The EXACT Center of the United States of America!

all right y'all so welcome to south

dakota and this year we just pulled up


the geographic center of the united

states so i'm gonna go follow my family

in here

there's a little trail it's just out in

literally almost the middle of nowhere

and this little american this little

american flag

is the exact center point

of the entire united states you know

that includes alaska

hawaii all that good stuff well i mean

yeah just alaskan hawaii i guess so

we're gonna go walking up to it now

should be some sort of marker there



here it is the geographic center of the



okay i got your picture


yep here it is i am standing at the


center point of our nation right now

hello everybody


yep this is the exact center

of the united states like i said

oh yeah that was probably when they like


so my foot right now it is

both my feet actually are at the exact

center point of the entire united states

like if you drew just a big old square

that's where it would be

hello out there everybody hello

washington dc new york

orlando los angeles texas

sacramento seattle



there's another one there's another one

that's the continental us

uh but that's in like uh kansas or

something like that


blowing out here on the prairies wide

open range

not like the open range earlier this is

some other reference marker here i don't

know if this is the official spot or


if it is then there you go i'm standing

at the official center of the us but i

probably actually was doing that earlier


there's so little out here and yet this

is such a significant place

of course they've got 1959 because

that's when this became the center

point and um 1962 is when they actually

found where it was pretty darn cool if

you ask me

of course i'm just a geographer


my dad is not actually going to take a

whiz near the center of the united


he's not actually going to he's not

exactly one for public urination

all right guys so this is the sign right

out here it's just it's on old

us-85 even though i have no idea how a

dirt road could possibly have been old

us-85 but

what do i know anyway so they got this

little uh

cross made out of sticks here and a cool

little sign that says the true center of

the nation

so this isn't the actual center of the

uh although i was i was just saying that

to the camera

yeah so this isn't the actual center of

the united states but this is a little

touristy thing saying that it is very

close to the center

of the united states this is this plaque

says in 1959 following the admission of

alaska and hawaii to the union the u.s

coast and

geo geodetic survey officially

designated a point 20 miles north of

belfort south dakota

at the geographic center of the nation

andrew of alaska and hawaii estates

moved the site from its old position

in smith center kansas to butte county

south dakota

the u.s coast and geodetic survey

announced that the location of the new

center is the latitude 44 degrees

58 minutes north and longitude 103

degrees 46 minutes west

the south dakota department of state

historical society

department all right i'm gonna go look

over here

tribute to george freeman mortimer

friend of all south dakota 1999.

i don't know who that is so i got a

couple of

little war memorials here too

this historical log cabin built in 1876


buckskin johnny spalding cabin


here can i get a picture real quick i

can get one over your head


okay here we go so head on down here

look at this


geographic center of the nation even

though once again it's not actually

right here

it's uh very close




well what would that particular order be




hey montana

one two three four five seven eight nine

kentucky tennessee ohio


michigan arkansas came in together

take a look at it back here too


what's that oh

yeah so here it is that's not the actual

center of the nation but it's uh

it's a monument to it


i guess this was built by some dude

named but buckskin johnny i don't or

this was his cabin i don't know if he

built it

i don't know who that is but


johnny's spalding


i still don't know who that is you