What is in the Middle of America?

welcome to the geographical center of

the United States


okay so right now we're going to the

geographic center of the United States

the very center of this country and this

is what it looks like exactly what you'd


take a look all right now we're about

three miles from



Wow alright so for some reason here at

the middle of the United States they

have this little chapel okay everybody

sit down

this is America this is a little of

America Wow so this is basically the

whole room right here so there's a

little Bible right here it's already

open to Psalms 118th purity the fruit of

the law keepers of God's law some free

crosses over here here take a look

better than I showed it three crosses

definitely need one of these


all right let's go take a look at the

rest of this place so interesting


all right I need a picture

so right now we're in Lebanon the

geographic center of the United States

and there's a little chapel over here

there isn't much here I guess a serious

anyway so there aren't that many things

here at the center of the United States

but they do have what is this called and

then they have a spot to picnic the

little chapel and a fire pit all right

just one more sign there's about five

Stein's in the geographical centers

saying it


so I just had this thing ever since I

was a little kid I just wanted to go to

a place like Kansas somewhere in the

middle of nowhere and I wanted to jump

on some hay

a rabbit a rabbit just ran away

Oh back to it we're just gonna go around

and show you everything that looks

interesting to us including the things

that aren't really probably that


let's park off the side of the road and

just thought we'd show you what a park

in Kansas looks like

the trees in canvas are something I've

never seen before

Orion doesn't happen so we saw this

really cool little gas station over here

so we just wanted to show you this

really quick we can


okay so we just had a turnaround because

we remember that we still didn't finish

getting her a shot of Alec's jumping on

the hey alright I gotta put these down


here we go

Instagram so I'm in Kansas standing next

to a big thing of hey

I had to do this while I was in Kansas

how many selfies do you have to take

with hey look at this thing

this is a grown-ass fedora talking about

they were too big


I don't even know what part of Kansas

were in right now but we just saw this

random hotel the story even go to





alright so we just got to Colby Kansas

so we really don't show you much of the

van that much even though we should

because a lot of you are probably

interested in the van because they're

interested in bin life so I just thought

we would show you a little bit of our

night routine in our dirty van it's

Sandra already in bed just acting like

she knows enough to do anything and I'd

love to get ready for bed

first brush my teeth and our sink is

really dirty but okay well never mind I

guess because Sandra doesn't really want

to show you guys the dirty van so I'm

not really gonna give you a tour of the

van right now so we're in Colby Kansas

and we'll have some more fun for you

tomorrow from Kansas



okay we're on our way to another famous

roadside attraction a really special one

this time in Kansas

it's another giant something okay we

just got to Goodland this is the town

okay we're almost there who knows where

our van will go


oh my god there it is yes

I'm so excited for this all right we're

standing next to possibly the largest

painting in the world reproduction of

Van Gogh's three sunflowers in a vase

and we're in Kansas