Top 10 CHEAPEST Countries You MUST Travel in 2020

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and it's not very cheap which is why in

this video I wanted to share with you

guys my top 10 list of cheapest

countries to travel to in 2020 but first

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now to start things off with number one

is Porto Rico

Puerto Rico is absolutely incredible and

one of the best things about it is that

it is actually United States territories

so you don't need a passport it's the

same currency and even the same language

if you already travel it from North

America this is probably your best bets

you get your feet wet with traveling

from the food to the stays everything is

very cheap and affordable it's the only

thing I'd watch out for it is staying in

Old San Juan this will probably run you

out a bit more than anywhere else on the

island but el San Juan is a rights on

the ocean and has so much history to it

number two Vietnam now

Vietnam is one of the first places that

I solo backpacked and it's somewhere

that I cannot wait to go back in the

beginning of 2020 there are so many

undiscovered gems here and you can just

rent a motorbike and drive across the

whole entire country and have the trip

of a lifetime from the rice fields to

the mountains to the beaches Vietnam

offers it all at an affordable price my

good friends and fellow youtuber living

Bobby actually used to live here in

Vietnam and when I went to visit him I

understood why he moved there it is

insanely cheap insanely beautiful and a

summer that has so much culture and

delicious food I could really go for

some pho right now actually halong bay

which is one of the ancient wonders of

the world is a must-see and then also

one of my favorite places I went to was

kuchi and this is where there are secret

tunnels under grounds that the

Vietnamese used to use during the war as

you get to go underneath and try them

out for yourself just watch out for the

bats look up oh it is pretty cute it's

the first time I've ever seen a bat

now number three is the incredible



in the beginning of 2019

I spent a majority of my time in

Indonesia specifically Bali and Lombok

and also gili t it was the best time I

think I've ever had on a trip and some

of that I definitely recommend on going

back to in 2020 there is so much culture

here from Indonesia but also so many

expats and digital nomads that live here

in Bali or Indonesia in general is just

because it's so affordable and so

beautiful from the rice terraces to the

beaches Indonesia will definitely not

disappoint and if you are there in 2020

hit me up as I will definitely be back

there next up heading to South America

we have Peru now of course most of you

guys know about Machu Picchu and Lima

but I wanted to talk about somewhere

else that was one of my favorite places

I've ever been which is walk a China


walk Aegina is this oasis in the middle

of the desert we are in the middle of

nowhere / if right now no we're totally

somewhere it's the best place we could

possibly be we're in the middle of a

desert there's only about 100 residents

and then tourists that come through you

also can take a bus from Lima which is

about four or five hours and it's $20

but for first-class you have all the

legroom you need and even Wi-Fi America

give you this awesome blanket so much

like television public Dylan Collins


but if you are looking to escape and for

a cheap I do recommend huacachina as it

is such an incredible experience so just

be one with the desert and also get on a

soon buggy and I definitely recommend

doing the sand boarding




I feel like I'm saying that's just about

after everyone but one of my favorite

places I've ever been on the planet is

the Philippines and I feel like I'm

saying I'm gonna go back to all of them

because yes they are all amazing and the

Philippines is definitely one of them


from crystal blue water and the

beautiful beaches to the amazing people

of the Philippines this is a country you

must must see this is one of the most

affordable countries I've ever been to

whether you're flying to different

islands in the country or taking ferries

or even the cost of living the beaches

and Islands are absolutely beautiful but

what I love most about this place are

the Filipinos they are unlike any locals

I have ever met and just so welcoming

and really want you to enjoy your stay

in their country some of the most

genuine people I have ever met

shado told my Filipinos out there numero

seis Cappadocia Turkey now I went to

Turkey last year and the conversion rate

from the Turkish lira to the US dollar

was highly in the US Dollars favor going

there with the dollar you are definitely

in good hands

food accommodations even activities

throughout the country are very very

affordable and one of my favorite places

in Turkey is Cappadocia if you've never

heard of Cappadocia you've definitely

seen this before on Instagram this is

where there are hundreds of balloons

every single morning that take off over

the city


why I really like this place as well is

there's so much history the city is

filled with these caves that you can

even stay in for about 30 US dollars per

night I stayed in one of these cave

hotels which is one of the coolest

places I've ever stayed and for that


Cappadocia is absolutely beautiful and

makes for a great romantic getaway


now for lucky number seven I wanted to

pass it over to one of my good friends

hey Nadine who is an OG travel youtuber

and one of my favorite creators I will

leave a link to her channel down below

and I highly recommend checking her out

as she is always traveling around the

world what's up guys my name is Kenny

Dean and my pick for Chico it's gotta be

India now getting there can be a bit

pricey with flights but once you're

there all the local transportation

accommodation sites and sound and the

food we're all very very affordable +10

emissions foods delicious food is

delicious India




number eight Phuket Thailand


Thailand and Southeast Asia in general

are very affordable when you go to

Thailand you're most likely gonna head

down south to the islands and there are

some like ko Fifi and koufang gong which

are relatively expensive compared to the

rest of the island so I do recommend

going to Phuket

this is a massive Island so it makes it

easier to find affordable Airbnb and

hotels Phuket is one of those places

where you just need to rent a scooter

and go explore you will find hidden

beaches monkey hill the Big Buddha and

so much more also I hope that I'm saying

this right I think it's Phuket Phuket

Fox kid number 9 we have the Sahara

Desert in Morocco if you can tell when I

talked about Peru I love the desert

being from New York City I think that

going somewhere so remotes like a desert

to think is such a unique experience and

when I was traveling around Morocco last

year I spent about 150 dollars and

discovered a bus about 8 hours into the

middle of the desert

two nights stays a stay in the desert

where we got to ride camels and what

it's like to be out in the desert in the

middle of the night also a big tip if

you are going to Morocco do not bring a


I brought mine and I didn't get it back

I was able to bring it into the country

but then when I was leaving they were

scanning my bags found the drone and

they brought me into the police station

in the airport it was like a big scene

and they kept the drone and they said

they had a closet filled of other

tourists drones so if you go do not

bring a German now last but not least

this is definitely my favorite place

that I traveled to with in 2019 feel

like I've said that before in this video

but one of my favorite places I've been

to is meteora greece


and meteora and the north of Greece is

definitely way more affordable compared

to the islands if you are gonna go to

Greece you're gonna want to go to the

islands as well but be prepared to spend

a pretty penny but when I'd recommend

the most is Santorini we were able to

rent an ATV and just explore Greece has

such a magical touch to it and you will

definitely see some of the best sunsets

you have ever witness but on a more

affordable notes

netsy hora is somewhere that you have to

see this is really the hidden gem of

Greece when I went there were barely any

other tourists here and it was so

amazing to experience all of the history

that is here in Greece as it's one of

the oldest places on earth when you go I

do recommend as well getting a scooter

and riding up to the top of the


and make sure to go for sunrise the spot

that we're at is actually coined the

sunrise points and it is so nice and no

one else is here so we get to witness

and view this incredible masterpiece by

mother nature all to ourselves

and this is why we came to Greece the

islands were amazing or so beautiful to

see but this this is just unlike

anything else I have ever seen





so that's gonna be it for this video and

if there is another country or island or

city that you think that I've left out

and need to check out within 2020 please

comment it down below and we'll start

planning my trip and I didn't want to

say I hope you guys all have an amazing

new year and I look forward to creating

and traveling more and sharing more with

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