2019 Cadillac XT5 3.6L V6 (FWD) Start Up and In-Depth Tour

good morning guys you join me in

beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina

here for a seven-day visit and I'm going

to give you guys a tour of our rental

car it's a 2018 Cadillac xti here's what

the key looks like it's got LED

illumination yeah this has the optional

LED headlights just taking a walk around

the car it's got the 3.6 liter v6 with a

total of 310 maximum available


it also does have remote start just hit

lock and push and hold the remote start


then this can be canceled at any time by

pushing the same button we have to hold

it for a second it also does have

keyless lock and unlock just keep the

key in your pocket push the button once

to unlock the driver's door again to

unlock all four doors and then again to

lock it's got 19 thousand five hundred

miles and here's the ignition switch

push once for accessory to turn on the

full ignition you have to hold this for

five or six seconds just start press the

brake and just press the button that

fires right up

smooth leather-wrapped steering wheel

hydraulic power steering as far as the

transmission goes it's electronically

controlled and it's an 8-speed automatic

to engage it put your foot on the brake

push unlock at the end pull back for

Drive and once you're in Drive you can

switch between automatic and manual

modes then when you select manual mode

it tells you what gear you're in you do

have paddle shifters behind the steering

wheel they feel nice but they could be

positioned a little bit better in my

opinion as in closer to like where my

hand is tapping so then back to

automatic Drive you can still change

gears manually but in Drive you can only

do so temporarily or maybe it's a gear

limiter I don't know yet I haven't

tested that but hold up for neutral up

and left for reverse so something about

this gear shifter is you only need to

push unlock when shifting out of park

and you do have a back up camera with

with dynamic guidance lines

push for park you also do get a chime

confirming the cars in park

whereas if it were in neutral the car

would tell you that a door is open and

the car's not in park next up we have

the parking brake over on the left

it's a OneTouch push on push off you

have to have your foot on the brake to

disengage it and then push again to

engage now something else I found out is

if you have the car in gear with the

parking brake off and then you open the

door and then once you let go of the

brake and your seatbelts unfastened if

the car is in gear and the parking

brakes released watch this the parking

brake automatically applies and the car

shifts into park and then as soon as you

shift back out of park the parking brake

releases if it was never on okay I'm

gonna turn on the lights you also do get

a pop up for when the automatic light

control is turned on or off hazard

control button is over here

it also does have and tell a beam just

push this button over on the side until

a beam works in either auto or manual on

but it has to be dark I'm also going to

pop the hood

so standard are halogen headlights and

like I said in the beginning of the

video you can opt for these full LEDs

here's the 3.6 liter v6

and it also does have cornering lamps

these only function at night but they

will function in either auto or manual

on see used to be that certain functions

like that such as Auto high beams cysts

cornering lamps they would only function

in auto but on this car it's either auto

or manual on and it has to be dark

here's the tailgate spare tire also have

a 12-volt power outlet back here not

really sure what's in there so you pull

this and that releases the seats in the

second row

likewise for that seat this also got LED

rear illumination when you open the


in the meantime let's go ahead while I'm

putting these seats back up and check

out the back

it's got rear climate

can adjust the different zones or you

can leave it in automatic mode change

the temperature it's also got heated

seats fan speed

two cupholders for if you don't need a

fifth passenger and it also has a


I forgot to mention the windows in the

front are fully automatic and the ones

in the rear are just automatic down


as you can tell

this does have Blind Spot Assist that's

what that symbol is on the left it also

does have power folding mirrors

and then this button is to allow for

only the driver to control the windows

lock and unlock it also automatically

locks and unlocks by default depending

on your gear position so if it's out of

park it'll be locked and if it's in park

it'll be unlocked

here is the tailgate height adjustment

so you can have it off when you turn it

off it lets you know the power liftgate

switches off you can set it to

three-quarters of the way full or max

meaning all the way up panel dimmer

there's an there's a gimmick about the

cruise control to so similar to Mercedes

Cadillac has gone ahead and designed a

cruise control where you can increase by

one mile an hour or increments of five

miles per hour so push in half way for a

one mile per hour decrease and all the

way in for a five mile per hour decrease

and vice versa with the increased speed


it's got collision alert you can set

your distance you cannot turn it

completely off for safety reasons lane

keep assist heated steering wheel for

the winter and this is your track seek

and these buttons here for the menu so

you can customize this screen kind of

like the new Mercedes s-class an eClass

with that full instrument cluster the

full LCD instrument cluster differences

this is only a tiny LCD but you can

still customize what you want to see so

you can see your speed on one side

compass on another range to empty on

another so this I consider the main

portion of the screen since it's the

largest it also has a speed limit

detection which is that white box above

the menu you can turn that on and off

you can display what info pages you want

to see

just by turning them on and off in the

vehicle settings

can set your speed warning so if you so

if you exceed that speed the car will

let you know you need to slow down so

say in Virginia where the reckless

driving law is any overage of 80 miles

per hour you can set your speed warning

at 80 miles per hour

for example

and also if you don't like the odometer

down here you can have a larger odometer

on one of the screens it also does have

auto stop and that's only if the car is

in drive not if it's in manual not if

it's in neutral reverse Park only in

drives and no there is no way to disable

it so there's no button you push to

disable it but you can put it in manual

mode or neutral for example and that

will turn off the start/stop system it

also does have heated and cooled seats

and it lights up to let you know which

mode is on same with the passenger seat

you can turn the climate completely off

if you push and hold the mute button you

can turn the infotainment system

completely off to where you only see the

temperature and the clock and this

button up here is for the parking

sensors even turn those on and off

and push the home button you can see the

vehicle settings like you can turn on

teen driver mode or valet mode you can

also set your Bluetooth settings vehicle

settings turn on and off your alert


so forward-collision system the car will

automatically break for you but if you

don't want it to do that you can just

set it to an alert or turn it off

completely which I do not recommend but

you can do that same with front

pedestrian detection like say you don't

see somebody walking across a crosswalk

at night then the car will brake for you

it's also got lane change alert for when

you have the lane keep assist on your

cross traffic alert so on and so forth

can also set the lighting settings

vehicle locator lights and exit lighting

you can set the delay on and off so

that's when it's in the auto position

so if you hit this button it brings up

your radio stations while you are

adjusting the settings comfort and

convenience memory-recall you can turn

that on or off

you can have the reverse tilt mirror

turn on and you can set it for both side

view mirrors or just one

can also turn on automatic mirror

folding so that's when you lock the car

you can turn on your automatic wiper

system so with this off the auto

position becomes intermittent

intermittent auto wipe in Reverse so

that's if you have the wipers on already

he'll start the cyst


power door locks this is where you can

set how the lock system behaves so

unlocked door anti lockout Auto door

unlock and Auto door lock or delay door

lock that is where you can set the doors

that they don't lock until you exceed I

don't know 10 miles an hour as opposed

to locking as soon as it's out of park

this also does have a 4G LTE Wi-Fi our n

Wi-Fi hotspot so here's your Bluetooth

settings pretty standard stuff it's also

got apple carplay and android auto so

that's where you can control just about

every aspect of your phone without

touching your phone it's all through the

screen here voice

display you can turn the display off

completely as opposed to just having the

time and temperature and then just push

home to turn it back on

and also turn on and off the Wi-Fi same

with the Bluetooth

actually I take that back I don't think

bluetooth can be turned off

can also see traffic status

can also adjust the rear climate

turn sink on and off so you can have

that in sync with the front climate

and your OnStar settings

thank you goodbye

and then you have buttons up here

just like merchants CSOs you also have

interior illumination and when you push

this the interior lights will not turn

on when you open a door this is to open

the sunroof

and that continues to extend back that's

to close the sunroof

and if the shade was closed then that

opens - this is for the shade on this

side and it is a one touch automatic

stow your sunglasses in there and before

I end this video I will talk about the

three different drive modes so you push

once then you see the three drive modes

push again sport and you also have snow

or ice then back to tour or normal mode

and the traction off button is

interesting so you push once and that

turns the traction control off push

again it turns it back on that's very

typical but if you push and hold for

five seconds that turns not only

traction control off but stability

control as well and that's what this

light is well alright that's gonna wrap

up this tour hope you guys enjoyed if

you did smash that thumbs up in the face

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notifications do what you do best and

peace out until next time