Three Six Mafia - Where is the Bud

but the way the stock of gay they said

to change just for me to beat the air

that you retain it's a big success that

you love the D we get mu shotgun open so

please no chicken feed the chicken wait

they got to see he is sitting me may

need a grease we gather heavy don't want

no cabbage we hate that damage less

savage weak weak weak boner the


oh wait dollar your end up donor go

around the counter get right owner oh I

said I think I need it there so I get

this just just like they're gonna crack

your leg we beat the going you need to

stick together dad who get the hey who

get the hey where do they say

I'll cross the street I'll go where

crazy look for the game I'll take the

quarter bill to the border of that mag


where is the bug where we stopped

but you can call me scarecrow I need me

some red chicken or something

No then that needs a couple of course so

suck this so I can't get over smoking

the ink we can cut up the ink we get

both are we taking them hard pools you

will get a whip when your step bump and

if every smoke bush anywhere yeah [ __ ]

we don't care cuz what we get there

first so bad also chronic minor [ __ ]

must campaign clouds up in the bright

blue dead Jake bugg got be happy be so

hiked down don't know so much but wool

sheep that contacts off the foul this

[ __ ] is burning too quick [ __ ] these

little justice stove to the stove

get some sick us row so fiddly blood

they're bullying [ __ ] in the same but

some [ __ ] shake I need some motive

here and I just can't [ __ ] wait back

buddy buddy

where was the bar

buddy buddy buddy buddy

she's lucky buddy but do they just

thought it would be funny but my [ __ ]

cross it back

he lucky buddy bud Jeff of six