βœ… Where To Find Visa CVV Code πŸ”΄


welcome back guys so today on this video

we are talking about visa cards and more

specifically we're gonna show where to

find your cv b code on your visa and a

little bit about what i think it is so

first off guys this is not gonna be a

long video really short video because

it's not let's talk about on it but if

you're looking this information up maybe

you're buying some infant products

online or maybe registering for your

subscription with your Visa card and one

of the questions you get a lot for

online forums when using a Visa card is

what is the CB v code so a brief rundown

basically CVV code is just another

security feature on your Visa card so

what happens is you obviously need to

put in your 16 digit visa card number

along with the expiration date and your

name that's pretty common but also a lot

of online forms now ask for the CVV code

for your visa and what where you find

that is back on the signature panel so

here's where you normally sign your Visa

card and then right next to it there's a

three digit code so you can see this one

is nine four five and sometimes it's

going to be on the signature panel like

this one is sometimes it might be a

little bit to the right sometimes it

might be off on to some obscure part of

the card but it doesn't really matter

usually when you want to look for is the

three digit code for your visa it's on

the back of the card but why do you have

that well I'm not sure exactly what the

science is behind it or the purpose but

what I think happens is if you're gonna

be using your card at like a gas station

or something like that

usually what's gonna happen is the

person standing next to you if they are

a scammer they can easily see the 16

digit number and then also the

expiration date on your card but they're

only gonna see usually one half of the

card front or back so what will happen

is if you have a CVV code as a security

feature someone can't easily use your

card online so even if they're standing

there with a pen and paper and then they

note down your 16 digit card number and

the expiration date you would have to

flip the card over to show up the other

side in order to have that extra piece

of information that's necessary to make

purchases online also another thing is

that I have ordered visa cards where the

16 digit card number remains the same

and the expiration date remains the same

but since the bank has replaced this

particular card or my Visa card then

they change the three-digit code so what

will happen is if someone tries to use

my other

Visa debit card

the one that I had replaced it's not

going to go through because the

three-digit code is not matching up so I

don't actually know what CVV means if

you happen to know leave a comment below

let the rest of us know but I do know

that this is where you can find the CVV

code for your visa it's on the back on

the signature line pretty easy just look

for the three digits it's usually

designated in a box so if you have any

other questions be sure to leave a

comment below let me know I always try

to answer whenever possible but

hopefully you found that video useful if

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