"Supernatural": First time accessing the Men of Letters bunker


the last time somebody was in this place

65 70 years ago



son of a

look at this ham radio Telegraph


this was their nerve center Henry did

say that they ran dispatch on their own

team of hunters

well I foot through their coffee in a

game of chess it's like whoever was

manning the huddle up quick

I'm the alarm call that ended the minute



son of a

I mean I think we found the Batcave own

it the water pressure in the letters

shower room is marvelous I still can't

figure out how we even have water or

electricity yeah well I am putting that

under the ain't broke column this is

little brother let's not go all geek on

this stuff okay geek

yeah yeah we don't don't get me wrong

stuff is awesome it looks like they ran

a real tight outfit here but I'm just

saying you know don't uh don't think

that they knew some big secrets that we

don't know Dean they were a secret

society which means that they made crap

up and wore fezzes and sashes it swung

around scimitars they probably an even

sharp very sharp beam look I think we

might have something here something that

could help us help humanity Henry

certainly thought so I mean you know

damn well we could use a break

what if we finally got one you gonna

take off the dead guy robe