link 2 the candle and first level up

what's up everybody look at dude The

Adventures of link man here we go

I already have a game started register

your name I'm gonna start at level 1 so

register my name the e you just say no

that's how you spell Dennis and the

shortest term DS all right

I'm selecting Dennis here dialysis is

how you spell Dennis in its largest turn

I'm into my last name in my history you

guys all know that oh you guys should

look it up in a mystery calm obviously

I'm starting at level 1 okay there's a

little trick right here quick way to go

from level 1 to level 2 boom there it is

done already in the hole - all I do is

go in that little patch of woods little

bit of first info life upgrade - like -

you know it shouldn't be ignoring those

dudes I should be dodging the kid but

I'm in a hurry to show ya all right

there's a town down here it's top this

town tells you about everything these

guys you guys cops could kill they they

give you two points each there's other

characters or goons in the game they're

pigs with staffs or pigs with hammers or

Devils with hammers pigs with shields

and swords nights and stuff you know the

pigs characters don't give you any hit

points or any

right here you just walk into the town

all right

you go this way you basically talk to

every person that you never cross which

I'm not gonna do this is a chick right

here in the White House she helps you

you go in you know she heals you know

sexually leo yeah a little bit of a

behind closed doors you know you go to

John talk to everybody

big information they tell you the hints

and stuff that's how you need a candle

to go out there you ever get one of

these these are the fairies you want to

catch when your lights low they pop up

and be now that you just jump into them

did it hit us up in life if you're down

like at all all right here's the cave

and you notice it's dark in this cave I

can't see nothing except for you know

they'll be ready to go I can see the

shadow of the enemy there so I jump down

there boom there's only that one guy in

that cave through the forest all right

just a little uppers so you go in the

little forest you level up immediately

and you get through here go through here

you want to dodge these guys you know

unless you're trying to get hit points

and stuff there's only certain things

you can do story to get hit points you

know what I mean so that's that you know

what I mean

elevator goes down here go down go this

way direction first when I had this

direction he's a little shield-bearing

cape sword pigs dude they don't give you

any points these things do you know

there you go so you get two points

beating that dude

that dudes up there you got to worry

about them this skeleton dude I'm gonna

show you how to do this 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2

3 1 2 3 1 2 3 boom 30 points you know

the next level up is it 100 here's this

annoying little pig guy with a sword all

right there's the key BAM gotta hit it

with your sword to get it can't walk

over and pick it up nothing you know

what I mean you got a hit here so these

blue dudes will be here again I'm kind

of glad he came down you know two points

you know that good points you get me a

little bit more careful instances

because they come back and they destroy

you know the little blobs they come back

there's certain characters as soon as

you destroy them they don't come back

these Pig dudes they keep coming da da

da you know they don't ever stop coming

really except for certain parts all

right I wouldn't got that key which is

made it possible for me open this door

continue on all right you keep on

hitting this stall all right 50 times

you will destroy it but if you hit it

right look I hit it 50 times I'll do

story but if I hit it I can walk right

through it the end it it was the pig guy

that hurt me they keep coming in and he

can almost impossible destroy these


but you keep on hitting it you know mean

it you gotta hit it a lot fifty times

and it gets destroyed alright so I keep

going this way never no skeleton dude up

here one two three well you know

basically knock them back three times


there you go thirty points I just keep

going there's gonna be another one right

after here this elevator goes down yeah

got me backed up

they ain't easy man there's other guys

in here that are hard man you'll see

here shortly

go through there alright this dude right

here the skull dudes pretty easy to


see it's get up

alright and I can't get them it's

alright let's see come on dude didn't

buy range yeah

alright Dan I'll be able to show you

this a little better

alright you can walk right through him

if he's frozen

alright walk right through on see but if

you keep hitting them a little floating

skull this is gonna give me a level up

cuz I think you get 50 yeah I believe

you get 50 pretty strong what others

keep it up until you darling and it's

hard did you store these guys we got the

enemies all around you dude

and you don't want to because every time

you hit them you back up a little bit so

you just keep moving forward a little

bit on them takes a minute

BAM 50 points level up all right now I

don't want to level of a magic or

nothing so I'm gonna cancel it but

attacks 200 the next life level up is a

150 basically what what I like to do is

you know level of my life the best I can

why it's cheap you know and again to

pick things up you hit it with your


right this prick


and since I did not go into the village

and talk to anybody or anything I have

no magic right now

so you know what I mean I have no magic

right now just you know usually you

press select and you get 32 more armor

all right through here there's a spirit

if my life was down right I would jump

into it and refill my life completely

I'll probably get beat up a little bit

up here so we'll say that for my return


you know see my lighting source back

here's one key kneel down hit it well

we're gonna continue on you get two

points for destroying the blue or red

Dobbs blobs you don't get no points for

killing a pig with a sword you get no

points for killing the pig with a with

the staff ah dan dan this guy is pretty

easy get him in the corner like this

easy to destroy 50 points get that

second key and I'm gonna be able to show

you how the fairy helps you Dan

if I make it to her

yeah I'm not making it to her stupid

that sucks dude

it really sucked but anyway I've already

got the key I don't have to go back for

this dude runs from you like a

destroy as it is all right so I'm gonna

go ahead and waste the ferry I think

just to show you guys jump on her BAM

see me light up blue and stuff well that

was her healing me

um you continue down this way there's

other stuff you can do down here but my

main goal right now is to get the candle

you're all gonna wonder where the candle

is if you go ahead and get yourself a

game system a Nintendo game system and

stuff you know you're you're just gonna

wonder where it's at so

it's right down here go down Shakalaka


bad come on mister georgette big time

here's this really fast

he's up there that's good man

I just gotta go there but that hate

you go through there is hundreds of

points you know if you stop at East

Oriole things

all right you run across here there's

gonna be a pouch like I showed you in

the little teeny woods

duck down hit it there's nothing here I

want run across the edge of the ridge

balls you're dead you need just kind of

run through there you come across when

these hammer crews you know you want to

try to destroy him before you die

obviously you know I mean because when I

come back he's going to be there

much easier to store ago


today's the way I figured out the into

is a pretty hard man they take some time

figuring out man


man dude if I turn around like that

again yeah got him alright how do you

know what that does look boom doors

gonna open check it out dawg

what is that is that a Kegel yeah I know

you know walked right in that gun candle

as soon as you get any progress in this

game it typically saves your progress

you know what I mean it's it's saved and

that's that you know what I mean

this thing's gonna jump away at me let's

destroy it well that's kind of a good

thing you know I mean besides the fact

that I'm gonna be starting back all at

the end

alright I'll continue as soon as you die

you use all three lives start right back

where the sleeping princess is you know

you gotta come kiss her and trip bring

her back alive but you start all way

back in but I already got the candle so

the game's gonna let me keep the candle

and I'm giving an example of the candle

use and then we'll see how this video

worked boom that's what the candidates

and with that we're gonna end this video

I just right here I'm gonna go back to

the castle and try to defeat the boss

guy at the end but at this point I'm

going to end this and watch the video on

Facebook watch as you can see I don't

have no magic or anything I guess I'll

tell you that real quick I do got the

candle down there at the bottom you can

see that I'm actually gonna go back to

the town and get the magic and

everything then I need and then I'm

gonna go ahead and head back to that

castle all that dadada whatever and

defeat the boss try to I haven't done

that yet and videotaped me fighting the

boss once I get to him


and we're gonna see together what

happens when you defeat the boss and

anytime I decide to go into a cave or

something I'm gonna record it and show

everybody that stuff too so basically if

you're watching this video you're my

friend from Michigan playing wanna see

go or you're just different on my

facebook I miss y'all you know what I


how you been hit me back let me know I'm

just gonna basically show you guys me

playing my new games I got several new

games for the Nintendo I'm gonna finish

it off with this real quick look at that

freakin contra guys contra the only game

I don't have his PO bow I'm still

looking for that one but this game was

expensive dude it was $45

and that's it we'll go ahead and post it

hopefully I can see you soon