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great video hey I know a lot of you out

there have Smart TVs but before we go to

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Smart TVs are real popular well I have a

Vizio Smart TV and this morning when I

got up it automatically came on and it

had a warning thing on the screen which

I'm gonna show you right here says

please review this unit is equipped with

automated content recognized a reckoning

reckons ation recognization technology

also known as Smart interactivity Smart

interactivity so I don't know if all

Smart TVs do this but I've been saying

for years that TVs are spying on you and

here is the proof all you people thinks

I'm nuts this comes right up on my TV it

came up on this morning and I've had the

TV for probably a year 16 this year and

now it comes up with this and it also

gives you the option of settings or a

dream I just turned the TV off and

didn't do either one and turn it back on

and it was going away but it says what

data do we collect let me see

information about what is playing on

this internet connected TV so they're

spying on whatever you're watching on

your Smart TV Vizio

is collecting data and in spying on

whatever you're viewing through your

Smart TV if you have it connected to the

Internet who do we share data with

unless you turn off AR see the scene we

may share viewing data with authorized

data partners including analytic

companies media companies advertisers

and so on and so forth so if you have a

smart TV particularly Vizio was the one

I'm talking about that's the one I have

they're collecting data home you and I

know there's a lot of you people say

well I don't care

what I care well you will care

eventually how do we enhance data

well they enhance it they don't really

enhance it

but anyway see they they click data

through your IP address Vizio not and

authorized partners use the information

to generate summary analyze and reports

of how users engage with content on your

TV I mean it's one thing to have a TV

that you can connect to the internet and

I'm not going to read the rest of it

because it's just more and more of the

same stupid stuff but you know you buy a

TV and you think you own it and you use

it to connect to the internet to watch

whatever it is you want to watch and and

and they're spying on you to see what

you're doing

so this is just a warning to everyone it

has a Smart TV that is interested in

knowing this your TV is collecting data

on you and give it to whoever they have

a partnership with so you need to be

real careful about the content that you

watch on your TV because just clicking

on the wrong thing and watching the

wrong thing on your Smart TV through the

Internet can cause a lot of trouble in

your life

so anyway okay this is Harold with world

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your Smart TV to connect to the Internet

may not be real smart for you but it's

real smart for the authorities and

everybody else that wants to know your

business so this is Harold with world TV

on the mend

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