What is the Caribbean


hey did you ever have a buddy brag to

you that he just had a great Caribbean

vacation down in Nassau or Bermuda well

no you didn't because the Bahamas and

Bermuda are not in the Caribbean in fact

a lot of people don't even know where

the Caribbean actually is the Caribbean

islands in the Caribbean Sea reside on

top of what's called the Caribbean plate

this runs from Belize across so in Cuba

north of Haiti Hispaniola and Dominican

Republic then crosses over the Puerto

Rico Trench just north of Puerto Rico

and then down to the east side of the

Leeward Islands down towards taboão so

countries such as Venezuela Colombia

Belize Cuba Haiti in the Dominican

Republic and of course islands such as

Puerto Rico Trinidad Tobago all are part

of the Caribbean

of course the ABC islands Aruba Bonaire

curaçao Jamaica and the Caymans all

reside inside the Caribbean but get just

a few miles north of Puerto Rico and

during the Atlantic

so the Bahamas Florida and Bermuda are

actually Atlantic islands this causes

some confusion for people especially

because politically and socially islands

such as the Bahamas are virtually

identical decreeing islands in fact the

Bahamas are even part of certain

Caribbean trade pacts for that matter so

is Bermuda but as far as the Caribbean

or Caribbean Sea goes they're not

actually Caribbean islands so now you

have a better idea of what actually

makes the caribbean to caribbean if it

doesn't sit on the Caribbean plate it's

not part of the Caribbean Sea if it's

not part of the Caribbean Sea it's not

actually a Caribbean island