Gta 5 cave locations- 3 caves -mountain cave!!!

what is this buddy eternal future today

with you long today guys we're gonna be

playing a little bit of gta5 guys now

I'm gonna be going over as you saw on

the title three different hidden

locations for actually hidden caves guys

now have not explored any of these that

way you guys can see them I just saw

YouTube video earlier and I thought I

would kind of you know show everybody

where it is so guys you can see we've

got the airport down here follow up this

highway over here to the right I'm not

the left one but over to the right where

you can see it splits off this is the

exact type Road I'm in this road guys

and this little crease right here guys

in the very crease of this right here

that is going to be where you're going

to want to go guys now let me see

alright yeah it's definitely a cave now

I don't think this is a big case it's

just this but it's still really cool in

disguise yeah it's just really really

cool that they added that more time you

guys can see it's right here I'm like

the edge of these rocks right here kind

of hidden back in here sorry about the

noise in the back sound about to shut my

door this is a capable one and I already

sure the location so you guys are able

to go see the location if you want to

come take the cape out for yourself just

one more time right there on the map

where you can see me flashing over there

to the right right here guys that is

where you would be on that so that is

capable one guys I hope you guys liked

this case if you do that like button

we're going to the next cave now so yeah

it's right here around the corner I'm

about to show you you guys were word

this is on the map before I'm able to go

in and check it out ah now see in this

cave before in a video but I didn't know

if it even existed or where it was but

I'm about to go and check it out and I

can show all you guys where the location

on this is as well guy you can see you

guys on this road that comes not the one

to the very left with the one right up

here guys follow this and you can see

it's like kind of like this swervy part

right here in the road all down here

guys you can see this is very long trail

it comes off to the side of this guy's

now the military base right up here guys

you've got the Vinewood sign right here

guys follow it straight over to the left

of the Vinewood sign and you will get

this guy's you can see welcome to the

case this is so gonna be the thumbnail

right here a lot to get a better shot so

yeah guys that is the second cave it's

pretty nice I'm gonna go over on the map

one more time guys you can see right

here like above all this where this left

road comes from this right one right

here go right here to reconsider squirt

sorry about that that's my phone

pretty probably should silence that line

if I'm trying to make a video but like I

was saying come to the left of this guy

so you can see like this thing right

here guys come straight to the left of

this guy's and you should end up right

on this road right here guys and then

there is one more cave which we're about

to go and explore guys so let's go and

do that exactly guys we are officially

at the the the third and final cave so

let's go and check this out guys

apparently it looks cooler at night than

it does in the day I don't really know

apparently there might be a like a boat

in here guys it's like a tiny little

cave here guys but it's basically just

like a little cove with a little bit of

rock over it but I thought this would be

cool for the third cave I don't I don't

really know anything about your ass but

this this is really really cool let's go

ahead and go over the location before I

go swimming out you can see guys the

place we explored earlier guys for the

first cave guys was right here guys keep

coming down the highway guys to where

these two highways coming together right

here guys you can see the swirly thing

up here on the map guys it's gonna be

straight down from there it's gonna be

like this little Cove thing guys or it's

you can see how there's all these crazy

roads right here just come straight to

the right of that um it's in this little

blue guy so I'll give you all of you

from Los Santos down here guys the two

highways that come together it's

straight over here to the right guys and

you've got yourself this a little bit

guys this is the part that's in the cove

if you were to turn the camera left a

little bit more it looked kind of like a

turkey I don't really know if she's

messing around it kind of does maybe a

little bit

actually looks kind like a chicken leg

let's go and drive this boat around

that's my phone again I promise you I'm

gonna remember to sign with that in the

next video

well maybe not probably not I don't

really know but you know I'll try okay

you know he's Gus so yeah that was the

case video guys where we explored three

very cool caves the first one which was

kind of just a cave that was very very

narrow that went just a few feet back

into a rock guys and I'm gonna go for

all three cave locations one more time

just so you guys can see so the first

one was right here guys at the side of

these two rows guys the second one was

right up here guys about right here

right here actually it's just about

where it was guys so that was the second

cave and finally for the third cave it

is right up there guys on this little

lot you know yeah I guess that's all of

the caves that we have to export your

day guys now I'm I end up making another

cave exploration exploration video if I

ever come across any more caves or

anything guys I did some research

looking around for those caves and it

was very simple because I watch like a

four-minute video and found all three

anyways guys i hope you guys knew it the

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