GTA 5 Casino DLC $25,000,000 Spending Spree, Part 1! New GTA 5 Casino DLC Showcase!

what's up everybody typically

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more and today for you i have the brand

new gta

5 dlc this is the casino dlc where you


buy a penthouse in the casino you could

spend your money gambling in a way on

casino games you could

do a bunch of really cool stuff there's

going to be a bunch of new vehicles

missions all that stuff is going down

today this is going to be part one of

the spending spree

and sort of uh maneuvering through the

dlc here so make sure if you are new

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subscribe turn on those post

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you enjoy this so we are right on the

cusp of the casino dlc dropping it

should literally be dropping

any minute here uh two past the time i

think we're gonna go look at the trailer

real quick

maybe read some of the uh the the things

that are coming to the dlc

and uh just hang out and chat for a bit

see what you guys are most excited for

and to uh gear up i mean i got nine

million dollars i'm thinking i'm gonna

need 20

25 milli to do this so i'm gonna have to

get some more cash here eventually too

uh but but but all in good time here so

let's go ahead and let's start this by

this uh let me go ahead and can i make

this like

full screen or sorry windowed full


windowed borderless that's the wave

right there so we're gonna make it

windowed borderless real quick

let's keep that and then um i know you

guys can't see i know it's just my face

right now

and then we're gonna go ahead and go

over here perfect

let me put it back in over there and

then boom all right perfect so we can go

ahead and go over to the diamond casino

and resort grand opening

july 23rd ladies and gentlemen i hope

you guys are hyped for this let's watch

the trailer

i gotta mute the trailer though because

unfortunately it's got some copyright


so uh if you're wondering why you can't

hear the beautiful music of the trailer

uh it's for that reason that reason

alone i would love to play it but then


you know they get a bit mad at me if i

do that so i can't do all that so

let's maybe i can play really low i

don't know let's go ahead and watch it

though let's go

i'm just going to commentate over it i

think that would be oh gosh

i hit the wrong button oh gosh well okay


i panicked there finally opened for

business diamond casino look at that we


jacuzzis you got your own penthouse you

only got your own suite over there

you got some i think that was he was

playing some poker

you got some missions that guy was from

the story line

and then that's that's bruce over there

spin the wheel you got some arcade games

some casino floor games i'm excited for

these uh gta 5's

oh there's horse racing there's freaking

horse racing

there that's the new car that's one of

the new cars i think that's bugatti

and then uh there's at least three new

cars that we know of so

that's pretty neat and uh it looks like

there there to be some

some interesting missions uh coming

through over here so

look oh champagne oh the hunter

helicopter that's nice

rooftop i'm curious if people around in

the lobby could see that

um that would be pretty interesting so

uh let's go ahead and read some

uh of the

okay so it's available on xbox one so

far it's not available on pc yet i don't


so we're gonna keep our eye on it all

right uh but we got experience

excellence the diamond casino and resort

opens for your enjoyment in the heart of

los santos

this tuesday july 23rd today right now

uh this massive construction project on

the corner of vinewood park drive and

mirror park boulevard is nearing


drastically radically changing the

skyline of los santos forevers

when the brand new diamond casino resort

opens its doors

one and all are welcome inside to play

or just to stay in the most luxurious

residence of the entire state

more than just a place to let go of your

inhibitions and your sense of the

passage of time

the diamond is the one-stop destination

for quality entertainment

high-end living and a range of

experiences you won't

find elsewhere so people are saying it's

out on ps4 it's out on

xbox is it out on pc let's see okay

okay this is what we're gonna do we're

actually gonna leave our game

let me go full face

restart your console i don't know if it

should be starting yet

i don't know yet

we're gonna should we reload i know it's

out on the consoles yes

we're gonna give it a second we're gonna

give it a second see if it it comes out

on um

pc yet so um the casino if you're

looking to dive into the action the

casino floor has a selection of

activities to enjoy

play against the house using chips and

three card poker blackjack and roulette

slot machines with a variety of prizes

are also at your fingertips while inside

track offers the lounge to watch and

cheer along friends

as the drama of virtual horse racing

unfolds spin the lucky wheel in the

lobby for chips cash and clothing or

even the new trophate

thrax supercar that can be found

whirling on the podium during opening


and be sure to check back each week to

see the new high-end vehicle that can be


check rockstar support for details and

limitations guests looking to push the

limits of high end resort fashion can

also choose from the carefully

curated rotation of new clothing and


in the casino store and then you got the

penthouse you got twitch prime

apparently you can get a couple of free


and then stay tuned as well and then if

you go to the website here you actually

get like a full

kind of a rundown of what's going on

over here as

soon as it loads y'all breaking the site

y'all breaking the site

let's see will it kick me out if it's on

pc is it out on pc now

i don't think it's out on pc yet let me

let me try let me try it real quick

so um let me hop off the game

if it's out on pc then it's out on pc

then we're gonna

load this bad boy up that's what we're

gonna do man it's been a minute since


one was last spending spree was that

after hours

may have been after hours

it may have very well been after us okay

uh gta 5

how do you i don't think you can make an

update go on steam can you

i feel like you got like a reopen steam


okay let me let me just reopen steam

real quick i know you could just see my

face but

give me a second here steam

i'm excited man i'm excited for this

thing to get going

all right no it doesn't seem like i got

an update yet

i've played two thousand three hours of

gta 5

can you guys respect that look at that i

love how

i love how the the screenshot of gta 5

for me

is a modded screenshot one that i took

of hitman dragging

the aging guy that's great

um but i think we just gotta wait

you update history

drop the patch drop the patch oh

oh they dropped these little notes here

oh interesting

all right i don't think this is what the

heck is this bro that ain't gta v

bro what the what the heck what the heck

i know it's an actual update we just

gotta wait for it to happen here

all right let's read the pen out so it's

just sitting atop the diamonds and oasis

of luxury

for those shopping for a lavish piece or

just a feature laid in property in which

to entertain friends the master pen

house that sits beside the roof terrace

with infinity pool and stunning views

entitles the owner to vip membership


including access to vip lounges high

limit tables plus a range of special

services via the penthouse phone

including aircraft and limousine

services and more does this not

sound insane to you guys already this

sounds freaking nuts

sounds freaking nuts i'm telling you

i might have to restart my pc here


not i still i think it'll start updating

when it's ready on pc

let me start your pc or something i mean

i could try restarting my pc should i


trying to start in the pc drop the patch


north drop the patch um let me keep

reading here though

so renovate your residences with several

upgradable floor plans including a

private spa with around the clock

personal stylist a bar a party area

perfect for hosting raging member


and featuring private retro arcade games

in a media room to enjoy

games of don't cross the line

contemporary vinewood cinema like


and the loneliest robot in great britain

as an owner you can select the

penthouse's color palette

and patterns and cement a place among

the los santos nouveau riche

with a range of modern art from the

casino store from refined

portraiture to pop art and daring on

modern sculptures

that can all be moved in place around

your property oh snap bro

they're going all sims on us huh they're

going all sims on us that's what they're


that's what they're doing um and then

with the master

with a master penthouse you'll also

become a member of the diamond family

and the family business needs your

attention help property owner

tau chang and the diamond staff protect

their investment from the clutches of a

corrupt family of texan

petrochemical magnets in a series of all

new cooperative missions each mission

pays out special awards for first time


and hosting the entire story thread will

reward you with a highly coveted

brand new vehicle free of charge ooh you

can also pick up additional work

and odd jobs to earn extra cash and

chips with a quick phone call to the

diamonds head of operations

agatha baker agatha

baker all right i'm uh

how fast your wi-fi my internet will

download this update

sooner than you could blink okay it'll

be so fast

you won't even see what hits you all

right so if you're watching this and

you're hyped for the casino dlc it's

going down

in just a second do be sure to hit that

like button but most importantly

i'm sure all of you are subscribed to it

if you're not subscribed

hit that subscribe button real quick all

right why doesn't this

one page in particular work

give me a second here oh well there we

go okay i'm gonna start my pc real quick

what you're seeing is my face it's mine

it's pretty unique

and i like it hope you guys like it too

what you've seen also is my hat

which you can cop a typical dot store

just dropped pretty recently

the gaming glasses are on too i mean

some of you might not

have might not have watched me in a

serious minute

these are now for sale this is for sale

this is just normal black sherbet pants

but pants be for sale as well

actually i think we're sold out of those

if it's so fast why do you get 40 ping


bam that guy chat members

all right our pc is loaded back up

let's go ahead and go to steam steam's

gotta do its thing a little faster you


how come these xboxes and these ps4

people get the update first it's silly

it's cause they because they know we we

it's silly man

that means you played 83 days of gta 5.

i've played gta 5 for serious minute

then huh

all right i'll show you guys i still

don't need nothing

still nothing for pc

still no update for pc it will be soon

everybody calm down

calm down all right what are you most

excited for in the gta 5

casino dlc update we got a bunch of new

members here by the way tim gooser

name taken roddy nunes joshie boy gaming

legends easy and chloe carr shout out to

all of you guys for becoming members

welcome to elite enjoy those emotes if

you wanna join as well

link in the description below a bunch of

super chats in here as well

i'm ready i'm i'm ready update required

not cued

very interesting green hill has an

update i gotta play green hell again

what happened to dying light bad blood

raft tabs all right let's go to this

website here

as uh the pc update should be live in a


should be live in a second i think

she'll be live any second now um a

luxury casino resort in the heart of

vinewood you've heard the rumors you

want to believe them

and there's only one way to find out

abandon your preconceptions

let go of your inhibitions your doubts

your sense of proportion

your credit rating the rumors didn't

begin to do just do it justice welcome

to the diamond grand opening

july 23rd look at the membership

oh look at that garage damn huh that's a

nice garage parking garage

very interesting valet you can valet

your car

champagne service helicopter air

aircraft concierge we got a cleaning

service here

what else do we got here limousine


members party

vip lounge jeez high

limit tables i think we're going to stay

off the high limit tables man

actually maybe we just go right in and

do a high limit table you guys think i

care about my money in gta 5

oh god i do

pc update you sleeping what's going on

the penthouses oh look at that bedroom

where's your los santos hat bro that hat

is so old now

i should probably wear it though right

but come on this hat's kind of killer

we got right when i said that you could

become a member uh we got jesus pays

bilbo baggins oz

and salty gamer four new members just

like that just like

thanos snapped them into existence

the update should be any second ps4 and

xbox one have received the update


which means at any moment pc will

receive the update

all right apparently the update is now

live on pc

i don't know how to do it if i click on

the game uh

i chill chill chill is it gonna go

update update


update no just log me in it needs to

update first what are you doing

okay i gotta restart my pc go pc restart

it's tough out here man

at least you you're not launching it

through the rockstar app i've

i've never done that but i feel your

pain let me tell you i've never done

that but i feel your pain

we go again we go again

tg i've been watching for three years

really enjoy your streams that's what's

up man

appreciate you it's downloading now on

steam my steam's always had

issues i voice have to like restart my

entire pc to get to work so

i'm restarting it right now

oh okay all right here we go it's

loading back up

i'm excited about excite are you guys


ow miku cut my hand my wrist

and it really hurts miku is a savage can

we just

i just want everybody to know my cat

miku is literally a savage

you can tell when my pc loads up i got

that light in my eye all right

oh my gosh update cued oh okay here we


it's freaking cold

that's a lie it says 59 minutes that's a


quite simply a lie it's allocating disk


disk space

my internet's really fast though guys

promise i promise

prommy i promise you i got

18 gigabytes down internet

what i just said wasn't true but that'd

be nice right

two minutes what i tell you guys then

i'll snap into existence

can we get some freaking hype does your

drink taste good

if by drink you mean water and a giant

jug yes it tastes delicious

holy [ __ ] look at my internet

y'all do you see this by the way i've

never said the word y'all until like


i noticed how much noah said it because

he's from texas and now i just say y'all

all the time

and like i kind of like it not gonna lie

so i'll just say y'all now

thought i was playing huh y'all thought

i was playing with the internet huh easy


easy claps

where's that chug jug you're drinking up

this is a two liter

water bottle because your boy is not


at going to the the kitchen and keep

getting water bottles so he needs a

giant two liter water bottle

and every every day i drink one so i

know i'm properly hydrated

you guys should be hydrated too alright

wired or wireless it's wired internet


it's freaking wired internet dog all

right we got 11 seconds before we pop up

in this


i see y'all too much and i'm british you

know what ellie

i'm canadian i don't think canadians are

supposed to say y'all

i don't think it matters i think i can

just load why is there goku

goku is now at the back of my wallpaper

for this game

all right we're loading it up low gta 5.

all right a little normal i'm just gonna

put a full face because

sometimes gta does weird stuff when you

start up martin howe and drugs thank you

both for becoming members welcome to

lead enjoy those emotes if you want to

join as well

link in the description below all right

we're done downloading we're going in

we're going in i feel sorry for my

neighbors i feel like bro that guy's

still awake wherever that guy is

i'm looking at him bro is he playing gta

5 oh he's playing something

bro he's he's got two tvs beside each

other i think he's playing some co-op


i'm gonna put up stickers be like

where's my invite

where's my invite okay i'm my head i'm

hit story mode first

oh there we go let's get it

let's hit story mode first we're gonna

turn it to full screen

and then we're gonna go to multiplayer


can we get some hype in chat you guys

are cr we're already at 4


who's awake at this time y'all are nuts

if you're watching this after the fact i

love you too but these people are


if you're new around here hit that

subscribe button again i wanna do a

bunch of streams today maybe

three four five i think youtube stops

notifying you after i do three streams

in one day

unless you subscribe and turn on post

notifications i'm pretty sure that's how

it works so make sure you subscribe and

turn on those post notifications or else

you ain't going to get nothing you can


why do you hate gta54 why you be like

that and i'll be like bro

uh unfortunately i don't hate gta 5.

wait no

fortunately i don't hate your gta 5.

youtube just doesn't want me to stream

eight times in a day

all right play gta online let's go

private session because i know y'all are

gonna grief me if i go public

let's get to it huh let's go buy

ourselves a casino

it is currently 2 23 a.m i have not


a stream right before this in fortnight

i don't know if you guys are fans of

that or not but i did stream it it was

pretty fun

and now i'm ready to do some gta 5. i'll

probably do another stream

after this before going to sleep

shout out to all my australian peeps on

my new zealanders all my uk friends

i see you guys in chat you guys are

hyping oh my

how are we at 6 000 likes before

anything has been shown on screen

you guys are making me blush internally

tg og as always oh shucks

i think i'm gonna rock this hat like

permanently i love it

i'm so happy with it if you guys want to

cop one or the gaming glasses typical

die store you know what it is

as soon as i load in yo can i be real

with you gta 5

i love you so much when gta 6 rolls


if i have to stare at the clouds one

more freaking time when i'm loading i'm

about to make freaking lose it all right

all right we're loading it

what the heck oh announcing the grand

opening of the diamond casino and resort

play around escape the ordinary an

exclusive luxury adult playground with

limitless indulgences binge and give in

to temptation

in our vip casino play table games

slot machines bet on horses

spin the lucky wheel to win prizes or a

new luxury car

depraved nightline want that car luxury


or relax on the roof terrace and swing

by the hot tubs and infinity pool

the party doesn't have to stop spend

your money sensibly by purchasing a

luxury penthouse

sensibly guest bedrooms home theater

bar this bumps dude this bumps

penthouse owners can play high limit

tables and chill in the vip lounge with

other people of a certain caliber

give in to your whims and desires and an

experience you'll

never forget until you do private oh my


everyone's on the floor the most

exclusive casino in san andreas

the diamond casino and resort play


let's get it baby let's go

is that the first time they've ever oh

my gosh i'm right here

ladies and gentlemen welcome to

the diamond casino and resorts

holy moly they have added a completely

new building into gta 5

and it's beautiful it's it's freaking


look at this thing all right we got to

go inside i don't have a car

oh i do have a car can i like drop that


noah screw it we're just gonna walk

inside all right we're going in

cry thank you thank you

thank you he opens the door and closes


that's how you know you're at a

five-star casino

okay oh welcome to the diamond

feel free to come in and have a good

time and of course members get access to

all the facilities very good

vincent very good you managed not to

frighten them away this time

wonderful we are making progress right

this way sir welcome

welcome to the diamond casino spa and

resort we are finally

open for business i'm tom connors

executive director of guest services

unfortunately as vincent mentioned we

are a membership-only establishment as

far as our facilities are concerned

regulation for now membership dues are

very reasonable and purchasable at

reception or on our website if that's

more your thing

ah champagne i'll take those uh let me

show you

around oh boss miss baker

i'd like you to meet a prospective

member and this

is miss agatha baker our general manager

thank you tom

good to meet you enjoy your time with us

tom are you gonna give them a little

tour of the resort

of course madam oh and uh um so far

no sign of the texans i should hope not


let's talk another time okay so come

with me

i was not subtle my dudes where i

normally work if you come

see me i will help you get the most out

of our facilities especially for all our

vip members

okay here is our bar area the solitaire

that's our head bar woman josephine hey


tom hi this is our casino floor we have

all the usual games blackjack roulette

three card poker slot machines and

inside track horse racing

now if you're interested in the real vip


you can purchase one of our exclusive

penthouse condominiums

we're talking black card premium grade

utterly unique luxury and a remarkable

home for you

and your loved ones and of course on the

floor bonuses and opportunities

like free champagne and that concludes

our tour

if you're interested all the details are

up on the website

it really is a wonderful place to relax

and entertain

i hope to see you again soon you know

where to find me

thanks man all right sweet

oh a standard guest membership can be

purchased from guest services this

will allow you to play some table games

slot machines inside track and lucky


press q to buy now for 500.

purchase a penthouse from the diamond

casino resort to get a free vip


this gives you access to high limit

table games and other additional

services this

is nuts oh look this is the new car chat

this is the new freaking car that looks


cool chips can be acquired from the

cashier these are required for the games

and buying them in the casino store a uh

or buying items at the casino store a

visitor bonus of free chips can also be

collected from the cashier

each day dude

that is such a nice car

look at that okay i want to spin this

wheel how do i spin the wheel

can i i can win the car on the wheel

look free vehicle

i can win fifty thousand dollars twenty

thousand dollars discounts

rp clothing mystery item or the vehicle

all right chat that's it are we winning

this car or what

i'm going for it if i get the car i'm


frickin lose it all right here we go

here goes nothing

spin the wheel for free price once per

day and get a prize prize odds

podium vehicle 1 in 20 vehicle discount


mystery one in 20 clothing 4 and 20

chips 4 and 20 cash 4 and 20.

rp 5 and 20. all right to continue


press s to spin take in the big city by

storm car game

25 000 i got 25 000 chips that's pretty


i got 30 000 chips now that's not bad


i mean it was no car i didn't get the


okay so we had a lot to do here we got a

lot to do here and again this will be

the only stream today so if you're

watching enjoy this you want to see more

hit subscribe and turn on suppose

notifications like this video let's

start it

let's go so let's go to our phone and

real quick before we buy the penthouse

i just want to see travel and transport

let's just see oh my gosh

okay so we got four new vehicles here

all right this is the one on the podium

two if i won that i would have mick


lost it 2.325 million

dollars look at this thing okay we're

gonna buy it anyway because i mean like

we're doing a spending spree but

damn there's also the innis paragon

it looks like a bentley of some sorts

then we got the uh

ns s 80 rr holy shoot this looks like a

like an old f1 car and then we got the


8f drafter really cool and there's

probably some more cars like

i don't think there's any in the arena

war one but maybe like

is there a new plane no new planes

benny's autos oh

i can't tell if this knew if i just

never did it i probably just never did

it oh


oh yeah yeah this i just never did that

well i did some of those

uh let me just see real quick we're

stock cash and carry

and then let's just see southern san

andreas okay so there is a few

there's two new ones there's vapid


that's a nice truck i don't know enough

trucks i don't know

know enough about trucks that say what

kind of truck this is in real life

i'm just gonna go ahead and say it's a

raptor but it's not and then we also got

jeez look at this a weenie issy sport

that's like a jack mini cooper

alright so what you have all been

waiting for

ladies and gentlemen the diamond casino

resort website newly opened

this is beautiful beautiful website look

at this set waypoint more info on the


you can go through and look at

everything we saw this on the website

essentially though

all right the penthouses oh

do you guys see the price of the second

one build your own

there's also the high roller this is the

kind of player who

needs to make only one bet all in

then there's the crash pad and the party


oh you can look at floor plans let's

look at floor plans

bro what the heck how big is your house

that's nice it is a rap a ford raptor

see i'm smart guy sometimes

okay i think we're gonna build our own

there's so much i think high roller has

everything in it though

all right we're gonna build our own

we're gonna build our own let's go to


begin all right so it's not just a

palace it's your palace if you want a

private spy you

can have it media room consider it done

have your own bar and party hub

private dealer and office just say the

word diamond

all right so locked until lounge is


so let's do a lounge area so

your lounge area features a bar and

dining facilities as standard and

enables you to add five other expansions

to your suites

holy shoot so you can see over here

if you guys haven't noticed like on this

right hand side

this is a picture of the

casino the floor plan looks kind of

funny when you're really looking at it

but um you can see it right here just

the optional extras

when i buy this this room is now

unlocked i don't know if you buy it

like if you don't buy it now if you can

buy it later but you can see over here

the price is going up

i know my face covers some of it but

right now it's 1.9 million

so uh we got media room never again you

will have to suppress your gag reflex as

you rub your shoulders with the general

public in the cinema in addition you'll


you'll be free to enjoy don't cross the

line and big screen with friends so we

we just got a big screen

lounge area is 400 000 the cinema room

was 500

spa a private spa six hundred thousand

dollars your private spa comes with the

around the clock personal stylist and a

hot tub infused with the extract of job

jojoba jojoba

and just i can't read that and something


bar and party up 700

000 why go to a nightclub when a

nightclub can come to you the most

exclusive venue in town is the one where

you were in charge

of the guest list two exclusive arcade

games come as standard with a choice

of two styles so there's this style and

there's this style

so it's kind of like the old arcades or

this futuristic

arcade look

uh i'm gonna go with the ultra modern

and then we got a private dealer private

table for blackjack and three card poker

with the best view

and the most deferential group here in

town so that's

one million dollars to add a private

dealer to it

oh my gosh


office sometimes you need to take care

of business and there's no reason you

should have to leave the lap of luxury

to do it all of our offices come with a

gun locker and a hidden safe as standard

that's two hundred thousand dollars

extra bedroom

we all have that one friend and with

this expansion they'll have somewhere to

crash that isn't your bidet

with access to their personal wardrobe

they won't have to keep borrowing your

clothes that's an extra 200 000

and then finally the last thing that we

can cop here is a garage home just

doesn't have to feel like home unless

you have 10 hyper cars in a well guarded


900 000 dollars

we're at 6 million dollars

that's 4.5 million dollars alone on the

floor plan

let's go colors so this one's free

this one's 215 000 this one's 258

thousand dollars

oh my gosh i mean timeless looks pretty

good i think you can always change these


vibrant's cool but we're gonna go with


get the sharp vibe next let's go to


so these are all the patterns that you

could have throughout

and as you can see they get more and

more expensive i know it's a little hard

for you to see probably

but the the patterns are definitely


as you go through wow

that gets really expensive

i guess we got i mean we're going to go

most expensive 210

000 all right 6.533

million dollars we get our

casino penthouse with a master penthouse

a garage an extra bedroom a lounge area

a media room bar and party hub

spa private dealer and an office 6.533

million dollars

gotta have it all man bye now boom

purchase successful set home let's go


there you go all right we bought it

enter the elevator to see your new


all right let's go see it are you guys

as hyped as me

i really hope you guys are as hyped as

me oh look this is the um

okay no okay so this is exclusive okay

we're gonna check this out after

oh can i buy that

you can like buy art they said so anyway

let's get let's get to it

people are mick freaking losing it here

oh there's like an information desk

that's the exit

sweet this is the elevator i bought one

can you give me some more chips

um membership level owned

vip so i get limousine services cleaning


aircraft concierge and valet services

very nice i like that

all right let's go up let's go to our

oh we can go everywhere let's go to the


but let's go to the penthouse

oh oh

dude my guy's balling oh that's

wonderful nice to see you again

hello miss baker hello tom boss

do you need any help with with mr chang

perhaps no

tom that'll be all uh maybe some


good idea why not so listen um

if you need any advice about well

anything but in particular business here

tom's the person to speak to and always

happy to oblige

this truly is a happy day i must show

you around your new home

miss baker are you sure i can't help

with the mr

you know maybe that would be a good idea

oh my gosh


he's totally [ __ ] like a melon i mean

the job stresses this is mr chang

our our owner mr chang oh boy

good news sir is we have sold the

penthouse to this lucky man

rehab has not worked out so well


his uncle there's a lot of pressure

well people isn't this a happy day

i love new friends i had another

aggressive call from the texans from

avery duggan

he said you've been pretty rude the

takeover is turning hostile

let's have this champagne

with a karaoke machine

oh my god

mr chang said he's very sorry but he's

under a lot of stress

he didn't say that at all but he meant

it whatever

avery duggan is not a nice man this

won't be good for business

if he's serious he's not above


oh that's gonna be fun missions

his uncle is a cowon murderer who's made

it clear he will kill all of us if this

place fails and brings disgrace to his

privileged nephew but that isn't the

serious problem the real problem is

avery duggan yes

the texans who's realized we're [ __ ]

and is putting all kinds of heat on us

to sell at knock down prices

after he's destroyed this place and your

apartment and my career in the process

anyway welcome to your new home i've got

to go

well if you need anything at all you

know where to find me

okay he just

that's really the first thing i hear on


like i got a freaking hamster wheel in

my house

where do i even okay so when you enter

my house

ladies and gentlemen this is

the door you come in you can go to the

roof terrace over there or you could

mrs baker will be in touch soon okay you

can make a left or a right

we're gonna make a left i didn't take a

look at the floor plan

i think if we go over here you can kind

of see the floor plan

um there's a oh my god

it is huge all right you know let's go

this way first

actually we're gonna go this way first

all right so

in your in your penthouse you have phone

services and you can go ahead

and call them for

tom connor's here how can i help you sir

you can acquire chips

select the number chips you'd like to

acquire what

can i acquire it

is there anything i can do fifty


chips please it's cost 50 000

okay so each chip is a dollar certainly

about 50

000 chips okay so you can have a members

party for 20 000

champagne service order bottle champagne

to your penthouse to add to your


champagne of course coming right up

all right sweet so we got champagne

ordered to the room

oh wow nice little cinematic too

thank you i appreciate that

look at that champagne has been added to

your inventory set this as your action

via the style section of the interaction


action so there should be champagne


is it just called champagne oh drink

champagne look press double or tap to

hold a quick

to perform the action

oh my goodness okay

all righty then okay wow

well there's that okay so i think this

is the second bedroom here where you

could change clothes

i think yeah this is the second bedroom

here oh my goodness

this place balls what the heck is this

drinks vodka i love these doors

these doors are dope that's a beautiful

shower okay

let's go through here oh never mind

that's the toilet okay so this is the

second bedroom

if you guys come chill at my place you

can sleep here

going through here oh hello this is

agatha the casino and resort manager

again look i tried to explain this in

your penthouse but

here it is the diamond may look brand

new and sparkling but

it's actually in trouble the rebuild

went way over budget

and the chiang's had to refinance the

new debt came from these texans

the duggans and now they want to take

over completely

they're a multinational with interests

in oil and gas

security services and gambling

and if they buy us they will strip out

everything they can

every contract will be undercut

including your ownership of the


that's not good if you want to help us

get out of this come see me in my office

by table games

there has been a development if you do


and this works out positively there

could be a significant dividend in it

for you

okay all right sweet okay so we're gonna

we're gonna quickly go through this this

is just a living room

i think this is the master bedroom you

got this bathroom here

pretty freaking sweet so um we got that

the other side we're gonna buy the cars

now you guys ready for this

we should already buy one go should we

already buy one car ready to go

all right since i didn't win it hold on

since i didn't win the car

let's go ahead and buy the trophy

thrax 2.325

million dollars forget unitary

construction put your

mono back in your pants the rolling

chassis is back it's making sweet

alrighty don't worry if you don't

understand any of that

just take the corners hard and you feel

the future trust us so let's get it in a


red and order that i have insufficient


okay you could see how this spending


it's gonna cost a lot of money and to

get that money your boy

is gonna have to spend some real money

you're gonna have to give me one second


is uh your boy's gonna have to go ahead

and buy some stuff

in the meantime if you're watching and

enjoying this dude be sure to hit that

like button

subscribe if you are new again i'm gonna

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action make sure you subscribe

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smacking that bell

all right just do that real quick

especially do it now so you don't forget

all right i'm gonna authorize it boom

we should have extra money now

boom boom let's go back all right boom

the money is in the bank you boys got 10

million dollars now

10 milli let's go ahead and go to


legendary motorsport the trophy thrax


order and let's go ahead and put that in

our casino penthouse garage why don't we

boom 2.32 million

dollars all right should we should we

buy the other cars too while we're at it

should we just line them up in our


because we're freaking rich

what do you guys think let's go with the

this stuff is expensive let's go with

the anise s80

rr 2.575

million dollars let's go ahead and get

that in a nice little blue

let's get that in our garage as well


easy peasy lemon squeezy

all right let's go ahead and buy the

the obey eight drafter let's do it in a


nice black all black everything

but then the casino penthouse garage as

well we just spent

so much money we just spent so much


all right and then finally the last one

from legendary motorsports is going to

be the ns paragon

r we're going to go ahead and cop that

as well let's see let's get in the green

like it is

let's get that there as well and then

you know what

we ain't done yet nah uh nah uh uh

let's go over to southern san andreas

autos and we're gonna go ahead and buy

the ford raptor in blue because blue

looks real nice

this is technically a pickup truck in

the same way that a machete could

technically be used in self-defense and

if you so much as mentioned his six


machine gun toad and big brother the

karakata is going to defend itself

all over your mangled corpse you have

been warmed

warned i can't can't speak english


all right let's cop that now let's go

ahead and get the

winnie issie underneath this hipster

sheikh you always suspect the issy had a

bad case of small car syndrome

well now the flat whites and ironic

power pop

are out the roll cage carbon fiber

interior and turbocharged

four-cylinder are in just don't mention

it tight

let's get that in the nice uh sure let's

go with the

let's go with the let's go with the pink

or whatever we're gonna change the color


there we go all right there i mean

there's a lot that we got to buy in this


there's a lot so uh let's continue our

little journey here

through our penthouse as we wait for all

the cars to be delivered

oh this is like an executive room this

is nice look at the view

oh that's a view that is not a view to

be messed with

all right going through here we got a is

this an office

oh this is an office is this the

oh that is not the wall safe where's the

wall safe at

oh may the wall safe it oh there it is

open this safe

up boom oh ain't nobody expecting

nothing to me in there

oh i got i got some money i do oh i have

a poker chip

i got a single poker chip 50 poker chip

look at that

look at that let's open this up too look

let's open this up too how much we've

spent at least like 12 million dollars

already right

i think something like that at least all

right perfect look at that

oh now this looks dope

all right so we got like a kitchen over

here we don't got a fridge or anything

we got some drinks

who set up a set up the table

what does that mean let's let's see what

set up the table means

okay well that doesn't really just eat a

step away

i no that's not what i hit sir press

press e to drink and step away

bro it doesn't let me leave unless i


all right you're good just dip dip dip

dip dip get your hand

off the table sir there we go perfect

all right continuing on here oh we have

a private

dealer over here now when i heard

private dealer i definitely didn't think

it was anyway

blackjack the blackjack is to beat the

dealer's hand without going over

21. this game uses four standard 52 card

decks which are shuffled at the start of

every hand insurance is not offered if

the dealer's face-up card is nice

you can split your hand yada yada

i'm a blackjack king oh that's perfect

oh give me that card

go love yourself

that's nonsense

let's get those bets in all right let me

let me about one more time

and no more bets good luck folks

let's see here's eighteen five

it i have 18. i can split

i'm just going to stand i'm just going

to stand all right what you got


getting that cash money baby let's get

it 2

000 chips all right quick

that's how i do it oh look at this you

look out over here

that's pretty sweet okay so we got this

i'm going through over here these some


got some bathrooms in the penthouse got

this beautiful

oh look at my this is my spa chat i own

this spot look at this

oh you can cut my hair you can get your

hair cut you can get a makeover

look at that you can get it make i don't

think there's

it's all free it's

all free it's beautiful

this is great this spot is very relaxing

i'm going to be honest

how nice and peaceful it is can i go in


oh no way

i kind of already feel relaxed i like

how there's a giant spartan on my back

all right what is this over here oh what

the heck

use the radio oh no i can't use that

look at this view

absolutely beautiful view so we got an


over here is this a new arcade game

street crimes gang



okay honestly this looks pretty cool

gang wars edition


so the hoods the punks the yokels the


like sure let's go that

i'm ready put me in coach

do you need four people to play

i'm genuinely confused all right i'm out

i'm out

all right i don't know how that works

but anyway maybe you need four people to

play i don't think you need four people

to play i'm using like a small keyboard

and that messed it up

all right we got this chick that can

give you a drink can i choose what drink


oh oh oh my gosh you can order 150

000 bottle of champagne i think you

could do that at the nightclubs though

i've got another game here invade and


okay and then i think the final room

that we got is a cinema over here

it was time to introduce oh look at that

stocks credit default swaps

the whole capitalistic circle

you watch the movie with your friends

it's just like beautiful

absolutely beautiful i couldn't ask for

anything more in this penthouse

i really couldn't how about this roof

terrace here

let's exit let's let's check it out

oh great beautiful weather here today

well oh shoot

okay so you're on the roof which is nice

this is kind of neat right oh what's up


you're not dead yet are you no

good so alan wanted me to tell you that


shut up

that was a nice pool over here oh it's

an infinity pool

blah blah blah blah blah blah

that's really cool all right they won't

let you jump off of it right

oh shoot oh sh

all right we good we good

there's a quick way down as quickly down

let's get our car let's let's go let's

valet our car let's see if that works

they really be chilling in the rain they

really are huh


all right let's bring this thing around

oh there so the garage is back there if

you wanted to go through there

okay wait i don't mean to be doing donut

um let's see if i bring this up to the


i'm an exclusive member

is it okay if i compliment your car you

press e to use the valet service


take the keys

that's pretty cool your personal vehicle

has been parked in the parking garage

this can be accessed using the elevator


are you ready for an unforgettable

experience all right this is cool

oh there's table games down there we

haven't even seen this whole thing yet

so we have this

area right over here so everything here

has to be purchased with

casino tokens i'm pretty sure so


you can get dicey rings cardi rings

ties none of those apparently i can't

never thank you for oh so

these all cost oh these are cool glasses

these all cost casino chips

oh look at these hats these are

expensive hats when you think about it


uh a chip is essentially a dollar

let's see does she sell outfits brows

penthouse decorations

double-sided pieces oh shoot

do you guys see this this costs 115 000

chips oh and you can put these

anywhere in your place this is uh 95 000

95 000 essentially so with these prices

this is really cool did you take your

pills this morning

yes dear this is really cool floor


dude you can put this like you can

customize your apartment with any of

this stuff

samara would really like this one guys

look at the lollipops what the heck is

the temptation

of a glee

goodness gracious rock sir

all right this is dope i love that you

could finally customize

your place like that's actually so cool

you can finally customize it the way you


really cool stuff i want to buy one and

try it out but we'll do that after

oh that's cool the movie posters are


there's a lot of different art

all this art they made all this art for

this i assume

oh look at that dude

it's bigfoot the alien the ghost

i don't know what the guy is there i

know the werewolf is i don't know the

guy on the right is though

is that rap man good times with old


love it love it love it love it

okay so that's if you want to buy

penthouse decorations

i kind of want to see if i could like

made this over here browse tops fitted

suit jackets ooh look at those

bro is that a freaking chihuahua i

love it it's adorable

it's freaking leather jackets oh my gosh

samara would kill me if i got one of

those look at these over here

sports jackets all right all right

loungewear imagine walking around the

casino this freaking versace looking

thing right

uh shirts so

ugly i love it hoodies

look at these

they're some fancy hoodies man okay i

gotta end up buying all these don't i

look at this dog that dog is kind of


business shirts suits vests

all right we're buying a that's not a

corey that's that's a chihuahua for sure

bro i would know cory trust me


let's buy

i'm gonna buy this one

13 000 chips though i already bought it


big yikes big yoyks um

and then we got soup vests

should we match it okay wait i'm curious

if we could because

because this table is operating some

different things here

pants and shoes oh

okay some loafers

oh my gosh i love the loafers i gotta

get the loafers too

this is my favorite thing gta is added

man running shoes


look at the pants the pants are really

ugly wow

all right well i mean i guess there's

something for everyone

hey lordy the price is in here why can't


why did it change my oh my gosh all

right give me a second

for watching the animals but oh no siree

how do i oh i'll just make her some of

that soup she likes

how do i get the business suit back hold


i'm using like a smaller keyboard so

it's a little bit harder too

doing lucky wheel discounts oh i don't

get that style

uh outfit what's outfit 11

i mean i guess we back boys

i get i guess we back huh

sure is spotless in here all right i

don't know how to get it back but

you'd hope so with these prices we'll

figure it out

look at the house this morning yeah they

keep saying the same thing over and over

stop all right we're gonna have to buy a

more compatible suit because i want to

get like a rolex

i want to get a rolly polio and some

different cuffs

take off shoes you can't wear shoes what

so many influencers

oh was it the loafers that did me in

now i don't think it's loafers that

didn't mean because i'm wearing them

right now all right

let's continue on here oh masks

oh what the egg

oh my god what the


dude what the heck

look at this strawberry i don't know why

that's so funny

or the lemon look at the lemon that's a

big old lemon huh

all right uh and then we got

all right we were going through that all

right we'll we'll be back at this in a



what's over here oh this is the change

oh sweet

maybe i could oh okay if i just switch

to one of these i think it should be


gosh this is such an ugly outfit i

wanted to get something for barb

for watching the animals but oh no siree

let's see ties i'll just make her

something bro why can't i switch my oh

there we go oh we can get a roly-poly

only look at that

oh besides barbara never thank you for

damn this

fancy do it

oh that's a nice watch

that's like a gucci watch right there

that's a that's a fat watch face huh

that's a fat watch face lots of stuff

right that's expensive though okay we'll

we'll check those out after cups

oh that's a nice cuff as well

all right still no i can't buy ties but

you know what it is what it is

it is what it is it's good that you

could it's good that you could change

over here

all right let's go let's go

all right let's go there all right

taking it all in

yes i'm gonna customize my new vehicles

in just a sec just gonna check out the

floor over here

very cool stuff cashier over there

restricted access you know me let me in

all right don't let me in

let's go over to the cashier what's up

how can i help you

trade in chips so if you want to trade

in your chips you can

oh collect your free daily visitor bonus

of a thousand chips

oh thanks that's nice and then if you

trade in chips i assume

oh so one chip is one dollar yeah so a

chip is

a dollar essentially very cool

and then you got all these slot machines

you can go to every different slot

machine oh you can

that's really cool

it gets kind of crazy flame or shame

match three symbols or one of two

microphones on the play line to receive

the corresponding prize

let's try it out


let's just let's just bet one




oh here we go i want 20 chips

that's stupid all right one more one


bell microphone 20 chips

all right pretty cool pretty cool

there's so many different slot machines

that's nuts and this is the inside

tracks if you go in here

the inside track oh this is the horse


look at that bloody hell is rising

name of the inside track select the

virtual horse that will place first in

the race play alone in the single event

or choose to bet

on the main event with other players

horse odds affect the chances of the

horse placing first

forces with lower odds have a higher

chance of performing well in the race

these are no differences in the horse

odds between single event and main event

you'll be interesting

so say we bet on somebody

let's do place bet

how do i get a single event

let's do single event and let's bet on

he has the best odds let's just go with



does he have the best out he's pretty

good odds

bet 200 chips go green

no you failed me

oh oh shoot oh shoot




that's what it is right there that's

what it is

all right i just won a bunch of chips

for that oh you can

oh that's the main event there that's

pretty cool

all right sweet okay should we go

customize the car now

think it may be time that we customize

the car chat

going through here this is like the vip


some more games yada yada

oh very cool oh and then you got like

games over here that you could play

sweet there's a lot there's a lot to

this update

there's also the missions over there in


we're going to do the missions in the

next one your vip membership allows you

to play high limit tables

play roulette let's see how much are the

best here in

high limit tables

adjust bet oh my god five thousand

dollars on black you guys ready um

is that my max bet max bet

10 000 chips on black

oh shoot i put 20 000 on black oh don't

spin it

chill i didn't mean to do it

that better land on black that better

land on black lady

come on go on black good luck

land on black land on black

black all the way baby black all day

every day

that's rigged it was all black

would you like to go again over here

all right betsy now

i mean i gotta make my money back right

okay i just bet a little bit more i bet

another twenty thousand

okay a bit all in black again one more


come on black come on black

all bets are in let's get this come on


show me this a rig you can oh you can

show the history of it too

yeah e

come on black come on black

let's go baby 40 000 chips in the bank

that's what we do all day every day

no not one more time i'm out of here

thanks to you for the money

that's it forty thousand dollars just

like that that's how you make

money in gta v that's that

all right let's go let's go customize a


let's go customize the car what is out

here can we go out here

this doesn't go anywhere wakanda forever

man let's get it


so when i put down that 20 000 chip at

that's essentially 20


so when i won i got forty thousand so i

won twenty thousand dollars

all right i'm oh yeah i'm very lucky i

bounced back there you know

all right let's go down to our garage

no i didn't make any money but i

essentially lost money and then made


so i lost money made money what you can

go to the roof roof

hold on i know i

i know i broke even i just okay

i know oh you can go all the way to the


freaking knee oh that's where the

helipad is and stuff

all right uh let's go to

let's go to the parking garage first i

want to see what the parking like what's

the difference between the parking


oh shoot

oh my car's down here oh

lamborghini hurricane look at that oh oh

they won't let me in there

i can get in my car that's cool

why'd you leave my car on though that's

kind of rude

that's kind of rude some nice cars in

here though all right let's go to the

penthouse garage

all right ladies and gentlemen what is

this oh

car management mini ladies and gentlemen

we got

the lineup today of some brand new cars

and the gta 5 casino dlc again if you're

watching and enjoying this do be sure to

hit that like button subscribe

if you're new and if you want to be

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hitting the bell

all right this is the trophy

thrax absolutely beautiful i don't know

what car this mimics in real life but it


is a bugatti of some sorts let's see the

interior of this

that's deadly that's nice all right and

then we got over here

this is the anus s80rr

look at that thing these were these two

were the most expensive they were like


two million and changed so damn

oh look at look at this car

like i'm in a little spaceship

all right over here we got the bentley

sorry this isn't the bentley that's the


i was looking at i'm like wait this

isn't a bentley i don't know what car

this is but this one's dope

it's really fresh all right moving over

to the bentley over here

damn look at that oh it's got all the

curves in the right places you know what

i'm saying

we got the ford raptor oh i

i'm not a fan of many pickup trucks the

raptors got my heart

the raptor has got my heart that's a

beautiful truck right there

and then we got the um the weenie issy


man that's a funny looking car huh

it's a funny looking car all right let's

hop up in the bugatti

hop up in a new bugatti

oh oh it's not it's an audi

s5 okay we're in the bugatti right now

look at the lights the lights even look

the lights hit different

this thing is fast off the get-go

i wouldn't be surprised if this is the

new fastest car in the game

it is beautiful b-e-a beautiful

all right you know we gotta do it to him

you know we gotta customize this

so let's bring it to the chop shop and

get this thing chopped

don't think i meant that

all right

let's go over to ls customs

and customize this car it looks so good

it looks so freaking good



all right let's pull up to the shop

i can't wait to do all the missions

customize the rest of the cars

again that's all going to go down today

i'm going to do multiple

streams on it so if you are new

and haven't already do be sure to hit

that subscribe button

and turn on post notifications by

smacking that bell all right

wear your chabawa suit you know what


i like your priorities you got some good

priorities man

what brings you in today this is the

bugatti devo oh snap i actually did a

gta 5 mod

showcase on the bugatti devo so kind of

kind of nice that they brought it in

all right man i need to drink

this this car is making me thirsty guys

i don't

oh that's good that's some good age well

we got a bunch of new members here

martin hoeven

drugs ob handsome rosa brown alex with


pets pets cool and uh

uteru thank you all for becoming members

welcome to elite enjoy those emails if

you wanna join as well

link in the description below you get

some cool emotes and stuff all right

let's spend some schmody

imagine being asleep and your neighbors

just like money

start knocking us off 50 000 bucks for


35 000 on the race brakes

bumpers front bumpers plastic bumper

primary carbon

all options i'm gonna go primary on this


rear bumpers man i love that i love that


with red it's just such a nice look it

really is

all right let's keep going through your

engine upgrade 33

500. oh get give me a little red baby

let's get it exhaust

going through all the oh that's like

it's like five different exhausts man

dual aquatics oh my the gold big boar

exhaust looks

nice flame touched


upward angled exhaust man they get they

look silly after a minute huh

i feel like the gold big boar are really

a vibe

they really are a vibe we're getting


a grill lots of different grill

options i actually really like the

classic grill

the classic grill is something

it's real nice that's what i like to see

that's that's the good stuff right there

let's get the the chrome classic real

the hood oh you can get the logo on the


they haven't done that before really so

you can do like

secondary events stuff like that oh


you you can make this car look real


this car hits different

you can make it look like a scallop you

make it look like a sea creature if you

want to

we're gonna go with just do this one in


lights headlights xenon

if you want to do a neon kit that's what

it would look like


black stripe with black vents

that's real nice too that's real nice

yellow accents black stripe

let me go through all these you may look

like a race car

all these beautiful different options

for you i think i'm gonna go with

um it's tough

i think this one even this one looks

pretty sweet

like the black one doesn't have that

this one has nice

black stripes there apparently i'm

missing one that i didn't see

oh it's shown weird all right let's get

the top

notch and let's get a yellow and black

roll cage you do primary cage

secondary cage metal cage let's do metal

um and then we got side panels

ooh so that's this little section right


oh i like i like the carbon with a

little vent on the side

spoiler there is some nice spoilers here

some fickle big spoilers though where's

that even connected that goes below the


very interesting i think i like the the

work spoiler kind of

kind of does it all huh kind of does it

let's do that one let's get the works


race trim

carbon trim looks sick

you'd also have like primary trim or

just stock which is like a

kind of looks gold even

you can customize this quite a bit let's

go carbon

turbo tuning 50k wheels

windows all right

all right we kind of went crazy with it

not gonna lie

let's go carbon we're gonna go full

carbon gang here

that one looks good there um


i think the exhausts don't fit there


they gotta be oh carbon big boar exhaust

that's gonna let them know

then the grill

i think you still keep it you still keep

it like that

all right let's change the the color

so let's make it respray

you can go anything with it anything

really is gonna look pretty good with


all all black or like a gray even would



or even we can go like something

brighter like an orange or green

lime green looks pretty pretty filthy

should we stick with red what do you

guys think blue looks cool

again you can't go wrong with this car

you can choose any color and it'll still


you can go brush gold too honestly if we

want the classy look

damn should we just ball out like should

we just ball out

is that what we're doing are we just

going crazy we're just gonna go crazy

with it

that's it i decided all our money is

just going down the drain

that's it let's see what else has

changed though let's go primary

i'm sorry secondary

so this color changes sort of the back

half of the car

which is pretty neat

if you just do black it looks pretty

cool too

or if you go secondary go medals

we got a gold bugatti


it slaps me it goes hard man simple as

that it goes hard

let's do primary splitter

that's a beauty right there rear

right exhaust

i guess we go with the gold bore now

like we're this is just

this is just we're just flexing

essentially at this point we're just

flexing that's it

that's what it is just flexing

delivery we could change i guess now

i i wouldn't want like a sports logo on


the black stripe kind of looks sick

the black stripe kind of looks sick we

don't need the black stripe with white

on it too so let's just go with the

black stripe

there we go and then plate is good

roll cage is good respray is good side


let's keep the carb vented side panel i

think that looks good

spoiler great trim

i'm gonna keep the carbon trim wheels

let's go high end from

oh my the default ones look pretty good

though with the logo

don't forget the wheels look at the


all right i mean i think we gotta do it

to them chat

i think we oh those are pretty nice

those are pretty nice i i think i'm

gonna have to go with my

my normals though i'm gonna go with the

cheetah carbonar

i guess sir that car was a woman i'd

kiss her

tire design

you gotta let him know that you flexed

on the tires you know

bulletproof tires on those two tires


where's the gold tire smoke i deserve

now we'll leave the tire smoke

all right should we make it glow

i feel like that's too much if we make a


is it too much or too little is the real

question is too much

or too little yeah you know a lot of

people are saying the stock tires look


they really do right

let's go with the i'm just gonna i'm

just gonna check them out again

like the stock tires do go hard they do

all right let's see what this looks like

oh my gosh

look at this vehicle

my goodness gracious


this thing slaps

look at this car it is a thing of


beauty what do you guys rate my car out

of 10 let me know

because we're gonna go ahead and drive

it a little bit here

looks absolutely fond diddly-tastic

it's brilliant it's just a brilliant

looking car

let's validate it at her pen house

make it glow you should make a glow all

right you know what

it doesn't have suspension not that i


all right we're going back we're going

to make it glow you guys convinced me

it's just gonna be a white glow though

nothing crazy this car is so fast

it's got great handling too like

actually insane handling

might be the best car in gta 5 now


i'm seeing a lot of 10 out of 10. a lot


tens tg is best with the buck says i

love you hope you enjoy

thank you man i appreciate that

glad you enjoy all right lights

uh neon kits neon layout everything

a neon color i mean we go with like a


i feel like gold would be too much i

feel like you got to keep it like

you got to keep it white here

there you go look at that

look at that

all right let's go bring it to the hotel

ho tell

mo sell holiday inn don't forget if


in join the stream hit the like button

and subscribe

as we head on over to

the casino we head on over to

the casino da casino

i think i took a wrong turn we all good

oh shoot oh it all went downhill so fast

it all went downhill so fast we good we

good just a little bump

a little bump on my car no biggie look

how big the casino is though i love how

they changed

a building in the game like they hadn't

done that before

really i mean like kind of they added

things but this

actually changed a building in the game

valet my car please

take the keys of the bugatti all right

take the keys of the bugatti

look is that bugatti right there so if

we spun that wheel

and we got the car we would have wanted

a party at your penthouse

unfortunately we didn't

unfortunately we did not get it

but we got some other cool stuff so

let's go to

parking garage

i want to try driving into my own garage



look you got a range rover over there

you got a bentley

you got a viper and then you got my

beautiful whip over here look at this

thing look at this dude

look at this dude

press left control to leave there you go

look at that

very nice that's that's very nice

parking job there

if you want to go into the parking


let's go into the penthouse garage

there we go look at that look at that

that's that good stuff all right

decorations can be placed around your

penthouse all right look at that

that is good looking that is good looks


i mean we got our beautiful bugatti here

and we got

five other cars to customize in this new

update we got

new missions all of that is going down


so if you watched and enjoy this do be

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just like that so let me know which car

you want to see me customize next and

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i'm just going to go ahead and grab

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that so

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i'm going to read some of the donuts

here so we got

um we got a cup we got a bunch people

who download

uh people are saying i missed a car what

card did i possibly miss

let's see i got these four

and then i got these two look

what car did i miss guys what's that

cash and carry

after hours

look i don't think i missed any if i did

somebody just tweet at me and i'll

uh i'll figure it out a lot of people

are saying the blue one

y'all want to see me customize the track

i might use that as the thumbnail huh

that's good looks huh no no no new word

stock vehicles for what i know

look at the raptor the ford raptor i'm

man this bugatti just this bugatti hits

different man

i'm be real this bugatti hits different

can i like

i don't think i could turn on the car

from here can i

no okay you can't use that in the garage

all right

so we got a bunch of donuts here i want

to shout out to

all of you who came through uh javon

thomas thank you for that blackbeard

gamer thank you i will definitely start

that series soon yes for minecraft

uh rod roti nunez shout out to you

i will let somebody know you said hi

from los angeles that's what's up

shout out to you my friend zach cole

with the 20s shout out to you

prison unknown ricegum devin carter

happy birthday devon i hope you have a

great birthday

all the best tbx cries and shout out to


lo shili's bar much love from tuscan

arizona you and samara gotta get your

sleep schedule back to normal

and can you give me a shout out shout

out to you and yes i think

after this update is done and all the

other updates i think i finally got to

get my sleep schedule straight

uh dylan van landingham we have joshie


um janet rogos brian rosado

your update takes three hours holy

smokes that's gonna be a minute huh

benjamin peterson little man christians

what do the glasses do they're blue

light blocking glasses

you can read all about it on typical

diastole totally worth it though if

you're on the computer for uh

quite a bit or if you play games a lot


jam thank you for that zach cole with

the 50 zack what the heck

and with the 100 zack what the heck dude

are these real don't know shadow dude

man appreciate the love

nothing much is up bro i guess you you

just paid for my shark cards thank you i

appreciate that

gabriel cavazos shout out to you uh

critical ops

definitely something i should look into

havoc uh

joshyboygaming um can't stay for the

whole stream and got work in the morning

but i wanted to do this i heard you can

cross-platform gta for pc and ps4 that

is unfortunately not true

you know i'd love to play with you guys

but that is not possible at the moment

to my knowledge aaron ramos thank you

thank you for both those donuts shout

out to you hogan paul who's been

watching for three years shout out to

you my friend

we got christian aromi shadow do you

love you and samara you all are my

favorite youtubers

man appreciate the love christian

christian romy

shout out to you uh let's go to the


we have gaming bandit get that dub in

the world cup my man

not in the world cup chief appreciate it

though game ban it

prospect me shout out to you good

evening from australia mate

good evening to you my friend appreciate


uh we also got uh mr nice guy landon

burns it's 5 a.m it's 3

40 a.m here so it is late

we have zach cole with the sackol shout

out to you bro i don't

you're nuts bro appreciate you zach

prospect media what's going on nothing

much man how's your day going australia

australia we have uh christian oromi

love you and samaria all my favorite

youtubes thank you christian

kristin my bad chat to you kristen

appreciate the love

you do you the best can i have some

champagne no

should we let's do what should we do

angel knights evacuation

famer shame let's do let's do this one

imagine three symbols or one to two

lightning bolts on the payline to

receive the corresponding prize


nice how much can you bet your

max bet 125


spin let's go so we bet 125.

fell i got zero so i spent 125

now i spent 250.

come on i spent 250 750 now


are you kidding me i'm not getting

nothing here

give me a lightning bolt

bro come on

i got to stop betting here it's not

paying off

come on it's a little unfair when the

lightning bolt doesn't even land on the

freaking oh

that would have been 12.50


that's so annoying all right i'ma keep


i want to win once one once before the

stream ends

lightning bolt lightning yes yes

we want 250 chips are you nuts

that's nothing that's crud we're not

even gonna do that

uh expert gamer big fan wish i could

watch stream live but i can't have to go

to work i always support you bro keep

with the great work dude i really

appreciate that man

hope you have a great day at work and

when you tune into the stream later

you the man boss um we have peach rings

thank you for that

game off vlogs ronaldo flores speedy xr6

kayla brown ronaldo flores sandy


good fan for a while enjoy your day

enjoy your day as well sandy appreciate

the love

brian ortega thank you paul lyons we

have a vice god

um we have viper gaming um

is there an age lock to exchange

concealed chips i have no idea man

i don't think so i mean you have to be

like 18 to play this game right

but you ran into me sir you ran into me

let's go let's go diamond miner

um we got floyd pink hoof

jacks wolf carpentier

oh that max is 2500 chips what the heck

let's bet one

let's bet one

are you kidding me okay let's bet one

more time we're betting a thousand bucks

a pop

that's nuts wait i want to win once yeah

this is

this is addictive you get


three thousand bucks i've lost so far

you can win five hundred thousand bucks

oh there we go

we won two thousand chips see you just

need to get one diamond

yeah somebody's going to win big and

make a lot of money off the casino

fax fax big facts

uh we have uh kofi catch thank you for


oh there we go look at that uh noah

videos thank you i'm waiting on my xbox

and ipad that's

that's my dude uh spencer

vic good jar thank you for that no

videos to sue kay

shout out to you tg hit the whoa

i did hit the ball dude i hit it real


y'all didn't even see it



all right screw this we're getting off

this aaron ramos shout out to you mick

dino nugget

cookies for tay ttg uh we have

matthew gore noah videos neymar junior


we'll watch it forever that's what's up

name our junior uh jenko bot

uh why don't you get into rp i might

have to man i've been thinking about it

so i just need to hit up the right

people for that then we have uh

carson james who's been watching since

five mil subs appreciate the love dude

um matthew gordon's been watching for

four years matthew

thank you havoc and then we have more


and floyd again shout out to everybody

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