that comes with three Universal home link remotes as well

And one thing you'll notice missing from this model is a moonroof

It's because Chevy does not offer a standard size moonroof

You have to choose the panoramic one, which is available as an option on both the LT and premiere

But obviously we don't have that option checked off

But overall the cabin of the Chevy Equinox continues to be a very pleasant place to spend time

The redesign that they did in 2018, really

Amplified and made this cabin a lot more pleasant of a place a lot more luxurious

And you definitely have all the features to make it a very class competitive environment

But anyways now go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason who would check out all the back areas

Already so heading around to the 2020 equinoxes mercy

You are going to find a really large amount of space even for its class

You'll find 40 inches of rear legroom and 39 inches of rear headroom

Which does place it above the main rivals like the Toyota rav4 and on par with the Honda CRV

Now turning over here to the door trim. We do have a really nice one

so it is leather wrapped all the way through here and

It does have a nice color contrast stitching going through here

And you do have a power window now down below that we do some bottle storage

And as far as the seats themselves, they are that beautiful color contrast design. So you do a black on the outside

Grey on the inside and they do also recline

Now here in the center area Chevy has given us some very nice features as standard equipment

So you do have these rear air vents and standard equipment across all of the trim levels and down below that you will also

notice our heated rear seats

which are optional in the premier trim and

Down below that you will also find two smart charging USB ports and on this high-end model

We do also have a household style outlet down below that

Now here in the center we do have a fold up armrest with covers inside


Off to the left here. We have LED lighting and an assist grip and

like I mentioned

Before this is one of the largest offerings in the class and that definitely shows behind drew seating position

I have about I would say at least a foot of space

Between my knees in the seat back, which is very impressive and my feet can easily slide up on the seat

So hitting around to the tailgate of the equinox

It is standard hands-free power on the premier trim or it's optionally just regular power on the LT

So to open it just wave your foot under the bumper

Now once inside the equinoxes trunk

You are gonna find a little bit smaller space than you would in most of the rivals

You'll find 30 cubic feet of space behind the second row seats

And if you fold them it expands to 64 cubic feet now

Like I said, that is a little bit smaller than a lot of the main offerings like the Honda CRV and Toyota rav4

However, Chevy does finish it very nicely back here

So you do have a carpeted floor board and underneath of the floor. We do have a little bit more storage space

It actually goes all the way to the very back and it's probably eight inches deep

Now off to the side you will find the controls do fold the seats

So if you just grab these little low lovers and pull and they do fold nice and flat

Now over here on the passenger seat it is optionally eight-way power in the premier trim

while the other trims do have a four-way manually adjusting

Now in front of the passenger you do have nice materials and down below that you will find a good sized glovebox

it is nicely dampened and

Up top, we have a Sun Visor with integrated lights and a mirror and it does also detach and exit

Well guys that sums up all the rear areas of this Equinox

So now let's go ahead and get on the road and see how that 1.5 liter turbo performs

All right, so let's go ahead and talk about the powertrain options

Now this vehicle unlike a lot of the competition actually has three different engine options

so what we have is the base option, that's the most common configuration is a 1.5 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder making

170 horsepower and 203 pala feet of torque and it is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission

now Chevy also offers a more powerful 2 liter four-cylinder engine and that makes 252 horsepower and

260 to pound-feet of torque and is paired with a 9 speed automatic transmission

And finally, there is also a diesel model now. I've heard some rumors. It's a little unclear

What trims are going to be offered with the diesel this coming up here

they're going to be eliminating some different configurations of it and it's not been EPA rated or anything yet for 2020, but

as a that what we've probably at 1.6 liter turbo diesel making

136 horsepower and 236 pounds of torque and that's routed through a 6-speed automatic transmission as well as

Far as your fuel economy the 1.5 liter with front-wheel drive gets 26 City 31 highway 28 combined

the 2-liter front-wheel drive is 22 city 29 highway 25 combined and

Then like I already mentioned that diesel does not have ratings at this time

But anyways that is it for the powertrain information so let's go ahead and see how it works on the road

so upon initial acceleration there

The equinox feels pretty good. This is a you know, small displacement engine, even for the class you usually the engines are

naturally aspirated or

a larger turbo

But it certainly doesn't feel too weak or anything

Yeah, I think it feels kinda competitive it's you know, it's not the most powerful one in the class or anything like that

But you know, it feels pretty class competitive here in the space form

And if you don't find that acceptable then it is worth noting that Chevy does have the 2-liter option if you want that

And it even even though it does cost a little bit more, you know

You have that option and that will put it at the top of its class in terms of comfort

That's right. Chevy is pretty unique in that

That's certainly not been

So we're cruising down the highway here at 55 MPH

Very smooth and very quiet

This is a really loud road I know from personal experience no matter what you drive on this road, usually it

a lot more Road roar than

Typical roads give you but this is handling it well, it's still hushed in here

I feel like I have a conversation at a

normal speaking voice


Then I also don't hear any wind noise whatsoever

Yeah, and her rides really really comfortably too you know it almost felt like we were sitting still, you know, I'm driving 55

I've been around in that corner there

You could definitely tell the equinox is a more luxury minded option compared to some of the rivals


The steering is very light

but of course that is typical

And you have a little bit of body roll. Nothing too bad. I'm going to like make your passenger's for sick or anything

But just enough to keep things real nice and comfortable like we already said it does ride very well. I mean we're up to

55 again I mean, I'm really really comfortable the seats are nice, you know, and it's quiet

Just very smooth we're about to hit the bridge here. Just very little makes it into the cabin it's almost pretty

uncharacteristic for the class to be that smooth

It really it kind of feels like a bigger car

I guess a big way to put it if it rides like it's a bigger and heavier

Vehicle what a lot

So overall, this is definitely a pleasant driving vehicle

You know the I don't really know exactly what to say about it. And I think that is actually a compliment in this class


It's not an exciting vehicle to drive. Sure


In this class of vehicle what you're looking for is that comfort that everyday you

Know driving abilities so you can just get in it Drive be comfortable

Have a nice experience each time, you know, and I think it really does that. Well, there's no characteristic of this that

Like there's no fatal flaw I guess is what I'm trying to say. It does everything well with

The driving experience and should be very satisfactory

All righty, and now let's go ahead and discuss the pricing for the 2020 Chevy Equinox

so for your very base L model that's going to start at twenty three thousand eight hundred dollars and

All of these prices are for the one point five liter turbo engine and front-wheel drive configuration

Then you have the LS one rung above that and that's going to come in at twenty six thousand three hundred dollars

Which is up four hundred over last year?

then one more rung up on that is the LT for twenty seven thousand five hundred which is up three hundred dollars and

Then you have the premier which is the fully loaded model

Which is what we have and that's gonna start at thirty one thousand four hundred dollars

Was which is also up three hundred dollars over last year

now if you want to opt for that 2-liter engine

That's going to be around twenty five hundred dollars extra and all wheel drive is an extra charge on top of that as well

now as far as how this particular

Equinox is equipped

We do have the premier trim with the 1.5 liter engine and optional all-wheel drive, and we do also have several options

packages checked off. So we have the confidence and convenience to package for

1650 as well as the

infotainment package for eleven twenty five and

Then we have the destination charge which has been raised this year from nine. Ninety five to eleven ninety five

So the price for this one as equipped comes in at thirty six thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars

Which is pretty class competitive

but it is worth noting that if you want to get it fully loaded it is going to be quite a bit more expensive than

a lot of the rivals

As you can tell we don't have a moonroof or anything like that and that is going to be additional charges

And it can you know go well over forty thousand in the upper trams with the higher end engine

Well guys we've enjoyed watching this first in-depth look at the

2020 Chevy Equinox


Pleased at those items and scribe buttons if you haven't already and we'll catch you next time as a sample more of the latest automotive