GTA 5 Online Super Car Dealerships! Test Drive Cars Before Buying? (GTA 5)

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about GTA 5 online and car dealerships

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let's get right into the meat of this

commentary in regards to why I think

there should be some kind of car

dealership you can go to in GTA 5 online

now the dáil streaming and a user that

is a first time player of GTA 5 and GTA

5 online came into my chat asked the

question where do I buy cars in GTA 5

now I was like well that's a fairly easy

answer you simply go to your internet on

your phone then you go to travel and

transport and you go over a legendary

motorsport or southern Thai and race

depending what kind of view you want to

purchase and this got me thinking like

why don't we have some kind of car


maybe the Simeon runs or somebody runs

you can literally go and just go look at

the cars before you buy them

it's one of those things was like why

would you want to buy a car before you

even have it you know why would you want

to buy a car before you even see it

let's say you go to legendary motorsport

and you've never ever seen what the

massacre looks like all you see is the

picture well you want to know what you

know what the sports car looks like you

want to get a feel for it well why

wouldn't you go to a test driver why

want you to see it first before you buy

it's like buying something blind all you

have is a picture it's like would you

buy a car in real life without really

ever test driving or seeing in person I

don't think so so why would you want to

just buy a car especially the amount of

money that some of these upper end cars

are high in cars cost like is intorno

it's almost seven hundred twenty-five

thousand dollars that's how much it cost

you're literally hoping that the car is

everything you've ever wanted when you

buy is intorno even though most of the

pictures in legend motorsport in the

southern I and Reyes

they give you what the car looks like

exactly but an example the cheetah or

you have the vodka they're great looking

cars I think they're cool looking cars

but they suck they're super slow they're

like ridiculously slow compared to the

adder as these internal but yet people

still buy them not knowing their speed

I think this isn't that Roger could in

the future maybe implement and I want to

know what you guys think do you think

it'd be a very cool concept where you

can go somewhere in Los Santos go to

this store and go try out or go look at

these adders these int or knows these

entities those these coquettes

the carbonize errs the bullets whatever

the case may be

you literally go there just to see what

kind of car you want to buy depending on

how the car looks and how it performs I

think it'd be a great addition sometimes

in your future Barak sure to add this as

it is something that should have been

the game

for quite a while now since we do have

it on PC now much more is possible now

of course I would love to see this on

all consoles on all systems but I think

this would make more sense on the PC as

the PC has a lot more things we can

control there's a lot more variables

Rockstar can control it can use a lot

more space etc etc and I think that we

can make a really really cool store


type of thing or car dealership where

you just can go and try out cars for the

first time if they've never seen them or

tried them out for themselves before

they end up dropping half a million

dollars in a car so let me what you guys

think down below in the comments section

do you guys this is a good idea let me

know I love your opinion feedback

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