How to Read a Check... Explained in 90 Seconds | How to | GBR

back before the days of cash and venmo

people use cheques and dinosaurs roll in

the land not quite but checks are still

a primary use of payment and it actually

blows my mind how many people don't know

how to read one properly but I've got

you and I'm gonna explain this in less

than 90 seconds in the top left corner

of the check you will find the name

address and sometimes even the phone

number of the check owner the purpose is

pretty clear so you know who this

money's coming from

on the right hand side you can find the

check number and below the date the

check was signed the name of the check

recipient goes on the line here we'll go

ahead and put my name for example

because my accounts looking pretty dry

hey the numerical amount is printed in

this convenient box on the right hand

side fun fact this is considered the

unofficial amount of the check the

purpose for this box is just a quick way

to glance at how much the check is worth

if the check is legitimate and the funds

exist the bank should use the amount

that is written out in words over here

the memo line below is used to indicate

to the cheque recipient what the money

is for I will say though someone wanted

to give me money with no explanation I

wouldn't ask questions now this bottom

line of numbers seems to be where people

find the most confusion what's what what

do these numbers mean the first nine

digits is your routing number which

indicates what bank this money is coming

from the second set of numbers typically

between eight to ten digits is your

account number which indicates from

which account the money is coming from

the third set of numbers is your check

number oh and friendly reminder bank

routing numbers are public information

but keep your account number safe to

prevent fraud the line to the right is

where the signature goes and now I have

a check to use to pay my cable bill just

joking it's fake go ahead and give this

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