Top 10 Cheapest Places To Live in Florida

top ten cheapest places to live in


number ten Coral Gables located in the

southwest of downtown Miami this city

also harbors the University of Miami and

has a population of 49,000 631 people it

has a fascinating Mediterranean Revival

style of architecture it had special

significance during the World War two

because it dreamed and gave shelter to

many u.s. naval officers and mechanics

many portions of the film released in

1995 which was named fair game was shot

in this place


number nine the villages it is the

fastest-growing city in the United

States and had a population of 50 1442

according to the 2010 united states

census the area's initially belonged to

the business people Schwartz and Morse

and their descendants still have a major

hand in its development this has a very

less population of the young generation

who are below the age of 18


number eight Cape Coral founded in 1957

this city is located in the leak healthy

in Florida between Tampa and Miami it is

the largest city and is a principal town

because of its wonderful surplus

waterways it is also popularly known as

the waterfront Wonderland it was founded

in 1957 by the Gulf American corporation

and many celebrities were brought in to

make the place a popular City for living

according to the Forbes magazine it is

number nine in the top 25 cities to

retire in the United States list


number seven palm coast the most

populous city in the Flagler County this

city has a population of 75180 as of

2010 according to the united states

census its county has the highest rate

of growth in the population department

and as the city hit by the worst

unemployment rate during the recession

period of the united states dodged 6.9

percent was its unemployment rate during

the recession period number six

Sarasota located on the southwestern

coast of Florida this city is rich in

cultural and entertainment facilities

due to its wonderful location there is

no deficiency of hangout spots like

beaches resorts etc the famous Sarasota

School of Architecture is situated in

this city the Longboat Key which

separates Sarasota Bay with the Gulf is

the largest key in the world


number five Orlando located in Central

Florida this is the county seat of the

Orange County situated in the center of

the metropolitan area of Orlando it is

the 24th largest metropolitan area

having a population of two million three

hundred eighty seven thousand one

hundred thirty eight it is the third

largest metropolitan area in Florida the

fountain at Lake Ola is its state symbol

and it is nicknamed as the city



number four Kissimmee the population was

fifty nine thousand six hundred

eighty-two according to the US census

2010 and it falls under the Osceola

County of Florida it was initially named

Allendale but later became Kissimmee in

1883 which originates from the name


a red Indian name which denotes long

water it is a great place to retire as

it is cheap and has a great the network

of transportation facilities number

three Tampa the hillsborough county seat

of Florida Tampa is located on the west

coast of Florida on the Tampa Bay it had

many cultures earlier but after the

advent of the Spanish explorers during

the sixteenth century there were many

conflicts which resulted in the spread

of many diseases which in turn was the

reason behind the total wipeout of the

native cultures


number two Gainesville the largest city

in the Alachua County Florida it has a

population of 37,000 925 as of 2013 it

harbors the famous University of Florida

which has the nation's ninth largest

campus by enrollment National Geographic

declared Gainesville as one of the best

places to live and play in America but

was also declared as the fifth meanest

city in the United States by the

National Coalition for the homeless


number one Pompeii it is the most

populous city in the Brevard County of

Florida having a population of 100 3190

as of 2010 dot the first inhabitants of

these cities were the Tomorrow People

and its recent history began in the

1850s the tilman as the first European

settlers were called built their homes

along the turkey Creek