Reds at Braves - Game 1 - Wednesday 9/30/20 - MLB Picks & Predictions | Picks & Parlays

scott the bulldog rickenback wednesday

september 30th

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this is going to be my seventh straight

winning months

winning month keep in mind we had of

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missed a couple months in there but once

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pixen now in the baseball


wednesday wow we have a great pitching

match up it goes early

on wednesday with bauer for the reds


freed for the braves now guys in this


uh the braves hurler 7-0 with a 225 era

in the regular season but bauer

definitely a candidate for the ml

cy young award he has had a fantastic

season for the reds

and the thing is the one concern i have

about the reds is they're hitting can

they hit enough

to get it done in this post season

they've got great pitching

but the braves even though i definitely

respect their lineup

bauer is so tough and remember one of

the key elements to this postseason

these teams haven't faced each other at

all in the regular season that's a big

edge to the pitchers

uh the only exception is the blue jays

uh series with the rays but other than


all these first round matchups are teams

that did not see each other in the

regular season

definitely an advantage for the pitchers

and this total is a seven and a half and

i'm going

under the total as i look for a low

scoring pitcher stool

in atlanta very early on wednesday go

with the under in the reds braves


in game one scott the bulldog rickenbot

picks and wishing you

the best of luck