Get Calculator on iPad - How to Get Calculator App on iPad for Free?

I don’t know why but one of the biggest problems with the iPad is:

it doesn't ship with a calculator app!

Then what if you need to calculate something urgently on your iPad?

That’s something you’ll learn in this video.

Hello Everyone Rahul here TechReviewPro

and in this video, you'll learn

how to get Calculator app on iPad?

So without wasting any more time

Let's learn, how to get a calculator app on the iPad.

There are multiple free ways to get a calculator on the

iPad and in this video I’m going to show you

3 different ways to get a calculator app on iPad.

But make sure you watch until the end because that’s

where you’ll learn the easiest way to

get a calculator on iPad.

So without wasting any more time,

let’s jump into the tutorial…

Hey Siri!

Show me the best calculator app for the iPad.

But wait, Siri itself is one of the best calculator apps for iPad.

I’m not saying that Siri is an app but yes Siri can calculate basic mathematical problems.

Let me show you how…

If you haven’t already set up Siri on your iPad then go to settings and from various

options select Siri and search.

Now enable the Siri.

And then, set up your voice by following up on the screen instructions.

Now you have Siri enabled on your iPad so we are ready to go.

Go to the home screen and long-press the home button or say hey Siri What is the 5% of 32

and here is the answer.

So that’s how you can use Siri as a calculator app.

Let’s try again.

Hey Siri!

What’s the addition of 2 + 2?


Looks like Siri is intelligent at Mathematics and this reminds me of the legendary mathematician


But there is a catch here, Siri works only with an active internet connection.

So make sure you have a working internet connection.

The second method to get Calculator on your iPad is the spotlight search.

Yes, you heard that right.

Spotlight search is an inbuilt search engine as well as a Calculator app on every Apple


Siri works well with basic calculations but it’s not as good when it comes to calculating


That’s when Spotlight search comes in handy.

Simply swipe down on the home screen and this will activate spotlight search.

Type in your calculation problems and this will instantly provide the calculated results.

Spotlight can also be helpful in basic arithmetical problems, and conversion.

And the best thing about spotlight search is, you can calculate even if you don’t

have a working internet connection on your iPad.

So better than Siri.

Third and the easiest way to get a calculator on the iPad is: using calculator apps from

the App Store.

Did you know?

If you Open App Store and search for Calculator, you’ll find various calculator apps for

iPad in the App Store.

I tested out a few of these and after that, I noticed that this one works great.

So simply download and install the Calculator app whose name is Calculator - Pad Edition.

Once installed, open the app and start calculating.

It’s pretty easy to use and the user interface is similar to the calculator app you get on

your iPhone or other Apple devices.

So you won’t even feel the need for the default calculator app for iPad.

So that’s how you can get a calculator app on the iPad.

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Thanks for watching!

I’m Rahul signing off and I’ll see you in the next one.