What is That Drawer Under the Oven REALLY for?

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oven right now well I'd love to talk to

you about the possibility of storage

underneath your oven in this little

drawer or is it storage now before we

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vlogs on weekends now I'm on the floor

because I wanted to talk to you quickly

about some hidden stores that may be in

your kitchen baby if you go into your

oven you most likely have a little

drawer at the bottom of your oven and

some of you may have been storing things

in there and you're probably wondering

really what is this for and can I store

things in it depending on the make and

model of your oven this may be one of a

few things one it could be just a

storage drawer in which you are

perfectly welcome to store anything

you'd like underneath the store extra

pots and pans sheet pans some extra

grilling tools you can't fit anywhere

because I know those are really strange

sizes some of them are incredibly long

you just can't fit them in their regular

drawer this is a great place to store

those items too it could be a broiling

drawer in which case I would refrain

from storing things that can possibly

melt under extreme high heat this may be

especially true if you have a gas oven

in the heating element on top instead of

on the bottom and three this could be a

warming drawer so the warming drawer is

actually designed to keep food hot or

warm after you've cooked it so let's say

it's Thanksgiving and you're making a

casserole but you're also making a

turkey and you're also making green

beans that are also making like 10,000

pumpkin pies what are you gonna do with

that stuff while you're like talking to

Grandma and like chit-chatting with Aunt

Flo you're gonna be wanting to keep some

of that food warm so you can stick

food right inside this room warming

drawer and it keeps the food warm while

you waiting for everything else to cook

or while you're gossiping with Aunt Flo

it's a pretty handy function to have an

our drawer is actually a I found out

just today a baking drawer a warming

drawer and a slow cooker drawer which I

actually haven't really try so that's

gonna be a fun experiment for me to do

now how do you know which one of these

functions your aventura has look at the

instruction manual it'll definitely tell

you one quick side note that's another

reason not to ever keep instruction

manuals that you don't have to keep

around you can just google the make and

model and they're there online you can

download them as a PDF if you really

want to print it out and read it and you

know goodbye with it put under your

pillow and osmosis but most most

electronics especially the ones in your

kitchen appliances everything like that

the manuals are online too there's no

reason to keep one of your valuable

kitchen drawers full of appliance

manuals there's really no reason that

being said we haven't actually used our

warming drawer for warming food or

keeping food warm or any of that stuff

so we actually have been using it for

storage and we just have been keeping

some strange pieces of our oven that we

got that we just don't know what they're

for we haven't had a reason to use them

yet the pizza stone is in here and a

little holder for the pizza stone and

this very strange little steam steam

thing here that I guess it's good if

you're making soufflés and stuff but I

actually haven't used it and we've had

this oven for at least two years so

technically you can use that little

warming drawer for storage if you really

don't use it but just don't put anything

there that can melt under high heat it

still will get hot even if you aren't

using it I've put a microwave plate

cover in there at the top totally melted

and I didn't even have to turn on the

oven door it just got super hot in there

and it melted the top of it the other

thing to consider when dealing with this

drawer if you're going to be using it is

it new

to be I think cleaned more than any

other part of your oven because it's

closest to the floor and it's you're

walking around keeping kicking up so

much dust that periodically you're gonna

have dust on the top of the drawer and

actually inside the drawer as well I've

often found that crumbs from the oven

actually migrate inside the drawer as

well so it's a really good thing to keep

on top of the mess inside of the warming

drawer so that's it I hope you learned

something today I certainly did I didn't

know arse head of the slow cooking

function I'm gonna maybe try it out I

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warming drawer a broiling door or just

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