the 1975 movie Alice doesn't live here


was it be kept simple no surprise when

the television show Alice aired in 1976

however no one could have predicted the

show success will affect and the show

would successfully air until 1985 when

the final season ran hello and welcome

to another episode of how they changed

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listen to some interest in facts about

popular 80's TV show Alice


the show revolved around a character

named Alice played by Linda Lavin

whose husband had died in an accident

Ellison her son Tommy leave New York and

had to California in hopes that Alice

can make it as a professional singer

unfortunately they're running to a bit

of trouble along the way and Alice finds

herself taking job as a waitress mouse

Don in Arizona for girls in the late

seventies and early eighties Alice's

dong Tommy played by Philip McKellen

brother to Nancy McKeon effects of life

Fame offered much to admire only he had

more screen time


while working at Wells Donna and this

becomes close friends with Flo and Vera

two other waitresses eventually flew

left for spin-off series and a few other

characters came and went

the show's ratings went up and down and

then Beca sure didn't end you two laws

of a fanbase brother loss of interest on

the part of Linda Levin who felt that

the show had lived out its life the

series ended with Mel selling the diner

in Dallas becoming a singer in Nashville

everyone lived happily ever after


well the arm training any box activities

of Alice six episodes of the show were

recorded on two DVDs apart Warner

Brothers television favorite if you want

to see more than the six episodes from

the DVD anywhere under TV as Alice

episodes for free to all those who loved

Alice those who still doing those who

have yet to meet her the 80s were

definitely better because of her proving

that women could make it on their own

the series reflects the changes that

were taking place in America in the

mid-1970s as new single mothers entered

the workforce to support their children

and pursue their own goals it's also an

example how television introduced the

workplace as a replacement with the

idealized notion of what the traditional

family should look like



the actual restaurant building on which

the show is based is located at 1747 and

W Grant Avenue Phoenix Arizona its

company called pets family master it was

known as Mel's Diner from 1976 to 1985

uncle Earth's ground view still shows

the name is Mouse Donna in Alice doesn't

live here anymore 1974 movie the timing

was in tuckson Arizona but for the

series it was relocated to Phoenix and

as diners called Mountain Brook is

dining the first episode which was the

name of the time in Alice doesn't live

here anymore mode



Alice's husband was played as a violent

and abusive in Alice doesn't live here


on which the series space flashbacks

involving the husband and Alice's

conversations about him refer to him

being abusive no references to the

husband being a beautiful who made her

wearing the television show because it

was decided that this would animate the

viewers and detract from Alice's every

woman quality allegedly Linda Lavin had

trouble getting along with her co-stars

which is why Holly Holliday and Diane

Ladd laughter sure this is ironic

because people said the same thing about

Alice's sister series on Sunday nights

on CBS

one day at time only Franklin allegedly

had trouble getting along with some of

her co-stars - hysterically clangs

Coakley and Mary Louise Wilson and this

contributed to them leaving the show to




in the final episode entitled avatars or

Forks flashbacks reference and shows

actress Holly Holliday is her recurring

character Florence floor Jean

Castleberry however the show does not

show actress diane ladd as her recurring

character on the show band

dan Ladd of course portraited flaw in

the movie version Alice doesn't live

here anymore he was considered full

Academy Award for Best Supporting


and while the flashbacks showed Hornet

in her recurring role flaw

none of lab is her recurring role of

fella shown not even when they gave

private to the celebrities who portrayed

themselves on the show when they're

portrayed by Ladd he's a great thinking

audition for Jerry Reed this is never

explained in the movie it and that's

flow character town smelt kiss Mahajan

this was dangerous to race either for


so the chatter took KISSmetrics kiss my

grits quickly became the catchphrase for

that whole series these and its sister

shown CBS one day at a time were

considered by critics to be extremely

important shows both documenting and

promoting second-wave families in the



Alice doesn't live here anymore

was supposed to be an Oscar picot for

Alan Burstyn but of her success from The


it worked first to warn the Oscar in the

success of this movie fueled more

women's movies and television shows

including the series the film was a

critical smash down during an Oscar for

Alan Bernstein's performance in making

21 million worldwide the TV show was a

solid hit sitting in the top 30 for most

of its run in cornering a Golden Globe

Linda Levin's performance although he

was the very critical smash holiday was

in two movies while Alice was on the air

she was on the all President's Men and

gremlins in both movies she plays

antagonists to the hero along with other

famous television male characters like

Ralph Kramden from the honeymooners and

Archie Bunker on all in the family Mel

Sharples has an anger problem and is



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