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apply to any modern car guys nowadays

especially gasoline car so if you hear

one you will be very helpful to you guys

will explain what are the symptoms have

it published valve put a canister valve

okay this is the valve that brings guys

the vapors from the fuel tank to the

engine and will explain what it does how

it works all that and the symptoms have

a product valve that is stuck open

symptoms of valve stuck closed and

vacuum leak hose on purge valve so make

sure to stay until the end that video

gate guys can save you hundreds of

dollars because sometimes when the purge

valve is bad or we have a vacuum leak it

will tell you that let's say maybe you

need oxygen sensor mass airflow sensors

you spend hundreds of dollars and all

you needed was a little hose so make

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doing here yes this engine ok it's a

4-cylinder guys Dodge Chrysler Jeep and

Fiat engine used in multiple vehicles

but many engines will use the same

concept pretty much is the same thing

BMW Mercedes for Dodge whatever it is

Volkswagen all day all of them have a

purge purge valve product canister valve

what it does now guys you can see this

is your fuel line here usually will be

somewhere by the intake it may be

mounted on the engine it may be you guys

mounted on the actually on the body

somewhere but this line big line this

line brings the vapors guys from the

fuel tank to the purge valve pollute

valve it's activated it just opens and

closes by 12 volt supply the engine

computer tells it ok open and you're

like those vapors go from here past that

hose enter the intake manifold from the

intake manifold they'll end up in the

engine and they will button through the

engine guys what what will happen that

way you reduce emissions you don't let

the fuel vapors go in the atmosphere

second your car gets better

because you get some extra feel that way

instead of losing in Indians fear know

how that how that valve can gain fare

guys stuck open or stuck close and the

third option is guys having a bad house

cat calls from the public valve to the

intake manifold make sure to stay until

the end just that little house for a few

dogs can cost the guys hundreds of

dollars because it will not tell you

that you have a bad valve will explain

that in just a little bit so let me just

remove that in usually guys okay you

have a wire that you need to disconnect

on line two lines usually that you need

to disconnect and you can pull it out

and we will explain okay what it does no

you guys nothing fails stuck open

you guys can develop engine misfire okay

engine misfire you can develop rough

item you can develop guys hard time

starting your engine especially when

it's called why is that no gas because

it when it's that open it will create

vacuum leak you suck extra air from the

fuel tank that it doesn't know of and as

a result guys the engine is confused

he thinks it's getting certain amount

aware but it's getting more air because

you have a vacuum leak and it will put

less fuel because it doesn't know about

that extra air and the car may miss fire

you may guys get a code for Linda

gunning engine Milliken II engine

usually indicates bad guys oxygen sensor

or bad mass airflow sensor you will put

new sensors hundreds of dollars guys and

that's not going to fix your problem it

could be just a bad valve usually when

the valve is bad

he wrote draw a code kb such as p 0 4 4

3 4 4 0 4 4 4 so many calls gas can be

related to project valve depending on if

it's stuck open stack closed but it may

take t 300 miles to get the code now

that's the best in air you get a code

and you know that that guy is good but

if it's stuck close guys okay it's even

better because it doesn't affect so much

the engine but you're going to get a

code that you need to

so off this is the best scenario

the worst one guys having a bet vacuum

hose of your back hose from the patrol

to the intake manifold if that hose is

cracked somewhere but the purge valve is

working okay what's going to happen now

it's going to happen guys you're going

to create a vacuum leak and the engine

would think the polygraph is working

okay but you're still getting that extra

air your engine may misfire may get an

engine light for running lean in meaning

new oxygen sensor for mass airflow

sensor and all you need is a okay is the

hose that is just a few dollars gas and

these guys kid because because of that

house and vacuum leak on your car it

could because from other excuse me other

vacuum leaks as well like these holes

here you have quite a few vacuums on

your car but always guys check the

pocket valve and the hose as well so

hopefully the video will be helpful to

anybody having that problem thank you

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