Zelda Breath Of The Wild Ceremonial Trident Location

hello everyone Johnny hurricane here

from gamers heroes calm and today I'm

going to go over how you can get the

ceremonial spear in the Zoras domain in

the Legend of Zelda breath of the wild

you get the spear before you do the

dungeon or after you do the dungeon or

whatever you know doesn't really matter

let's get started while you're in zora's

domain head out the left exit and then

jump off the bridge down to the ring

down below use your magnet and you can

see the spear right down there in the

water now to get it you're going to have

to use your little ice builder thing and

build a couple of pillars don't do it I

just did got away from the spawn the

brakes you go underneath them

and then use your magnet on the pillars

to pull the tried it up so you can get

it it's not super strong but it comes

with a perk that you can repair it so

once you get the spear you can bring it

to the guy in the item shop and he will

repair it for a Zora spear and splint

it's stronger than the Zora sphere not

quite as good as the light scale trident

but it's not terrible for a weapon you

can repair either and a three so you

know why not pick it up and like I said

before he will repair the ceremonial

tried it it'll also do the light scale

trident but that takes a lot more

resources alrighty that'll do it on how

to find the ceremonial trident in the

Legend of Zelda breath of the wild if

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