The BUSIEST Airports in Africa receiving millions of passengers 2019

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African airports generally experiencing

a surge in both domestic and

international travel boost airports in

Africa are currently undergoing massive

maintenance and expansion to buffer the

ever-increasing number of passengers on

the continent the following is a list of

the 10 busiest airports in Africa

measured by the number of passengers

received in the year 2018 and coming in

at position 9 is Carthage International

Airport in Tunisia named after Carthage

City this Airport handled six million

two hundred thousand passengers in 2018

making it the ninth busiest on the



at position eight we have Nigeria's

biggest airport Murtala Mohammed

International Airport in a cage Lagos

Nigeria the airport was founded after

the Second World War and was named after

Murtala Mohammed who was the fourth

military ruler of Nigeria this Airport

received six million five hundred

thousand passengers in 2018 making it

the eighth of busiest in Africa




and position seven goes to Hoegaarden

International Airport located in

regarder a t' the airport receives

six million 600 thousand passengers in



coming in at position 7 is Jomo Kenyatta

International Airport in Kenya

originally named ambach RC Airport the

airport's name was changed in 1978 to

honor Jomo Kenyatta

Kenya's first president the airport

received seven million 39,000 175

passengers in 2018 making it the busiest

in East African community and the

seventh busiest in Africa


and number six position is held by her

about meet Eden Airport also known as Al

Gia's Airport in Algeria the airport was

also named after a former president of

Algeria in 2018 the airport received

seven million nine hundred thousand

passengers making it the sixth busiest

in Africa


and come in at position 5 we have

Muhammed v International Airport in

Casablanca Morocco originally built by

the United States in early 1943 during

World War two as an auxiliary airfield

the airport was later renamed Muhammed v

and in 2018 received nine million seven

hundred and forty eight thousand five

hundred and sixty seven passengers

making it the fifth busiest on the



and coming in at number 4 we have Cape

Town International Airport is the

primary airport serving the city of Cape

Town and as the second busiest airport

in South Africa and fourth busiest in

Africa located approximately 20

kilometres from the city centre the

airport was opened in 1954 to replace

Cape Town's previous airport Wingfield

aerodrome the airport received ten

million seven hundred and fifty two

thousand two hundred and forty six

passengers in 2018


and position three we have added SATA

Babel International Airport in Ethiopia

the airport is the main hub of Ethiopian

Airlines the national airline that

serves destinations in Ethiopia and

throughout the African continent the

airport received 12 million 143 thousand

nine hundred and thirty-eight passengers

in 2018 making it the third busiest in




at position - we have Cairo

International Airport in Egypt the

airport is the busiest in Egypt and

serves as the primary hub for Egypt air

egypt air express and neither as well as

several other airline the airport

received 15 million 10501 passengers in

2018 making it the second busiest in



the number one spot ladies and gentlemen


we have our tempo International Airport

named in honor of Oliver Reginald case

Ana Tambo a former ANC president the

airport is Africa's busiest and in 2018

it received 21 million two hundred and

thirty one thousand five hundred and ten