How to Open The Secret Bunkers In Warzone (Bunker 11)

so after the launch of war zone there

was one big question about for dansk and

the war zone map

why were there bunkers scattered across

the entire map what was behind them and

how exactly do you open them this was a

mystery that we dived into shortly after

the launch of war zone and everyone had

the same question what do you have to do

to get these bunkers open today I have

the answer to that question so there's

essentially three different questions

you have to answer to fully understand

these bunkers the first thing is what

are the bunkers the second thing is how

do you open them and the third thing why

does the thing for the rest of the

bunkers not work on bunker number 11 and

then I'm going to go into a deep

breakdown of what is in bunker number 11

and how exactly you can get into it and

I've seen a lot of tutorials for this on

YouTube I promise you I go into great

depth and explain exactly how to get

this thing open and literally you can do

it in every single game that you're in

it is really that easy to do so once you

know what is actually going on with

these bunkers but first let's start off

with the easy question what are these

bunkers so on the map there are 12

different bunkers labeled 0 to 11 and

these bunkers can be found in various

areas throughout the map that you are

seeing on screen here now to open the

first set of bunkers it is extremely

extremely straightforward all you have

to do is find a red keycard now if you

kill someone who has one you can pick

one up that way but the easiest way to

find them is to just loot around the map

and you can find them in chests

they are pretty rare in normal chests

but if you find orange chests I

personally found one in the second

orange chest that I looked in but based

on looking at various people's gameplays

it seems that your odds are about 1 in

10 in a legendary chest to find an

actual key card which isn't too bad but

it comes down to pure chance now once

you have one of these red key cards

there is only certain bunkers that you

can open so there's two ways that you

can tell which bunkers you can open and

they're actually pretty straightforward

so first of all these

kurz include bunker zero four five six

and nine now if you didn't know that how

can you know that these bunkers are

being able to be opened it's pretty

straightforward they have green lights

on the outside of them you look on the

outside there's a green light if you go

to one that you can't open with a red

keycard there's no light on the outside

the second way you can tell is all of

them that you can currently open are

actually outside they are ones that are

not actually inside a bunker you don't

have to go in any buildings to actually

get into these bunker now as far as how

to open those other bunkers there isn't

currently a way to do so I'm guessing

you're going to need some sort of

different access card that isn't

currently in the game and will probably

come out in season four now once you go

to one of these outside bunkers what

you're going to do is go over to the

keypad once you have the red key card

it's gonna say enter access code you're

gonna press the button and then boom the

actual door opens

and once you're actually inside the

bunker you're gonna notice a couple

things first of all these bunkers are

freakin huge second of all you're going

to see a sign that says zero zero a that

is because we are in bunker zero and we

are on level a if we were in bunker four

it would say zero for a that level is

gonna come into play in a minute here

now once you're actually in the bunker

basically it's just full of a bunch of

loot chests blue and orange loot chests

and there's a ton of money in here

there's a ton of armor and basically you

can find a bunch of stuff but there is

also another door now this door cannot

be opened by a red keycard even if you

have another one and currently there is

no way of actually opening that second

door so my guess is that these doors are

going to be open maybe at the beginning

of season four with some other type of

access key that you find in a similar

way so that is how you open the bunkers

zero four five and six now the only

other one that is outside is bunker

number eleven and if you have a red


you still can't open bunker 11 so how do

you open bunker 11 well this one is a

little bit more complicated now first of

all one difference with bunker 11 is

when you go to actually put in the code

or the key it doesn't say enter access

code it says enter number station code

now a number station is a station that

basically transmits a bunch of numbers

that are used by intelligence agencies

these can be used for nuclear facilities

or various different things so we need

some sort of number station code and

this is done through the phones and in

this week's update they added a bunch of

new phones into for dance that actually

you can interact with and will tell you

certain things in Russian that you then

go and have to do now if you're like me

and don't speak Russian this can be a

little bit confusing so I'm gonna

explain it in the easiest way possible

to understand so basically to unlock the

bunker you're going to have to interact

with four different phones in a specific


now this order is actually going to

change in every single game of war zone

that you play and the first phone that

you're gonna interact with in every game

is going to be what I'm going to call

the code phone now these code phones can

be found in specific locations the

specific locations that you're seeing on

screen here now there are more than

you're seeing here on the map but these

are just the main ones that I personally

used and basically if you know two or

three of them you're pretty solid the

code doesn't go out at the same phone

every single game but the one that I

found it the most common at is the one

at dam the one that you're seeing here

now some other locations include this

pink house in this area here on top of

that at TV station and in the big tall

building in downtown for dansk now once

you actually go to one of these code

phones if it's one of them that's

working properly it'll actually be

ringing and when you answer it this is

what it says so if you're like me and

have no idea what he's saying cuz that's

Russian you may not understand what

exactly he's saying but he says this to

all units the base is captured changed

the encryption then the chimes ring and

then he reads out three digits in

Russian these three digits are the most

important part really the only important

part so you have to understand the

numbers zero through nine in Russian

which yes is a bit of a pain in the ass

but if you listen for specific things

you can kind of decode it so here are

the numbers 1 through 10 in Russian no

hygiene Java 3 she clearly yet she's

seeing voicing David this kind of hard

to understand now here's the good news

you can listen to this as many times as

you want once you've found the correct

phone so listen to it several times try

to get one number at a time and when you

do then you move on to the next step so

for example have a listen to this one

so for example this one gave us the

numbers 2 8 and 0 these change every

single game so you have to listen to

this to know what the numbers actually

are next step what you actually do with

these numbers so each of these numbers

coincides with a separate individual

phone spread throughout the map that are

numbered via Morse code now lucky for

you I've done all the work found all the

phones and here they are so here's the

thing you got to hit the phones in the

correct order that the code gives you

once you do so then bunker 11 actually

opens for example for the code two eight

zero that we just talked about you'd

have to go to laws off pass what you're

gonna see the exact location in a second

then hospital and then mill base and

then bunker 11 would open so let's just

go through all of the phones as quickly

as possible so you know exactly where to

go so phone zero is that military base

in the second story of this building

that you're seeing here and it is on the

desk phone number one is at the bank if

you go into the room kind of off to the

right here you're gonna see some

computer screens it is on the desk here

phone number two is at Lazo of pass

close to the apartment building it's

actually in the second story of the gun

store once again on a desk phone number

three is at quarry it's at the back

building kind of by the a flag and if

you go here it's in the ground floor

right on this kind of desk here with a

bunch of phones this is the phone you

actually have to click on phone number

four is in North lumber it's in the

police station and if you go to the

second floor you will see it right in

the middle of the hallway the next one

is TV station this one is a little bit

more difficult to find because of the

amount of phones here but this is the

phone you were going to want to click if

you get five remember there is another

phone and TV station this is the one you

want for the number five number six is

at ATC or air traffic control it is up

at the top of the tower it's probably

the easiest one to find number seven is

in the airport it is underground in the

baggage claim area number

eight is at hospital it is right at the

front desk very difficult to miss and

then finally we have number nine which

is once again back at damn just once

again in a different location the one

that you're seeing on screen here now

once you hit all three in the correct

order this is what you will hear on the

phone if you get the incorrect order or

the wrong three phones it will sound

like this

so once you get the correct code if you

then go to bunker 11 that light will

turn green and you can open up the

bunker now inside the bunker there's a

lot of things you need to pay attention

to first of all once again when you go

inside you're going to see 11a because

you're on level a of bunker 11 now

inside there is a lot that's interesting

once again there is another door and we

do not know how to get inside these

second bunker doors as of yet we don't

know whether it's another code another

key card we don't know we don't even

know if it's in the game yet or whether

that's going to be with season four or

in a future update now on top of this

off to the right-hand side of the bunker

there is a room that has a weapon

blueprint in it it's an mp7 weapon

blueprint and once you pick it up you

actually get it in game now as of right

now it's a little bit bugged it doesn't

actually give it to you in game but it

pops up and says you've got it I don't

totally know why it's some sort of bug

but you can get a blueprint by

completing this Easter Egg also behind

this there's a little hole in the wall

that you could actually crawl through

and there is a button in there it's

called the shiny red button and if you

press it it actually pushes the fog out

of another room in which you can see

literal nuclear warheads or nukes in the

bunker now we don't know how these are

going to come into play in the future

whether or not you're going to be able

to launch nukes whether or not these are

just part of the story but they're there

and it looks like you may in the future

be able to get at that on the other side

of the bunker there is a room with some

computers that are having a system err

now you can press the keyboard on the

desk and it actually restarts and

reboots the computers which doesn't

actually seem to do

much until you go into another room

which it seems that you have started

some sort of countdown potentially a

nuclear countdown but it only counts

down from 10 to 2 it doesn't get to 1 it

doesn't get to 0 it doesn't detonate any

nukes it just counts down now we don't

know what this is why it stops at 2 but

what I did notice is if you look at the

clocks above the screens they are set to

10:00 and 2:00 or 2:50 p.m. or a.m. and

I don't think that that's a coincidence

so I don't know as of right now if

there's a way to change that if that's

going to be a part of a future Easter

Egg but as of right now this is

everything that is inside bunker 11 and

how you unlock or open all of the

bunkers so far on the map now you may be

wondering if there's something we missed

a reason why we can't open that second

door or get at the nuke well I think

Infinity Ward left us a message while

entering the bunker if you read what's

written on the wall it says resume cover

and await further instructions so to me

that means we've completed the Easter

eggs so far we are now waiting on

another update but hey maybe we're

missing something too now this may have

made you ask more questions than we have

answers at this point but what I will

tell you is I thoroughly believe that

this gives me enough information to now

make the full story of warzone video so

if that's a video that you want to see a

video describing the entire story of

warzone and what is exactly going on

here all you got to do is simply hit

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that is something you guys want to see

in the future but aside from that this

is the bunkers this is how you open them

hopefully you found the video useful and

I'm curious what you guys think of this

whole thing all of the bunkers and

everything so let me know what you think

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