Know Your US Treasury Check Campaign. Economic Impact Payment Checks

hey everybody payments professor here

assisting with the known US Treasury

check campaign as all of you may already

know the economic impact payments have

been going out and we recently saw 82

million go out via ACH or electronically

like you would see a direct deposit go

now if Sanford checks to start being

distributed the Secret Service has

partnered with the Treasury Department

and they are working in an effort to

help individuals who did not receive

their stimulus payments checks be a

direct deposit to be able to identify

their checks as well as to also help

identify those fraudulent checks that

they say will inevitably start to appear

as well they have the know your us check

Treasury to campaign going and we're

gonna assist with that because in this

video we're gonna discuss the things to

look for in a check in how you can get

that check deposited into your bank or

credit union and even what to do if you

don't have a bank or credit union

account unfortunately in these

unfortunate times the criminals are

looking for ways to take your money so

whether you are an individual or a

financial institution there are some

things that you can use to identify

counterfeit US Treasury checks by

knowing what to look for and where to

look by going through the quick tips or

genuine security features that have been

made public by the Secret Service and US

Treasury if working together in the know

your check campaign one of the first

things has to do with the seal and what

we call bleeding ink the Treasury seal

if you look you will see a new seal to

the right of the Statue of Liberty this

seal it should say Bureau of the fiscal

service this new seal has replaced the

old seal that said Financial Management

Service the seal also has a feature

called bleeding eek that means that win

the seal to the right of the Statue of

Liberty gets moist or wet then the black

ink will run and it will turn red

we have the waterworks security feature

all US Treasury checks are printed on

watermark paper which will read u.s

Treasury it can be seen from both the

first in the back of the check when held

up to a light the check will also have a

protective ultraviolet or UV pattern

which is invisible to the naked eye if

put up to UV light expect to see the

u.s. seal of an eagle or this service

essential word this bulb servants not to

once all at work no uh null tree violet

overprinting that's what it's called

the protective ultraviolet or UV pattern

is invisible to the naked eye but can

also assisted the lines up at the MS

bracketed by the FMS seal on the left in

the US eagle on the right in 2013 though

a new ultraviolet pattern was introduced

into the check that says fiscal servants

now either one of the UV patterns we

just discussed may be seen according to

the know your campaign documentation be

on the lookout for either one of those

another very genuine security feature is

microprinting this means that located on

the back of the check you will find the


USA USA USA legitimate checks will also

have Micro printing on the back of the

check with the words

USA USA USA so that's what microprinting

is that's what's gonna be on the back of

legitimate checks


the economic impact a vacek's will also

count in the lower right side of the

Statue of Liberty imprinted on the check

that we read economic impact payment

president Donald J Trump yeah is there a

way that I can verify this check is


actually there is Treasury does have the

Treasury check verification application

this is an application that is available

on their website this is the web address

ok HTTP colon forward slash port slash T

C V a dot fiscal dot Treasury dot gov or

you can make life easier for yourself in

Google Treasury check verification

application just make sure it goes to a

Treasury gov website ok this site is

very helpful as it has information for

US Treasury checks that can be verified

provided that the financial institution

has a valid routing number a check

number and a check them out to check

against now if no issuer record is in

the check verification application the

TCB a it does not mean that check is


ok it does not mean that check is

invalid look for those other security

features we were talking about the

website also states to please note that

the TC VA was created as a tool to

assist in fraud detection you still need

a look for all those security features

that we've been talking about that will

be on a US Treasury check the Treasury

check verification application is

available from Monday at 6 a.m. through

Saturday at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time I

don't know if any exceptions have been

made for well having to go up the

pandemic and the release of these checks

but I know that that's what's advertised

on their website questions are coming up

though how can I get my paper check

deposited can still practice social

distancing I've been asked this question

a lot lately especially in some of the

media interviews that I've been doing it

is an answer that this one is well there

are really many answers one way is you

can use an ATM or an idea and

that interactive teller machine most

financial institutions do allow for

check deposits at an ATM or ITM but this

is the butt of this you will most likely

be touching the device and you'll have

to go out into the public or to the ATM

to be able to do this as out of all the

options was stepping up my recommended

option another option though is the

drive-thru window

that's the drive-through window and you

don't have to leave your car window and

you're able to make your deposit you can

also yes we have what's called our DC or

it won't deposit capture in the industry

it is the ability to deposit your check

by taking a picture of the front and

taking a picture of the bench and then

depositing electronically so I've taken

a selfie at the front and a selfie at

the back of your check and then posting

it to Instagram believe it's a picture

of the front of the check and picture

the back of the check and you're not

posting at Instagram don't don't ever do

that you're gonna actually securely send

it to your financial institution for

process most baking apps have this

feature you need to contact your

financial institution though if you want

to sure if it's available and they'll

let you know it's a very very easy

system to use again just take a picture

of the front of the check

sign then take a picture of the back of

the chamber in the app you'll be neither

into the deposit amount these to most

applications are things with the amount

and then you'll select the account which

you want it to be deposited to now where

do I get my way

that's the question always comes up the

funds will appear in your account very

soon as in a day or two after making the

puzzle but what you know it's very

possible that they can appear even

faster than that if you've got questions

about when the funds are going to become

available this is another situation

contact your financial institution

through a valid and secure means if

there are any problems or issues or if

you need to have the funds sooner I want

to stress the balloted secure means your

financial institution is not going to

text you they're not going to be sending

you email saying to do this and this

with your check call them go to their

website make sure you're calling valid

numbers okay and one last thing I want

to be able to point out too is what if I

don't have a bank account and they need

to be able to deposit or cash this

cheque well I actually do strongly

encourage you to reach out to your local

community bank or credit union and see

if they can help you because in some

cases they can't actually help you to

open an account via online channels or I

can do like we mentioned earlier and you

can make an appointment to go in and see

them every region every territory and

even in every town they might operate

slightly differently but I can tell you

this I know here in Tampa where I live

I've heard of and they've even seen

cases where the local banks and the

credit unions well they're going above

and they're going beyond the call of

duty to be able to help out and assist

their communities I also know that many

other community banks and credit unions

around the country are doing the exact

same thing they're there to be able to

help and serve you to be able to help

and serve their communities if there's

anything else we can do to help if

there's a topic you would like to have

discussed or addressed maybe you've got

a question it is always you can email me

Kevin at payments professor comm or you

can message me or CIN leave a comment

down below

and I will do all I can to be able to

get that information to you we are here

to serve you