Catalina Wine Mixer

what do you want Brennan this is my

online poker time I'm just gonna come

out and say it I'm ready to take on the

Catalina Wine Mixer oh ho slow down

there Speed Racer I know what it entails

and I'm ready to nail it

I want it okay I want the Catalina Wine

Mixer yo-yo hey d-man tell him what's up

I did hey hey your brother wants a shot

at the Catalina Wine Mixer

I'm ready walking tall you think you're

ready to run with the Bulls I've been

earning and burning snapping necks and

cashing checks screw it let's let him do

it no it's a win-win for me because if

you [ __ ] up Brennan if you [ __ ] up yeah

I get to fire your ass but if you pull

it off I look like a genius to the board

ah okay I get it

look Brennan here's the thing it's the

Catalina [ __ ] Wine Mixer okay are you

saying pal are you saying ah it's the

biggest helicopter leasing event in the

Western Hemisphere since 1997 ah

what does it keep doing that I have to

sell or lease at least 80 choppers to

make my nut and you you mess with my nut

Brennan Randy here is gonna eat your

dick like kobayashi

huh seen him do it you've actually seen

him eat a man's penis who's in

international water so they couldn't

prosecute him but I saw it until you

right now I'll nail it I'll pull it off

okay wait I got what you want this so

bad Brennan are you trying to get mom

and dad back together or something why

do I want this yeah cuz I want to make

Bank bro I want to get ass I want to

drive a Range Rover okay well you better

Brennan this is a [ __ ] Catalina Wine

Mixer pepper