Where is America's cheapest real estate?

if I told you you could buy a mansion

for $150,000 you probably not believe me

but it's possible in Youngstown Ohio

look Youngstown is one of those small

industrial cities that went through a

very bad recession after the steel mills

and automobile industry went south now a

19 room mansion in the historic district

on an acre of ground well-kept cost just

a hundred and fifty thousand dollars the

median home price in Youngstown is under

$55,000 that means half of all homes

sold in the first three months of the

year were sold for cost less than

$55,000 it is the least expensive

housing market in the country Ocala

Flordia what was over built during the

boom of the 2000s many of those newly

built or recently built homes are now

back on the market again that has

depressed prices and they're off by more

than half in the last few years you can

now buy a house like this for seventy

four thousand dollars three bedrooms two


and that's actually under the median

price for the city Decatur Illinois is

one of the what ten cheapest housing

markets in the country prices there

never got very bubbly during the housing

boom the median prices under $82,000 in

meeting that means half of all homes

sold there during the first three months

of the year sold for less than $82,000

as you can see filled with really nice

well-kept homes this one is on two acres

on the outskirts of town and this one is

only $95,000 yeah it's a bargain