2018 "Cheez-Int" Bowl Lowlights (9 Interceptions)

having extra time for those guys but for

TCU that was the whole central focus of

practice as this one goes down the

middle and intercepted Taylan Hawkins

was the only one who knew the ball was

thrown and ketchup it meets your chapter

the his friends resume that's what we

saw right there Sun bunting earlier

Macallan castles that time in a John

subject pet dog bite

turn it over for the first time rose


see you at Cal let's start player jaylen

rhaegar in motion he can throw back to

mule Stein where's this going

who knows the other way flags

Parkins second pick inside the 20


it was a good example of it but it

didn't go well for DC you all have

drivers on play action sceptic Nico


tell the boys boys

his defenses smell points tonight

I mean 23 a game for those guys Jill

Stein felt they he

gave away the pocket door across his



then interception in six

minutes and change voids the runoff but

burns at timeouts that was a very costly

move on that play as that ball is

intercepted by Jeb flattening 40 she

and lethargy leave some time for the



Jule Styne

with his legs he was in front of a line

of scrimmage

and dog

the touch percent walking distance


cheering four out of six games is

looking the wagon - Patrick layer forest

across his body into traffic and travel

and picked off another interception

burden Scott that time


third down poorest cuts it loose ever


too long Johnson 40c


to the 11 yard line pick number nine

for the win for TCU so and it's harder

than you