California declares state of emergency as trio of fires burn l GMA

begin with those out of control wildfire

scorching california overnight the

governor there declaring a state of


more than two million acres have burned

so far this year that's a record for the


and equals the size of two rhode islands

or one and a half

million football fields just this

weekend some 200 people had to be

airlifted to safety

after an explosive blaze trapped them in

a popular camping area

and officials warn it could get even


zarin shaw is in toll house california

with the latest good morning to you


good morning eva at this command center

there are hundreds of exhausted

firefighters they are sleeping wherever

they can

one even sleeping behind me on top of a

truck and they have

a long day ahead of them overnight this

fire exploded to over

73 thousand acres still just zero

percent contained

overnight a state of emergency declared

in california as a trio of fires

rages across the state earlier on sunday

more than 200 people airlifted to safety

as a wall of flames surrounded this

campground near fresno

we are completely trapped there's fire

on all sides all around us all the roads

are burnt 20 were taken to nearby

hospitals to be treated

some in critical condition with broken

bones and severe burns

jeremy remington among the survivors

seen here being airlifted out of the

danger zone with his family

giving the thumbs up one second we were

on the boat

to go get ice for our ice chest less

than 30 minutes later

the fire completely engulfed everything

as the flames drew near

many dove into the water others driving

through the flames

in hopes of getting out like julianna

park who was on her way

back from a hike with friends while they

noticed ash falling from the sky

a park ranger led them to the only road

out surrounded by flames in the moment i


think oh this could be you know the end

for us but

in hindsight when i listen to the


of the audio i do get a little spooked

throughout the weekend the raging

inferno gripping the central valley

firefighters across the state battling


major fires like the el dorado fire near

san bernardino

family and friends pumping water out of

their pool to fight the field of flames

as firefighters on scene raced assist

authorities revealing overnight the fire

was started by a colored smoke grenade

used in a gender reveal party across the

state the valley fire spanning over 9

thousand acres

11 structures reduced to ash this roof


winds fueling the roaring flames

over 2 million acres have burned in

california in 2020

that is a record for one year and it is

still only september

janae oh and serene just incredible

images of those flames thank you so much

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