#938 BONNIE & CLYDE Death Car, and the INTEGRATRON - Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog (3/2/19)

all right welcome back my friends we are

on day two of the road trip Breck and I

are headed out at Palm Springs right now

if you watched yesterday you saw what we

did before this now we are headed out to

Prem Nevada Breck and I are staying at

whiskey Pete's tonight we get to whiskey

peace there's something that I want to

vlog that supposedly is open 24 hours so

we're gonna make a few stops along the

way have a that's what you do on road

trip so hope you guys enjoy this these

withdrawing the line begins when Breck

now put all the wildflowers on the

purple and yellow

alright Brecon I decided to take a

little detour through Desert Hot Springs

we're going to show you something look

at that mural that's a good one

we actually just stumbled into this one

this it wasn't even when we were looking

for we're looking for a big hand-carved

Indian and instead we found this amazing

looks like a Viking of some sort they've

got quite a bit of art in there and it

got a couple of lion statues man place

is awesome

in this metalwork horse yeah you get out

of the city and you find the cool stuff

like this yeah this guy isn't even who

we were looking for we're looking for a

big hand-carved wooden Indian so let's

go find him well my friends say hello to

way okey forty three foot tall

hand-carved wooden Indian this is the

brainchild of man named peter toth a

Hungarian artists who decided to put one

of these in as many places as he could

and so he went to pull one in every

State of the Union and in Canada if he

could so he's got 74 of these around the

northern America region and this is the

only one in California hand-carved check

that thing out and that amazing correct

what do you think of that couldn't find

online how long it took him to do each

one but Wow look at the detail on there

the headdress and everything even light

it up at night you can see

so check this out it clearly had some

rotting because you can see this wedge

of the the back they had to replace with

like foam styrofoam but this is all real

it's all part of the hand-carved art and

if you want to come see this for

yourself it's actually out here at

Cabot's Cabot's pueblo museum we're just

not gonna vlog it today because i want

to save that for another trip you know I

just told Breck I said what are you

gonna do without me showing you crazy

stuff like this he's gonna have to go

track down 43 foot tall wooden Indians

on his own so I was a pretty good size

comparison with Breck standing in front

Brock you're probably what 6-3 he said

he feels really short alright let's hit

the road

Breck I'll bet you 20 bucks before the

end of today we see a gigantic pink

flamingo man you want to take that back

okay I mean we just saw this cool

abandoned old building want to come take

a look at it it actually looks pretty

new school but we've driven around it

and it's all I boarded up and the

windows are all broken and everything Oh

what do you see in there what is that I

say a pink flamingo to me somebody's

gonna have to pay up got anything you

want to say yeah you can see all the the

doors to whatever this used to be you're

all pink in there Breck and I pulled

over because we thought we saw some

butterflies and sure enough all over the

ground as we pulled over they're just

they're everywhere

another one of those fun things about

road tripping so we're actually gonna

make a stop we're headed out here to

Landers California and it's something

that I've wanted to vlog inside of but

they spent about an hour on the phone

telling me why I couldn't do it so we'll

go out here I'll show you and I'll tell

you the story from outside

well we made it out here just before Sun

fall to the integratron like I said they

don't they don't allow you to go and

film anything inside or anything like

that but this place is awesome I've

actually done a sound bath here where

they well this this place is supposedly

has such an amazing like magnetic field

here that um that the guy who built this

George Van Tassel

he was a UFO ologist he used to use this

to summon UFOs and he believed it

because of the like electromagnetism

here that it rejuvenates the body and so

this is actually split in half inside

where you see that ring that all

actually lights up and everything that

looks like a spaceship but where that

ring is that's the second floor and you

go up there and you lay down on the

ground and they have people play like

crystals with a mallet and they send

reverberations because that's got a

perfect acoustics sphere there so every

I mean you can be laying there and you

could like like just move your

fingernail on the the ground just a

touch and it would echo through there

it's amazing this place is great this

was they say online that it was funded

primarily by donations from Howard

Hughes because this guy was just so

passionate about it and he always used

to claim like vigorously that he built

this off of the specs directly given to

him like the instructions directly given

to him from people from Venus brick and

I are checking out they have a plaque

over here see I'll read it to you so the

integra tron is the creation of George

Van Tassel is based on the design of

Moses tabernacle the writings of Nikola

Tesla and telepathic directions from

extraterrestrials the dome structure is

35 feet high and 55 feet in diameter was

originally constructed of wooden

fibreglass without the aid of metal


huh in 1947 Van Tassel began operating

the giant Rock Airport a short distance

northeast of here and in 1953 initiated

communications with extraterrestrials he

subsequently hosted 17 spacecraft

conventions for UFO enthusiasts and

thighs iasts the purpose of the integra

tron is the rejuvenation of the human

body similar to recharging a battery and

basic research in the time travel

according to Van Tassel the integratron

is located on an intersection of

powerful geomagnetic forces that when

focused by the unique geometry of the

building will concentrate and amplify

the energy required for cell

rejuvenation huh Wow

this energy is created by the revolution

of an external ring at the shoulder of

the building generating electrostatic

forces that are fed to this what is that

stator centered in the lower room

construction began in 1957 but it was

incomplete at the Van Tassel's death in


so brick I have logged quite a few

things this is a first isn't it we've

talked about going here before and never

actually managed to do it so I'm glad I

got a chance to see this pretty amazing

story to this place isn't it yeah you

want to hear a crazy story is that the

time that I came here I think I've

actually done it twice but the time that

I came here I was staying at the Joshua

Tree Inn with my girlfriend and we were

standing outside getting ready to head

off here and the people that were in the

room next to us said hey what can you

recommend we do around here

and I said oh we're going to be in

trekker Tron I told him about it and

they ended up coming and that the guy

was actually Judd Nelson from The

Breakfast Club

I swear you just never know who you'll

meet out here in the desert

I think brixon aw all right we're out of

here off to our next stop we just saw

all this and we pulled off to the side

of the road to check it out there's like

big piles of rocks on both sides that

people have sprayed their names and

things like that into and normally I'd

be like oh that's awesome you know cuz I

generally like art but this is just

garbage I mean that's just this is just

absolute garbage in nature no no this is


unless they you know unless like the

whoever owns these rocks sanctioned it

for this I mean yeah it's just I don't

know look at that sky

it's a big milkshake all right we're

getting close


well as you can see we made it to one of

our stops the world's tallest


check this out they have a pan with some

it says is it really hot enough to cook

an egg outside skillet temperature would

have to say have to be 158 degrees

here's the thermometer now we're going

to one of your favorite places Brock

aren't we yep little alien jerky you can

see it glowing in the distance there it


we're entering a spaceship

breck and i have been here before but

we've never been here in the evening and

I'm totally glad that we came luck up

there I told him I said it'll probably

be lit up and everything look at that

we're being watched and they move the

arms move look their heads are moving


here's the alien police force vehicles

you can see the alien parking only

those are our drivers then you can see

in this vehicle you've got an alien

driving in there as well oh no really

we're half an hour late okay Breck when

we when we head back this way in a

couple of days we'll we'll stop here on

the way back we better look at the very

bottom the mad Greek you are here I've

always heard about this place and I've

never got to come here so we're gonna

make a stop look at this old vehicle way

do you check this place out

the mad Greek cafe oh yeah like Liberace

decorated this place I love it

well this place is amazing

this is what you come here for

think we'll sit back here with Hercules

check this out the wall of famous Greeks

an honorary famous Greeks Lord Byron

Winston Churchill Michael Dukakis so we

both ordered the original Greek gyro

this is where you pick up your Sheikh I

like that and sign up there that says

two Greek heroes Hercules and the mad

Greek food Nirvana well there's the gyro

looks great well there it is we'll see

what all the fuss is about

it's pretty good how's your food Brock

it's really good that is fantastic

all right Herc it was pretty good we're

out of here

well we have found prim Nevada

there's Buffalo Bills there's where

we're staying whiskey pedes

Bonnie and Clyde and that could only

mean that's right the infamous Bonnie

and Clyde death car

and yes it's the original authentic

look at that

now they say there's been a handful of

different cars that have claimed to have

been the actual car but this one all of

the bullet holes actually match up with

the photos you know other than that

sticker being on it Wow

two of the most infamous gangsters of

all time

Wow that windshield


look at all the bullet holes you guys

are gonna pull up up because that's the

ball hit the inside yeah

the back windows

Wow take a look at that look at the back

window Wow

now here's the money side this is where

everything obviously went in

whoa this is what you called getting lit



I'm wondering how many different pieces

of this car have been picked off for

like souvenirs like the steering wheel

and stuff like that

well look at all that geez


and take a look at this they have

Clyde's shirt SEOs cut off


look at the bullet holes in the back of

the shirt

then this certificate says this

certifies this garment is the authentic

shirt worn by Clyde Barrow at the time

of his death on May 23rd 1934 in an

ambush near Gibson Louisiana

Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker

one of the original owners Charles

Stanley man that thing is just insane

it's kind of crazy just to see that in


and this one says this is notorious

gangster Dutch Schultz 1931 Lincoln

custom-built with bulletproof lead

filled doors an inch thick glass after

Schultz murdered in 1935 the car was

used by Al Capone's mob later the car

was seized by Chicago Police and sold at

public auction


oh look at his door whoo


Wow look at all those cars are riddled

with them man look at all the bullet

holes that is insane now this handmade

mirror was made by Clyde it says during

one of his likely jail sentences the and

then it says that Clyde made this

necklace for his sister I need to rest

all right time to check in you talking

to whiskey Pete Breck yeah he's pretty

talkative he's not saying anything to me

guess he doesn't acute I'm gonna barrel

hanging from the ceiling

another bad room for whiskey Pete's

about 60 70 bucks tonight all right I

think I want to play some slots to end

the night let's go I think we'll end it

here with kiss hope you guys all enjoyed

this vlog come back and see us tomorrow

to see where we end up have a great

night and goodbye