NYC Travel Guide: How to Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

I'm Jen your local New York City guide and welcome to the Brooklyn Bridge if

you are visiting New York this is probably one of your bucket list items

to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge however did you know there's a right way

and a wrong way to do it I am going to share the local tried and true ways to

walk across this bridge all you need to know, the seven mistakes most the locals

make and I am also going to if you wait until the very end of the video share my

top Instagram angles best photos and a forgotten history of this beautiful

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If you thought you were just gonna look on the map and look for the Brooklyn

Bridge and say okay I'm gonna walk across it it is not that easy I'm about

to tell you the seven mistakes most tourists make. Number one: direction. If

you are walking from the Manhattan side to the Brooklyn side like this you are

not going to see the beautiful view of the skyline the whole time you're gonna

have to keep looking behind you to take photos and trust me the much better view

is if you walk from the Brooklyn side to the Manhattan side and this is your view

the entire time. Number two walking in the bike lane that's this, this is the

pedestrian section it is actually marked by some very well worn out areas that

have a little bike symbol but you'll know when people are starting to yell at

you that you have walked in the bike lane

they are very you know vocal letting you know you're in the bike lane and I'm

gonna hit you and you just need to be really careful yes everyone does it. You

go in there for a second to take a photo but you come right back and you make

sure that you're always being attentive to who's coming at you because knowing

that no one wants to come to New York and get hit by a bike no fun so just

stay in your lane don't go over there. Number three going at the wrong time

don't come here at noon and expect it to be completely empty you have to come at

sunrise to really get that beautiful golden light and less crowds also the

weekdays are definitely better than the weekends. Number four scheduling an

activity after 30 minutes technically this bridge is one mile long or two

kilometers long and takes 30 minutes to walk across but let's be real you're

gonna want to take photos it's gonna take you at least an hour to walk across

for me give me two hours I'm gonna be taking a lot of photo and video. Number

five wear comfortable shoes I bring heels for photos but you're

gonna want comfortable shoes especially for walking. Number six

wear layers a lot of times this bridge is super chilly and especially in all the

other seasons except for summer you are on the water so it does get chilly just

bring a couple layers. Number seven don't expect to find

bathrooms food or water on the bridge there are no vendors if you are hungry

you need water anything bathrooms you're gonna need to go before and bring some

food because you're gonna need to walk across the bridge and then walk a little

bit more to actually get what you need

and now what you've been waiting for how to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge if

I had to summarize it all into one sentence it is you have to walk from the

Brooklyn side to the Manhattan side at sunrise I know I said sunrise when

there's the best golden light and the least crowds, the best way! The easiest and

closest Brooklyn subway stop is if you take the A or the C to High Street

Brooklyn Bridge exit the station and take a right on Pearl Street and a left

on Prospect Street to the underpass entrance on Washington Street if the two

or three are more convenient from where you are take the two or three train all

the way down to Clark Street and then you will take a nice leisurely walk down

Henry then you'll get to cab new Plaza East Park and see the underpass on the

left. Lastly you can take the two three four

five end or our Subway's to Borough Hall once across the bridge you can return to

the other side to Brooklyn if you started on the right side by walking the

other way taking the subway or taking the ferry also many people forget this

but you can walk from one side walk halfway and then walk back it's that

easy so if you're limited on time I've done that before and that is a great way

to take photos and then end up on the same side. The closest subway station on

the Manhattan side is the four five six to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall

Now a forgotten the history of this beautiful bridge. Number one did you know

when it first opened it connected two cities: New York City to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn was and technically, if it was still a city, is the fourth most populous

city in the United States after only New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. Number two the

infamous Boss Tweed gathered 65 thousand dollars in bribes to help get the bonds

that actually made this bridge possible he did get arrested before he was going

to be skimming the money off of the bridge but hey we got the bridge! Number

three unfortunately a lot of people died during construction of the bridge

including the designer himself John A Roebling he was taking compass

measurements and when his foot unfortunately got stuck between pilings

and a boat and he had to get his toes amputated contracted tetanus and

unfortunately passed away but his son took over and when his son was combating

a fire unfortunately he got the bends like many did... was completely bedridden

for many years his wife Emily would take messages from his bed to the

bridge and she actually became an engineer and designer herself Number

four a massive celebration marked the opening just before midnight 150,000

people walked across the bridge compare that with 4,000 people walking across on

a weekday and 27,000 walking across on a weekend -

so many people walking across this bridge. Number five only six days after

the bridge opened unfortunately a woman trip she screamed and that caused the

pedestrians around her to start running thinking that there was something wrong

with the bridge unfortunately this incident this whole

Stampede caused 12 deaths and 35 were wounded

such a sad day. Number six after the stampede PT Barnum led 21 elephants

across this bridge to show it was safe. Number seven peregrine falcons are the

fastest animal on record and a bunch live here in New York and there are a

few that actually live on top of this bridge! I've taken a ton of photos on

this bridge so here are some of my favorites follow me on instagram (@jenniferscamera) for

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