1260 THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY Filming Locations Clint Eastwood WINTERSET IOWA Travel (3/9/20)

well good day my friends at your old

pouch were in the lion and today we are

in Winterset Iowa and today we are going

to do a filming location vlog for a

surprisingly wonderful movie I say

surprisingly because it's not surprising

considering that it's starring Meryl

Streep and Clint Eastwood and it's

directed by Clint Eastwood but for many

decades I completely ignored ever

watching this movie I was on an airplane

saw that it was one of the options and

just gave it a try and I was really

really amazed at what a wonderful story

it is it's somewhat morally it's one of

those movies that it puts you in a moral


but the story kind of well I'll tell you

the story as we're out vlogging it so

today we're going to do a vlog on the

Bridges of Madison County days with

Jordan the line begins now our first

stop it is gonna be out at Francesca's


oh I'll take a look at this should have

brought my sled well here's the house

even though there's a no trespassing

sign out front

someone actually was coming in and let

me in just to get some footage of this

so this is where Clint pulls up for the

first time at Francesca's house

Francesca's family has her son daughter

and husband have taken off to go show a

price steer at the Illinois fair and

Robert Kincade is lost so he comes up

here to the house to ask for help

finding the Rosemont bridge from this

nice farm lady that lives here and this

is where he and Francesca first meet she

attempts to give him directions and you

know she's giving him directions saying

go to turn at this family's farm and

turn at this family's farm and he's

completely clueless so she says well I

can tell you where I can show you and so

she ends up hopping in the truck with

him and going off to show him where the

Rosemont bridges and that's where they

really get to know each other they're

complete opposites in many ways mainly

you know she she was born in Italy in

Bari Italy and met a soldier moves to

the United States and has a family and

then lives on this farm and Clint is a

traveling photographer for National

Geographic he goes all over the world

taking photos and living these amazing

stories and details of life that you

seemingly can only catch in those

magazines but he's actually living them

out and so his life really fascinates

her the more she hears about his life

the more she's fascinated by him and

even though she's married they start a

friendship where she invites him to come

have dinner here and so they have dinner

and they're talking about life and

various times you see them really

connecting and then at times clashing on

their life beliefs because as he tells

about what he likes to do in life and

how he lives his life sometimes she

takes that as though he's putting down

her style of life or that her life isn't

as good which

surely is never the case that's not what

he's ever intending to do but he ends up

falling for her and she falls for him

and they have a four-day affair and this

is basically a couple of times when he

first comes to town after they've been

out to the Rosemont bridge and he has

dinner he mentions that he hasn't even

checked into his hotel yet and and then

invites her the next day to meet him

later on in the evening at the Halliwell

bridge and then he realizes that there's

a woman in town that he sees at the cafe

who had slept with a married man and

she's now basically shunned in this town

and so he calls her and says if you

don't want to meet me

I understand but they have a lot of

their great moments in here like I said

it's a very morally curious movie

because they fall in love innocently and

unfortunately she's already married you

know some of the greatest moments in the

movie happened here not only do they

bond here and like I said it really is

it does start out innocently but then

this is where they have their big clash

where she says you know I know I'm just

another one of your stories and that you

know someday you'll be sitting in some

other housewives kitchen telling stories

about me and he gets really offended and

upsetting he says you know I'm not gonna

let you judge my life and I can't need

you I can't need you because I can't

have you you belong to someone else and

and if I can't have you and if I can't

have you as part of my life then I can't

you know I can't I can't do this and

then they start questioning what would

life be like if they were together and

she basically says you know I would be

throwing away a life to have a whole new

life I wouldn't be able to merge them

they would what I have with Richard I

wouldn't have with you and what I have

with you Robert I wouldn't you know I

don't get with Richard but my kids are a

big part of my life and your life is

details and I just don't want to give up

those details and he Clint Eastwood says

to her you know moments like these come

but once a lifetime and he really means

it and he

really wants this to work but he can

tell that Francesca is just not gonna

change her mind now the reason they have

no trespassing signs because when this

movie was made this house was just at

like a shell the production actually

built everything inside and created the

house itself to be movie friendly and

then after the production left they had

it open to tours but unfortunately

someone there was an arson and so in

2003 they quit doing tours and quit

letting people come out here like I said

I got lucky guy who lives on the

property was just pulling in and said I

could take a few photos and everything

but right over here where you see this

windmill that's where the trough is

where the first night that Clint stays

he is out here washing up and washing

his face in that you can definitely see

how bad a shape the house is in now I'm

not even going to go into it or touch it

or anything I promised him I wouldn't

and I promised I wouldn't stay very long

and when I see this door I just always

think of that last scene here when Clint

is walking out and he goes out to his

truck and he comes driving out of here

and she's having her second thoughts and

she comes running out here after him as

the cars driving away and this is also

this house is where the whole movie kind

of starts because the basis of this

movie is that Francesca has passed away

and now her kids are about to find out

her secret and as you can imagine her

kids are very confused because they get

this safe deposit box and they start

reading their mother writes three

notebooks telling the story of her and

Robert and then they find Roberts

letters to her and the kids you know who

love their father and know that their

father and mother were supposed to be

buried together she now is putting in

her will that she wants to be cremated

and basically at the end of the movie

she says that I gave my life to your

father but I want to give my death to


now much like Clint let's hop in my

pickup that I rented and head out of

here go on to our next stop leaving

Francesca's farm

one of the moments that really wins over

Francesca is when she mentions she's

from Bari Italy and Clint says oh yeah

I've been there and she says she'd been

there he says yeah I was on a train one

time looked out the window saw and it

looked beautiful so I stayed there for a

few days and to her she just couldn't

imagine someone having the freedom to

just get off a train and just adventure

and stay there for a few days

his whole life was magical to her and to

him he didn't believe that the American

Dream was a family he just he didn't buy

into that he said he didn't think that

everybody had to have that to be happy

well we've made it to our Rosemont

Bridge stop Francesca and Robert would

have been coming in Robert struck down

this road in front of us and they would

have pulled up and you can see where the

barriers are right there they don't let

any cars drive over the bridges anymore

that's about roughly right over here is

where Roberts truck is parked he hops

out and tells her that he just wants to

get some preliminary shots he's not

gonna do any real shooting today because

the lighting isn't good but he wants to

kind of scope it out a little bit so he

grabs his nikon camera out of the trunk

or out of the back of a pickup truck and

then immediately starts walking down

here and started setting up his tripod

down in this area down here so Roberts

down here getting an eye for how he's

gonna shoot his footage the next day and

he's looking at the bridge and Francesca

starts wandering along the entrance to

the bridge and starts walking through

the bridge so has Roberts down there

Francesca's up here doing what we're

doing kind of going into the bridge

looking around the inside at the time

this would have looked a little

different same colors same railing and

everything but it looks like they've

kind of made it a little sturdier on the

outside and in the movie there's

actually a little lamp hanging from up

there and it doesn't say Roseman bridge


she comes in here and you see her kind

of looking around at the bridge and you

hear him snapping photos that she's

walking through here he yells up to her

pretty hot out here isn't it

she says something back yes and he says

if you want some sodas I have him out in

my truck so she turns around and walks

back out to the truck

and gets in his cooler and grabs herself

a soda and pops the top off of it and

comes walking back up this way

now it's Roberts out there taking photos

right below here Franchesca wanders up

here and is standing here with her back

to this and she's kind of glancing over

to see what he's doing

and you actually see this are in the

shot in the movie when she's looking

around it and now she's walking along

this you actually see her run her

fingers across this grh in the movie as

she comes along here so when she gets

her soda she's looking around and can't

find him and then notices down here at

the end his tripod is standing kind of

silhouetted right here at the exit of

the bridge and so she comes walking out

of the bridge out this way and she looks

over the railing and sees Robert Kincade

right down here picking flowers and he

comes walking up he comes right around

the edge of that rail says I was just

picking you some flowers men still do

that don't they as a sign of

appreciation and she puts her head down

and says yeah they do but those are

poisonous and he drops the flowers and

then she said I'm kidding I'm kidding

I'm sorry but as he

leans down to pick up the flowers he

looks at better and says are you always

sadistic by nature or what she starts

laughing and says I don't know why I did

that why I said that


so his tripod would have actually been

right over in here a next stop here in

town is the Northside cafe

the front has changed a little bit but

here you can see this is where Clint's

enjoying his coffee up at the counter

when the Redfield woman comes in so this

is where the Redfield woman walks in and

Clint is actually sitting over here

right there he's sitting in the third

seat and he tells her there's room at

the end so she comes and sits out the

very last scene and while she's sitting

there the waitress comes up and says

what do you want and she feels

uncomfortable so she gets up and leaves

and Clint watches her walk out check

this out right here on the napkin holder

is that scene


in this exact spot


look inside here they have one of the

nikons from the movie it's really cool

to see insight here hasn't changed and

when Clint walks out of the diner kind

of thinking about what he saw in there

he's walking over here towards this

truck and he notices the Redfield woman

who had slept with a married man

that's basically what everybody is

shunning her for we find out the very

end of the movie that she becomes

Francesca's closest friend and that the

man that the Redfield woman had had the

affair with eventually divorces his wife

and they end up getting married so for

this trip I tried to have the Robert

Kincade experience so I rented a pickup

truck for driving through Iowa

that is the bridge we are looking for so

we are very close so here we have the

Halliwell bridge and it's been

completely redone since the movie if you

remember in the movie it's kind of a

light blue kind of whitish blue and it's

much more rickety looking than this but

this is where we see this is that moment

where Clint has or while Robert has

invited Francesca to come out here while

he's taking photos and he has called her

and said you know I didn't realize you

know what this might look like so if you

don't want to meet me I totally

understand and she says no I do want to

meet you

so she comes driving through this bridge

and parks her car while her truck right

here his truck is already parked right

here going the opposite way and Robert

is out here taking photos so he ends up

walking down through there and somehow

crosses the water I mean they don't show

him doing it but you here his photo his

camera taking photos as she's walking

through this so we get Meryl Streep is

walking through and just kind of looking

around taking in everything and as she's

doing this you can hear all the snap

snap snap snap from Clint Eastwood

so that's Francesca's walking through

the bridge when she gets to the end of

the bridge she doesn't hear anymore

photos being snapped so she takes a look

over the side and as you can see people

leave messages all over the side of the

bridge even a heart up there

so she comes out of here and then looks

over the side and then he surprises her

by popping out right here with his

camera pointed at her and he starts

taking photos of her he says come on

give me one of those French model looks

and she gets all bashful so Clint would

be standing here snapping all those

photos I was wondering if anyone would

put Francesca and Robert or anything

like that but I do see this

identity-theft is not a joke Jim

millions of people suffer every year

Dwight K Schrute from the office all

right let's head off to our next spot

so right here as we walk along you can

see this is the pheasant run Pub and

Grill in Bridges of Madison County

that's where Francesca and Robert go out

to that Blues Club when she says that

Robert knows people all over the world

and one of them tells them to go to this

place in Dubuque and that nobody will

spot them there or anything so that's

where they're in they're having that

drink and listening to blues here they

have some history of the bridges being

built the covered bridges

so now we're going to go over to what I

consider to be one of the saddest

moments of the whole movie this is the

scene where it's raining outside

Francesca's husband is back and her and

her husband Richard go into town to get

a few supplies

Francesca goes inside of the Winterset

general store well let's go take a look

where it was so even though it's changed

quite a bit the old general store was

right here and right where this car is

parked is where Francesca and her

husband parked their truck and it's

raining outside and Francesca goes in

and gets a few supplies and comes

running out pops in the truck and then

while she's sitting in the truck she

looks across the driver's side and

notices that Roberts truck is parked

right there somehow Robert Kincade

happens to be right there in the middle

of this pouring rain he gets out of his

truck and starts walking as though he's

gonna come towards her and he just looks

at her and they look at each other for a

moment and then you see he gets kind of

a look on his face that he knows it's

over and he turns around and gets back

in his truck

alright then Francesca's husband comes

walking out of the feed store that was

right next door to the general store and

he gets in the truck and they start

coming out and you can see Francesca's

starting to think about it she's looking

over she's thinking about her time with

Robert and as her husband turns the

truck around right here and starts

passing Robert pulls his truck out in

front of them and they come up to this

intersection right here as they sit at

this intersection in the rain the light

changes in Francesca's thinking what

should she do should she jump out of the

truck and run up and get in Roberts


the light turns green and Robert doesn't

go he's waiting there for a while and

eventually Francesca's husband gets

tired of waiting and honks the horn when

Francesca thinks even harder and she

reaches over to grab her door

as though she's gonna open the door and

jump out and run into robert's car but

her husband honks the horn again Robert

slowly pulls out into the intersection

makes the left at this intersection

right here and that Frosty's was still

there at the time he turns right there

and he leaves her life forever as her

and her husband goes straight real

metaphor for the life and you see her

start looking out the window crying

because she knows that and though she

made the right decision probably wasn't

the decision that her heart wanted and

eventually Robert ends up passing away

and leaving all of his possessions to

Francesca this is the last moment that

they have her car here his truck right


now we're not done yet I want to go back

out to the Rosemont bridge where we've

already been and I want to finish off

this vlog out there the way they finish

off the movie

so now we're back out here at the

Roseman bridge and the heartwarming

ending of this movie takes place right

here the kids of Francesca now

understand the story and they decide to

honor her wishes by having her cremated

and scattering her ashes here off the

bridge to be with Robert for eternity so

it's actually right here that her son

and daughter come over here and they

leaned over and they dumped the ashes

and you see the ashes blowing in the

wind and you can actually see the house

and the little silo building over here

in the shot and so at the very end you

just see those ashes all billowing off

to join Robert Kincade well my friends

were gonna call it a day here I hope you

enjoyed this vlog and I hope if you

haven't seen this movie in a long time

or you've never seen it I hope you'll

give it a try it's a very unique story

and very I don't know it just makes you

think definitely makes you think have a

great night everyone we'll see you all

next time