Welcome to the new permanent resident card and employment authorization document

okay guys we're gonna have starting

exactly maces to an incident in we're

going to have a new permanent resident

card as well as a new employment

authorization card the card gonna be

different okay

so this design they they use them to

enhance graphic for resistance security

feature to create card that are highly

secure more temporary addition than the

own card in use okay so then you will

code as well as did not run photo in

addition they will display you know

picture on both side as you can see back

back and forth you got a picture okay so

they will show also a unique graphic

image and color palette green card will

have an image we have here statue

everybody we didn't have so the new card

gonna have this Statue of Liberty okay

and a predominant green oh you see it's

going to be green a green palette and

then we do not have also embed a

photographic image so at the back you

got this little gothic image but the

first one we know they no longer display

you know they reloaded the optical

disarticulate on the back we don't know

who no longer have it so which means a

uke you still can use your green card as

volatile permanent as well as your

ultimate organization but for Elliott

that means troublemaker

so no me okay one Oregon card they will

have this feature okay so which me

people that gonna have inflammatory

musician it's going to be different too

so keep in mind keep in mind a after

Mesa we may have some I said so some

green car with this situation have some

common stock okay dick they so they

continue using existing card stock

only tears can Sophia are the quantity

dome house supply form this one which

mean we're going to have some fuel

incurred after my first 14 you stock it

expected they have no more supply from

this one so to sum up you're gonna have

to take you back and forth I'm gonna

have this Statue of Liberty so and as

you can see this gonna look more green

winter it so those changes to give most

activity to come to they want to combat

forward so we're going to have an


for the distant future that's why they

make those changes okay so keep that in

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