Things You Might Not Know About The Carbonaro Effect

with dozens of episodes and hundreds of

tricks under his belt the Carbonaro

effect must have fans wondering how does

this show pull it off let's stick our

hand into this top hat here are some

things you might not know about the

Carbonaro effect in 2013 on The Tonight

Show a young magician named Michael

Carbonaro posed as a convenience store

clerk in order to trick unwitting

customers into believing the


starting with a special Easter skip the

first magic clerk sketch quickly went

viral and eventually led to carbon

arrows regular appearance on Jay Leno's

late-night talk show talking to HuffPost

about the magic clerks gets carbon

arrows magician piers Penn & Teller said

what makes it great is not just the

ingenuity of the stunts which are

amazing but Carbonaro sweet slice style

it isn't just Carbonaro charm charisma

and photogenic presence that helps him

pull off the skits it's also the highly

detailed backstage and under the table

preparation that makes these illusions

visually stunning just give it a little

spritz and then it'll make it floppy in

the same interview with HuffPost

Carbonaro set in doing the magic clerk

segments I'm always reminded of that

line from the usual suspects the best

trick the devil ever pulled was

convincing the world he didn't exist

thankfully carbon arrows best tricks

don't involve anything truly devilish

even though there is the occasional bit

of mayhem and after just one year on

Leno show a newly renamed the Carbonaro

effect was picked up by truTV and an

entire season was ordered even before

the first episode aired the magic clerks

kits exceeded all expectations by

getting picked up by truTV as the

Carbonaro effect after just a year on

The Tonight Show but unfortunately there

was trouble in magician's paradise

according to TMZ Carbonaro was sued in

2015 by Tonight Show producer Beth


who alleged they had entered into a

50-50 verbal contract in 2012 to create

a spin-off show of magic Clerk

tentatively titled trick show Einhorn

claims that the Carbonaro effect is

exactly the premise of the show she and

Carbonaro had discussed and she sued him

for damages fraud fiduciary duty breach

unfair competition and conversion as

20:20 Einhorn is credited as a Carbonaro

effect producer which suggests that the

incident was settled out of court

sometimes the most interesting aspect of

a trick is how it's accomplished even if

that might take the magic out of the

moment because the illusions on the

Carbonaro effect are often so

confounding many viewers can't help but

wonder if these acts are coordinated

according to reality blurred the truth

is the illusions and pranks are actually

staged but only to an extent the

Carbonaro effect has a team of 30 people

and for each trick uses six cameras

picking up a variety of angles that are

later edited frame by frame to show the

trick taking place in almost real-time

the editing process is extensive and

requires incredible attention to detail

in order to show the trick as seamlessly

as possible the Carbonaro effect uses

gentle suggestions like footprint

markings on the floor that subtly

encourages a participant to stand in an

optimal spot for both the trick and the

cameras if bystanders begin to

accumulate carbon arrows team will come

out of the woodwork post as people who

work in the same space and effectively

block the Gawker's view if by chance

someone recognizes the show's host he

simply moves on to the next customer

according to interrobang Carbonaro also

uses an improvisation technique that

involves saying yes to anything a

participant might suggest to get them

further invested and engaged in the

event he uses these techniques to

exploit what he calls the wedge of

belief which is that small space where

an individual has left themselves room

to imagine the impossible is true to

fully capture the trick from all

perspectives including the pranked

person Carbonaro uses his training to

plant a microphone on the unwitting

participants using sleight of hand as

reality blurred points out Carbonaro

calls this a reverse pickpocket and it's

extremely effective in capturing the

shock and all that inevitably arises as

the trick unfolds in other cases where

appropriate Carbonaro steam will plant a

mic in an object like a heart rate

monitor or clothing for the participant

to try on yep we sneak him everywhere on

vests jackets or in this common everyday

upper chest pulse regulator we used at

the golf course

many of the participants are shocked to

realize their reactions have been

getting recorded all along and not just

by the cameras because of all this even

though aspects of the Carbonaro effect

are staged the human

reactions are not that aspect is

enchanting all on its own

what do where do you keep where do you

play Carbonaro is also sensitive to the

nature of his trickery and make sure

that the joke doesn't enter into scary

or bullying territory if a participant

starts to get uncomfortable or feels

they're being made fun of Carbonaro

we'll stop the prank reset and move on

to the next person Carbonaro also

understands that sometimes it's more

than just vanity that makes people

hesitant to agree to appear on camera

Carbonaro totally respects that and

their privacy in these cases he simply

moves on to the next mark three is the

magic number for the main elements in a

Carbonaro effect trick in order to

achieve its maximum potential which

Carbonaro calls the perfect triad

according to interrobang first is the

trick which needs to strike a fine

balance between being simple as well as

appearing incredibly complicated the

quantum physics of magic Carbonaro

returns to magic basics magic 101 that

relies on sleight of hand since this is

the most effective aspect second

Carbonaro needs a solid story to

complement the magic 101 going on behind

the scenes since the Carbonaro effect

often takes place in retail scenarios

Carbonaro needs to sell himself not as a

celebrity magician but as an everyday

Joe who's giving out free samples or

doing a demonstration this is the thing

my boss is like crazy superstitious

without this narrative background it

would be impossible to get people to

believe they're witnessing a miracle

especially since they actually aren't

the third and arguably the most

important aspect of a trick is the

participants reaction to it Carbonaro

told interrobang what I think is at the

heart of the show is the joy of watching

people react to bizarre situations I

could be great but the reaction is the

superstar if the trick is really great

the silly story that I tell along with

it is really great and the person that I

am lucky enough to have wandered into

this scenario is also an awesome person

if those three things are lined up it's

golden Impractical Jokers is another

hidden camera prank show featured on

truTV that involves a group of four

friends daring each other into

increasingly ridiculous and personally

embarrassing situations the person who

refuses loses and is faced with an even

more absurd

dare to close out each episode while

Impractical Jokers isn't nearly as

finessed as the Carbonaro effect in

either theme or execution pairing the

two popular shows still makes perfect

sense in a hilarious crossover event

Impractical Jokers stars joined

Carbonaro in a coffee shop to prank some

unsuspecting New Yorkers but as to be

expected with the Carbonaro effect the

joke ended up on the Joker's who are

supposed to be helping prank customers

by the time the Joker's get involved

Carbonaro switches the prank and the

Joker's end up stunned themselves as

Carbonaro smooth magic takes place right

in front of them without them even

realizing growing up Carbonaro was

inspired by the prank show candid camera

and first got into magic by intimidating

his hero David Copperfield in an

interview with Newsday Carbonaro

recalled I learned how to be a performer

by emulating him as a kid his formula of

just talking to people on stage being

free to improvise being charming and

witty with a crowd together with great

beautiful magic after summers attending

Tannen's magic camp he went on to teach

himself a variety of magic tricks and

sleight of hand through relentless

practice in front of a mirror until the

illusions were seamless once he was able

to fool his family they joined forces to

help him to branch out and get paid for

his performances starting when he was

just 13 encouraged by his electrician

dad who had helped build SATs first

tricks and his nurse mom who took on the

role of both Booker and manager for her

son carbon arrows flare for both magic

and performing flourished he made so

much money performing magic tricks

during high school that he saved enough

to put himself through the prestigious

and expensive NYU where he studied

acting professionally in an interview

with interrobang about his magical

training Carbonaro said I had this

love-hate relationship with magic magic

can sometimes be a bad word a lot of

people they think of their dumb uncle or

some stupid clown that they saw they

don't really know that magic can be

super skilled and super wonderful the

way the Carbonaro effect approaches

magic is absolutely both of those things

super skilled and super wonderful

inspired by the practical special

effects of horror movies as well as

Steven Spielberg films like jaws and

Jurassic Park Carbonaro insists that the

tricks must be doable in real time they

don't even use camera tricks Carbonaro

and his writing room use an

unconventional reverse method in

conceiving their tricks instead of

thinking about what they can do they


about something impossible to do and

then work out the details of how to

accomplish it successfully on camera he

likens some of their concepts to

episodes of The Twilight Zone explaining

that they think of something that might

be considered terrifying or creepy and

turn it into a magic trick that leaves

people stunned more than frightened

Carbonaro has 30 people on his team who

help with the various aspects of each

trick and a portion of them are involved

with the six cameras being used this

means that there's always at least one

camera that catches the illusion in the

act which of course gets edited out

before the episode airs the Carbonaro

effect team even includes people with

whom Carbonaro went to magic camp who

continued helping him design and execute

these magical moments as Carbonaro likes

to call his tricks as much as Carbonaro

would love to practice and hone his

tricks more with participants the

Carbonaro effect has a limited timeline

to film ten episodes in a mere 13 weeks

this amounts to upwards of one hundred

and forty tricks that he and his team

must not only design but rehearse

without the beautiful human reactions

that really bring the magic home for

example the stunning everlasting juicer

trick was shot a grand total of two

times the level of creativity displayed

here is as stunning as the magic and

carbon arrows performances themselves

are you kidding me is this like am I

being punked right now the Carbonaro

effect host might be born and raised in

Long Island but his show has been filmed

in Georgia and Chicago to capitalize off

of a potentially less cynical population

as Carbonaro told a.m. New York

locations are also easier to disguise

far from a well photograph to New York

landscape that might alert people to

carbon arrows presence and upstage the

tricks with participants who know too

much about him already that said

Carbonaro already knows exactly what

trick he would do if given the chance to

bring the Carbonaro effect to his home

state and of course it involves the

subway he hasn't revealed a lot of

detail only that it would rely on a

subway platform a moving train and

Carbonaro being in his words a nutjob

the focus would be on the subway riders

faces as they watch the scenario unfold

Carbonaro also thinks filming around New

York would be great because of all the

swearing that would inevitably need

bleeping out as his tricks unfold no no

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