hello stock gurus welcome to another

episode today we're going to be looking

at carnival cruise ships

uh ccl is the ticker ccl on new york

stock exchange

a lot of you commented asking me to do a

follow up on carnival cruise ships and i

have very big

news it's like detrimental to carnival

so make sure you watch the end of the

video to find out why if you're invested

in carnival this is like big news that

you need to be paying attention to

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start buying good strong companies

and carnival was one of these companies

i was buying on the potential return of


i've already made a hundred percent

since the bottom during the kovyd peak

fear in march

um it's up 100 sitting at 15 30 right

now but after pre-market it's already

down to 1440

but there is big news that's come out

that could really damage carnival and

makes a big warning sign flashes a lot

of alerts for me

even though there is a potential that

they will still be around if this news

does come out watch

to further on in the video to find out

why it could be huge for carnival it

could mean really big danger

so i might be doing something today and

i'm going to tell you what i'm going to

be doing later on in the video that you

need to be paying attention to

so let's jump into the technical

analysis for carnival cruise ships now


so now we're looking at carnival cruise

ship on the monthly chart each of these

candles are representing one month

so here we're looking back to 1994

almost 26 years of history on this chart

and the general trend of this chart is


up and as someone one of the commenters

said below awesome comment by the way

the trend is your friend so the general

trend of this stock is going up even

though we had this big spike down and

this big drop because of covering

the general trend of this stock is still

going up another thing here that line i

just drew just then

it's showing a general trend that it's

been following it's been going up and

waving on this trend line for a very

long time

and this seems to be like a big outlier

the whole curved pandemic drop

seems to be a huge outlier and we also

are currently and very interesting thing

we're sitting on this major support that

spans back to 2008 almost 12 years

and that support here you can see during

the gfc crisis

the low was 14 85

on november 2008 so and we're currently

sitting at 15 35 on this big support


so what am i seeing here on this chart

the general trend is going up

we have um the trend we break from this

trend during the covid pandemic

it's got support on this huge support

line here that goes back to 2008

it went much lower it went it went down

to a low of 7.90 on march during the

peak fear of the pandemic

and now it's almost 100 up i bought it

at around nine dollars

now it's almost 100 up at the 15 35

mark so congratulations to anyone who

bought that um but what carnival there

on that drop

very good play because we're gonna check

deeper in the fundamental analysis

further on

to make sure that they have enough cash

because you don't wanna

i don't know if you've had this

experience before but investing in

stocks and just losing money or the

stock going up

and then something happening to the

company and you're losing your money so

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so what am i seeing the general trend is

going up

going with the trend is your friend go

with the flow of the river and the river

is flowing up

we have this giant uh trend line that's

been existing since nine almost

26 years going up and this was an

outlier break

at the whole curved pandemic we have

this big support currently where we're

sitting at the 1535 market

that's almost a five times gain from

where we are now to get back to its

all-time high

the indicators that we might reach that

is the trend is still going up

the stochastic isn't oversold the rsi

has never sold and it's starting to cool

to head up we have huge

volume buying here and if it does happen

we have almost

five times to get back to this all-time

high currently off the support five

times so 500

as to make sure that carnival isn't

going to go bankrupt however we're going

to know much more about that in the

fundamental analysis so that's what i

was saying you want to learn

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watch those video lessons and make sure

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that's the worst thing you can be doing

it's much better to put in good


and make a lot of money and not lose

money so that's what i'm seeing going to

2023 for the next few the longer

timeframe for carnival

stochastic general trend is going up uh

volume increasing stochastic coming from

the oversold and

rsi coming from oversold and heading up

again indicating we're going to have

some buying pressure in this stock

and a huge support here at this 15 35

mark let's go into the shorter time

frame for carnival

and now we're on the daily charts for

carnival cruise corp on the daily

this is the whole kirby panda pandemic

back in march where it went from

this big resistance line up here at the

51 mark and just free fell

all the way to the 7.90 mark and now

we're sitting at 15

100 gain from that bottom so great buy

we had a lot of volume here

um buying volume we had this big

recovery spike and then that resistance

it bounced off and we're sitting within

this trend lane

now between that supreme lord during the

peak fear at 7.96

and that middle range at the upper end

of this channel 23 dollars an hour

sitting 15

the stochastic was free-falling recently

in the last few months

in the rsa but now they seem to be

bottomed and oversold and starting to


so this is indicating that soon we might

come a bit lower but soon we're going to

have some

buying pressure on this stock the rsi

can come lower but it looks like also

coming into the oversold we might have

to turn and buying pressure here

could come back to this um supreme low

support at 7.90 but very unlikely

because that was during the peak fear of

the curved pandemic i don't think we're

getting back low there and we're making

a higher lows if you've seen here here

was a low but it was higher than the

previous one

so this was the low then this was a

higher low and now this has been a

higher low

so it shows that we've got strength in

this chart and in the stock

it could be coming to retest this 23

mark very soon

so that's what i see happening going

into october the stochastic is current

turning up

uh which is here stochastic turning

heading up again

our side turning heading up and us

trying to re-test this 23.5 cent mark

we need some good news for carnival for

that to happen we want to watch and

we've also got big increase in volume

this whole time since the peak fear of

the curving pandemic

but we want news like carnival is

starting to cruise again

there's a vaccine coming out this kind

of news is really what's going to get

this stock up in the next few months

going into october

but technically the stochastic and rsi

look like they're bothering me

i'm ending this selling even though it

looks like carnival has been being sold

off for a while

let's go into the hourly time frame to

find out what's going to happen for

today's trading day monday

also remember watch the end of the video

to see my stock my

technical analysis of the dow the dow

jones industrial average

to look at the overall market to see

what's happening to stocks the overall

market all the top stocks in america

and we're going to see technical

analysis what happens for today's

monday's trading day

and that will give us an indicator what

could happen in the market which

direction the overall market's going to


and when the market moves overall this

the the tide moves all

ships so what happens in that technical

analysis at the end can predict what

happens for the whole day for the stock

market so make sure to watch to the end

let's jump into the hourly timeframe for

carnival for today's trading day

now we're on the hourly charts for

carnival each of these tickets these

candles is representing one hour so

we're going to see what's going to

happen for today's trading day monday

the 21st of september

we have a lot of information on this

chart so what we're looking at these are

support lanes

previous resistances that now supports

meaning stock can

bounce off this line and go higher our

previous resistance that's now support

for example here was

a resistance and now this line the

previous resistance once it got above it

it's now a support

so this is the support lines we're

looking at and this is the now strongest

resistance the alt

the recovery time um when it tried to

recover that was a big resistance on the

hourly chart

and that price is sitting at the 18.80

mark so this is a big 1870

this is a big resistance currently on

this time frame the general trend for

the day the hourly time frame is going

up so we're having upward movement in

this stock even it looks like it's

lower going lower it's actually higher

lows this was a low then it came higher

low and this was a low and then came

higher low

so it's going higher lows each time

indicating strength and moving up in the


we have the stochastic crossing and

heading up and rsi out of the oversold

territory if you want to learn if you're

if you're looking if you're investing in

stocks and you don't know how to use

indicators you don't know how to use

technical indicators and

stochastic rsi and trend lines the main

things you want to learn are these what

i'm showing you rsi and stochastic

support and resistance lines these are

very important because it shows

here see how the stock came up and then

hit this resistance line bounced off

three times

this is technically this is amazing

understanding that it's going to fall

after that

because it tried to break this

resistance line three times and it


meaning it failed this stock on that

resistance and it's broken down

so you can learn to read these things in

technical analysis and if you're having

trouble with that if you're not

sure how to get your head around it

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and you can learn that and you can look

at any chart and look at it and know

what you you will start to

build an understanding of what's going

to happen with the stock so the

stochastic is crossing from the oversold

heading up rsi crossing from the

soil we've got it starting to turn here

we have this big support here that will

hold up the stock if it does fall

further and that's the support is

sitting at the 1440

mark um first resistance that it needs

to break through is this one here

quite a small one uh at the 1587

then next one will be 1637 and then we

have no major support

resistance till this 18.80 mark so

that's what i see happening i'm coming

for the next few training days we're

going to have a start to have an upward

movement in stock first target

breaking this resistance then second one

trying to come up to this 1873 mark

in the longer time frame so this is

what's happening for today's trading day

september 21st monday

so let's go into google finance now to

look at what kind of news is coming up

for kind of win

there's more information about the stock

now i'm looking at carnival cruise line

stock i type the ticker ccl

the ticker is the acronym like the

ticker but we put dollar signs ccl and

that means carnival cruise

corp on new extreme stock exchange ccl

carnival corp

if you type this in google you get this

financial information and this is the


the chart overall for carnival and it's

going up the general trend is still

going up even with this huge drop in

discount buying opportunity

the last time this price was here was in

the 1990s

the global financial crisis had dropped

a lot but it didn't come as low as it

did here now we're above

we're at the seating point of around

where the global financial crisis low


but for this stock now we're in 1997.

the market cap is 12.69 billion dollars

um almost five times less than its

normal market cap

around 70 billion so quite a discount

for this stock right now and it's on the

fear that people aren't going to cruise

again and this company could go bankrupt

that was in the peak field during kovid

now we know that they have cash and they

are they got bought 10

by the saudi gov the saudi investment

fund so they have backing but we've got

to let's look at the financials to know


13 dividend yield uh the news coming out

for carnival

why is kind of worth more than an eight

dollar share

why carnival row caribbean cruise line

stock sank because they weren't allowed

to cruise again

and we're waiting for their cruise

allowing state when they can start

cruising again

carnival stock slumps after ship

disposal increases

uh carnival stock investors are playing

a dangerous grain carnival stock takes a

dive after plans for stock offering

loyal cruise fanatics will rescue

carnival stock so we've got this kind of

results on the news

so now we're looking at the financials

of carnival currently the price is 1531.

it's down 6.2 percent

in pre-market to 1435

so it's dropping uh recently so 1435 is

its new support 6.5 billion dollars in


in in december 2019

august 2019

6.1.7 billion net income

it's a 27 profit margin which is quite a

good profit margin

cash on hand they had 1.1 billion

dollars in 2019. now forward to may 2020

their revenue dropped huge uh 6 billion

4 billion february during the curvy

pandemic 4.7 billion

now 740 million so almost no revenue

down 4.3 billion dollars in net income

net profit margin is down 591 percent

they have cash on hand they increase

their change in cash by 5.5 billion

so they really increase their cash now

sitting at 6.8 billion dollars to try

and get over this whole covered pandemic

so they have quite a lot of cash to get

over this curving pandemic and it seems

like it's the worst they just need to be

given the green light

to start cruising that's the most

important thing for carnival

let's see if we can find that green

light travel related stocks tumble on uk

lockdown fees

cruise line stocks comprise three of the

five biggest decliners today on s p

500 as the prime minister johnson said

the uk is now seeing a second wave

coming in and that's inevitable that

coroner's virus would hit the country


um it dropped five point five nine

percent on that news

um and then even tumbled more now it's

like four percent down during pre-market

johnson says the government is

considering whether it needs to go

further than the current national

restrictions that were put in place this


london mayor khan says lockdown

restrictions are increasingly likely

made worse by the uncertainty caused by

the lack of testing capabilities

aaron's gun moves the titan restrictions

doubling up the country recorded its

most new cases in one day since may

so this isn't good news this um can't

this new covered pandemic second

lockdown fees is really going to affect

the stock

so it could drop a lot further it could

go down to that peak fear in march

which was near the 7.90 mark so could

half from here 100 percent drop

to where it was if carnival can keep

surviving um

and hasn't us it has eight billion

dollars to survive it could continue

but this is going to be a big hit to the

stock this news and if another second

wave lockdown

happens carnival could then be in

trouble they haven't they tried to raise

enough cash to survive until 2021

but if this pandemic keeps going these

lockdowns keep going these travel

restrictions keep on growing

this stock could drop a lot my feeling

is get out of this stock now

um even though the technicals are

showing that it could be rebounding i

would exit this position i'm going to

exit my position on

carnival even though i believe it's for

the long term and i'm going to buy a

second wave lockdown does pose fears for

this stock

because they might not have enough cash

to stay solvent even though carnival is

a big brand

i don't think many people would be

surprised that a cruise ship company

went out of

um went bankrupt and it is a possibility


the rule number one from warren buffett

is never lose money

rule number two is don't forget rule

number one so even though there's a

percent potential 500

increase to carnival i am going to pull

out my investment in carnival i don't

want to risk my money i'm up over 100

more than 100 since buying at that low

at the march

peak fear low and i'm going to take my

money even though it went up to 25


it's better to take it at a profit than

it is to

risk any loss of the stock overall and

i'd rather put into something that's

guaranteed to stay solvent and stay

afloat during the whole curving pandemic

so let's go into robin track to see if

robin hood users are also seeing this

and this is what i'm trying to say if

you've lost money in the stock market

before if you've invested in companies

they've gone bankrupt or if you've

invested money into companies

and nothing has changed for that company

in a long period of time um

you're and it's it's been painful for

you you're watching your stock do

nothing for many years or

drop down really hard to never come back

again you need to learn when to get out

of stocks my recommendation is buying

companies for the long term investing in


but i will still pull out i will still

take one of my one of these stocks from

my portfolio

if i believe there's risk to my capital

i don't want to risk my capital i want

to protect my money invested in growing


that are safe and don't go bankrupt so

this now is showing me a potential

bankruptcy for

carnival cruise if a second wave

lockdown does happen so i will pull my

money out of carnival

let's go into robin track to see if

people if you want to learn how to do

this if you want to learn this

information when to pull out like i've

now decided on carnival

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so let's go to robin track now now we're

looking on

robin track which tracks robin hood uses

what stocks they're holding on we're

looking at cco

so the red line is the price the green

line is how many users are holding this

stock and you can see the green line was

relatively flat

for carnival's entire existence 6 000

users only holding up from around one

thousand in 2018

to around six thousand then the price

dropped like a brick on carnival

on because of the covet from forty one

dollars down to eight dollars

uh seven dollars ninety it's low and at

that same time the number of users who

were buying up

carnival started to increase on robin

hood going from only six eight

thirteen thousand before the pandemic to

almost 500 000 people 485 000 people

holding carnival cruise ship so if

you're one of these people and you're

watching my video

i'm glad you subscribed and hit that

bell button because from my

um this this second wave pandemic


uh this vex lockdown fears i'm getting

out of carnival i'm going to pull out my

investment and move that capital into

something safer

because the second wave lockdown that's

being talked about in the uk could be

detrimental to carnival it might mean

bankruptcy for them

they were able to survive the first wave

equivalent pandemic but they might not

have enough cash to survive the second


even though it is unlikely that they go

bankrupt they can get investments they

can get funding

but it will be hurt badly this stock if

there is a second wave

so the price is currently sitting at

1544 and we have 483

941 users holding i'm getting out all

four over half a million of you who are

currently holding carnival i'm gonna

pull out my money out of this stock it's

better spent in

facebook unity visa other companies that

i like match

group um ones that aren't so they they

might drop during curvy pandemic in a

second lockdown but they won't go

bankrupt carnival possibly could

go bankrupt and i've been buying

carnival from the for the long term


um the kovid pandemic at eight at 7.90

i've been buying

so i'm almost up 100 of my money however

now i'm seeing um

potential danger in holding this stock

so half a million of you who are holding


i'm pulling out of this stock so let's

go into google finance now to see more

financial information

now i'm looking at carnival cruise line

cco carnival corp on the new york stock

exchange i mean my broker charles schwab

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stocks almost instantly almost within

a day and that's really good buyers not

for carnival though i don't recommend

carnival anymore i'm pulling out my

investment of kanvu because of this

second wave fear lockdown fears

um but you can move your money into this

brokerage account and start buying

stocks the ones i'm holding now

as i've said in the video before twitter

match group

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portfolio of ten

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um stock investing and stock picks from

stock guru

so you can click on that course in the

description and the end in the pin

comment you can see that course

so the last price 1531 ask price is

14.38 so down six percent since in


the high is 72 dollars and the low 7.80

now up 100

since that dropped the peak fear i'm

seeing warning signals for carnival in

this second lockdown fears one of them


they have around 8 billion in cash and

10.7 billion market cap

however that was okay before the first

lockdown and then surviving

they went down to 7.80 because of fear

that they'd go bankrupt but now a second

wave and more delays it could be

even further into 2021 before carnival

can cruise again

and that's a big problem for carnival

they might really go bankrupt here

the only safe haven they have is their

bought 10 stake by the saudi government

a saudi investment fund so they have

some backing to survive but it is still

a danger and i don't want to risk my

capital rule number one by warren

buffett don't lose money

rule number two don't forget rule number

one it's better to pull out your money

here at this hundred percent gain since

the last video i made

and then invested into good companies

and good stocks that don't have risk of


and they might even drop during the kobe

pandemic but you want to invest in

companies that don't go bankrupt and


is not operating at all their ships are

grounded that means they could go


they got a derating by charles schwab

7.80 to 51.52 week range

45 million shares being traded so huge

volume on this stock hopefully people

getting out like i am

um this is a risky stock now on the

second lock down fears

uh the the general trend overall has big

drop it was going up

and then it was going sideways actually

and then because of this drop it's now

recovering however this second lockdown

fear changes everything 10.7 billion

market cap mid-range cap stock 26

billion enterprise values 55

held by institutions so institutions are

still betting on this

even though there's um dangers

carnival's costa de

migno cruz in italy resumes um said

saturday that costa did

that demia is sailing from granola italy

making second cluster

cruise ship to return to sea with the

guests on board

which could be over on the second

lockdown fears

uh corporate debt frenzy rolls on

worries of a loom over markets uh

costa cruz returned to genoa cost the

diminished sales today

um so it's just talking about that sale

not talking about this huge news that

there could be a second lockdown that

would be detrimental for this company

d rating by charles schwab's credit

research is a neutral august 12 month is

a hold

cfra is to start rooters researchers

hold market edge is along

i am exiting this stock it's a sell

rating for me

um it's dangerous to hold on to the

stock with a second lockdown fear

and there's no point holding on and then

hoping for recovery

um and then this company go bankrupt

that's what the play was before but the

second lock down fear

changes everything i'm getting out of

this stock and i'll rather allocate my

capital to something that's better

if you've ever lost money in the stock

market or you're consistently losing

money in the stock market

you need to learn why and you need to

understand the rules that will make you

not lose money in the stock market like

me pulling out of this stock when i see


even though i'm up 100 on this stock and

it was i was seeing it as a good

recovery player for 500

gains on the stock it is now a danger on

this new use

new news even though we had huge volume

here also but that's still a danger

we're not going to go into the financial

statements of carnival because they


changed because the last statement was

in 2019 so

if you want to see a carnival cruise

line statements analysis fundamental

you can see that in the previous video

i'll link it in the description below

and that still looks at the same

fundamentals nothing fundamentally has

changed the big news that's changing the

second lockdown fear

let's go into now the dji the technical

analysis of the charting

to look at the dow jones industrial

average to see what's going to happen

today for the 21st of september monday

the overall market and what's going to

happen to the overall market and what we

might see

matching with this second lockdown wave

worries fears now we're looking at the

dow jones industrial average the index

that's looking at the overall american


and it's been moving sideways for the

last few trading weeks going up and down

on this big support line here at this 27

600 this orange line is the support here

we have a support at the 27 000 mark and

here we have a big support at the 26 000

mark the stochastic is coming from the

very oversold territory and crossing and

heading back up again

and the rsi is still heading down so we

have a divergence here

and it looks like it's bounced off the

support quite a few times and now it's

recently broken the support

one two three fourth time so we could

have a fall here

even though the stochastic is showing

that it's in the oversold and the rsi is

in the very in the oversold also

and the stochastic looked like it was

curving back up i think today we're

going to have a downward day in the


it might fall off this support here and

next possible support is the 27

000 mark the reason it might fall off is

because the second wave fears from the


might be a big catalyst for a stock drop

so this

the overall market might be a down today

and it might be down quite a big


going to this 27 000 on the dow so

that's what it looks like is going to

happen today even though the stochastic

is showing that we're going to have it

going up

and the rsi is that divergent showing

we're going down this

fourth bounce off this support line

looks like it's going to break

especially with this news of the second

lockdown potential

so the overall market might be a down

day today and we might have a lot of

selling pressure because there's fear of

a second wave

and if this second wave does come and

there are more further lockdowns we're

going to have a lot of fear in the


and a lot of these companies these

travel companies could go bankrupt now

because they've been

it's been a long time since march almost

six seven months since this um

these companies haven't been operating

get cash flow or revenues like carnival

that's why i'm pulling out of carnival

some warning signals have been shown to

me and now i'm pulling out

i teach to buy stocks over the long term

and buy good strong companies

and if you don't see a change in these

companies and they're consistently

growing they're doing good

and you keep buying them even on worried

news and danger zones but when there's a

danger to the company when you not see

that there could be a possible

bankruptcy or there's a danger to the

company that you once loved

you still change your position you don't

just keep buying blindly because you

have hopes that this stock can go back


if there's danger to losing your money

you pull out of this company and i'm

seeing danger for carnival so i'm going

to pull out of my capital and put it

into stocks

that can survive the kerbin pandemic

that thrive in the crovid pandemic and

that can make money

if you've been losing money in the stock

market this could be the reason don't

hold on to stocks just because you love


if you start to see worries about your

stock or bad news don't second-guess


if you see if you feel that there's bad

news also check with your broker and

your investment um

advisor but if you see there's bad news

you pull out of the stock and you

protect your capital rule number one by

warren buffett don't lose money

don't forget rule number two that's very

important for investing it's better to

get 10

20 30 me i can get 100 to 400

of my investments but it's much better

even getting seven percent than losing

money don't lose money

so there's danger in this stock now so

i'm going to be pulling out my position

on carnival

it's a cell rating by me now carnival

has changed on the second

wave lockdown fears even though it's

very unlikely that they go bankrupt kind

of is a very strong brand they have

backing by the saudi government

i don't want to risk my capital so i'm

going to be pulling out of this stock

so you've seen the techniques that i use

to justify why i'm pulling out if you

want to go more in depth and look at how

i'm investing in stocks and what what

information i'm reading

to be able to tell me that this this is

a danger stock and i don't want to lose

money if you've been losing money in the

stock market you need to learn the

reasons why and correct them

otherwise if a few corrections and you

can start making money in the stock

market you can start putting your money

away for long-term investments that can

compound and grow

over time and make you financially free

if you want to learn those techniques in

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a month and people are very interested

in the stock market right now so

carnival for me is a sell i'm going to

pull my money out of carnival

and invest it into stocks that will

better survive a current second wave

lockdown if it does come

this is james from stock guru today we

might have a downward market day in the


on this new uk second down lockdown


so stay safe out there we're gonna make

money in the stock market regardless

what happens

some stocks will go up and you can buy

good companies even in the worst markets

it's buying good strong companies that

that's what you need to learn and that's

what i teach

so have an amazing trading day let's

make a lot of money that's my goal for

you guys to get your financial freedom

to have an amazing trading day and i'll

see you again tomorrow